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OTAs 6/4

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7 minutes ago, Allen2D̶i̶g̶g̶s̶TBD said:

I think Richard Gouraige looked very good in preseason last year and may have a shot at making the 53


I agree.  It seems the young guys will have to beat out Collins for tackle slots.  I'm not too sure what La'el has left to offer.

Might be better to take the chance with the younger guys.


Between Center and OL depth it makes the group one of the more interesting ones to watch this summer.

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Tommy Doyle is a straight warrior of a dude. Will always remember him playing on a torn ACL in that ridiculous Miami heat game. Can’t thank him enough for grinding that out for the team knowing no one was available behind him. 

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I think Babich is going to be a really good DC. Kind of surprised he chose to stay here and be under McDermott rather than branch out and work for an offensive minded HC. But I think he's got a really bright future and a path to be a HC one day if he desires.

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Posted (edited)

My favorite Doyle memory will always be week 3 in 2022 at Miami that was the heat stroke game.  On the last drive, Tommy had a torn ACL and played the final 5 plays on a torn ACL because we did not have enough OL to finish the game with only 4 healthy ones.  And it is part of why we didn't get the final ball spiked to save a second to win the game on a short FG kick...the OL were so gassed and Doyle was hobbling that they just didn't get set in time and its the infamous Dorsey booth explosion moment too.  


Even though we lost, I was so proud of what those guys did on the field, the sacrifices they made for each other to try and win that game under some of the most extreme and dangerous conditions I can ever remember in a game.  So bad, fans just sitting in seats were getting heat stroke with the over 130º on field temps on the unshaded side of the field.  


So Doyle is a warrior in my eyes who has had the worst luck missing 2 years in a row with an ACL tear.  


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8 minutes ago, Back2Buff said:

Does Douglas plan on sitting out TC?  I know he wanted an extension and never got it.


Good question, and I do think an extension is on the way for him after how Beane restructured his deal to assure he would be here this year.  May just be that him and his team are being cautious to not get hurt before the extension is complete.  And now that Tre is off the books, an extension could come at any time (assuming one is in play).  After investing a 3rd in him, seeing how well he played, his age, his reworked deal to keep him, etc...I would be a bit surprised if he didn't get an extension here soon.  I am expecting a 2 year extension, possibly 3.  

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