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Rd 2, Pick 33: WR Keon Coleman, Florida State


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3 minutes ago, JoeF said:

Fastest receiver at the combine through the gauntlet - speed where it matters.


Special teams player of the year in the ACC...punt returns.

Special teams should not factor in to any player selected prior to round 5.

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5 minutes ago, GunnerBill said:

Don't like it. Doesn't separate. When they put up Mike Williams as a pro comp that says it all. Non-separator. 


DJ said Big Slot as well. That is ultimately where I think he makes his money. 


Drake London was the NFL comp at NFL Draft Profile on NFL.com

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6 minutes ago, LarryMadman said:

Oooof, traded down twice, had almost 24 hrs and this was the pick, wow, I kinda expected better.

this draft so far is a fireable offense when it all plays out the way it obviously will

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1 minute ago, Bills aPHILLYate said:

I'm absolutely fine with the selection.


Now address other positions and add another WR in the 3rd or 4th


P.S. we will still have future drafts and FA to supplement the WR corps over the next few years

What about this upcoming season though? We are severely lacking playmakers. 

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3 minutes ago, Roundybout said:

WGR just said something interesting. “Coleman was the last receiver that Josh specifically wanted”

Meaning he was the last remaining of the WRs that Josh wanted the Bills to pick, or the last guy Josh wanted the Bills to pick, as in he didn't want him?

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Stuff I'm not loving here

-Press coverage can blanket his release and catch a ride.

-Below-average acceleration getting out of breaks and cuts.

-Could struggle finding separation to avoid excessive contested catches.

Stuff that sounds good:

-Prototypical size and high-end ball skills.

-Attacks underneath throws with extended, sticky hands.

-Works aggressively back on short and intermediate throws.

-Unlikely to see focus drops when watching his tape.

-Meets jump balls with full extension to the high-point.

-Uses size to gain advantage over the cornerback on jump-ball wins.

-Hard to bring down after the catch and as a punt returner.

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