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Vegas Odds on Bills landing Michael Thomas

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He was slow before all the injuries. Now another half step slower... I don't think he's the archetype we're looking for.


We have a similar guy, but he's younger, cheaper, and (hopefully) has more upside in the future.


Funnel those targets to Coleman and hope that he grows this season.

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2 minutes ago, first_and_ten said:


Wondering what kind of a payday he'll command? Any thoughts?

At this point? Very little and a lot of incentives. 

probably not worth the headache here but there may be a team out there that appreciates a reliable short yardage contested catch option.


hard to think he will age gracefully though, given his current lack of self awareness 

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Just more slow season manufactured gossip, its never going to happen, and frankly, he is to expensive for what he has to offer, that and we really don’t need him, 


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31 years old. Missed all of 2021 with an ankle injury. Has only played 20 games over the last 4 years due to the ankle sprain, a hamstring pull, a dislocated toe, and an MCL sprain...all on the same leg. Has averaged just 352 yards and 1.33 TDs over his last 3 seasons played. Hasn't had a good season in five years. And not sure how true it is/was, but he was questioned a lot at the time for not returning from the ankle injury sooner. Some felt he was dragging it out because he didn't really want to play. Now that may just be fan/media talk/rumors. But if his want to is in question, that's another negative, and not Bills DNA.


If he wanted to come on a cheap prove-it deal to compete with the other guys trying to revive their careers, I'd be ok kicking the tires. But if he wants any significant money or guarantees, no thanks.


Obviously though, this is all just a speculation by the writer...I don't think Beane would actually be interested.

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