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Giant elephant in room. Beane


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Beane built a team to peak last season.  It didn't work. This season was a wing and a prayer with an aging secondary and hoping ACLs tears fully recovered for a CB and your main Pass Rusher.  Competent coaching might have made due with the the wing and prayer.  But the Bills head coach is stale and figured out.  Every team in the NFL has a 2 minute script to beat the Bills and it works every single time this year.   

But other than the GMs for the chiefs and the eagles. Its not clear that there are any dramactically better GMs in the league. 

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17 minutes ago, Bagwell358 said:

He’s been bad. Really bad.


cap situation is a disaster, multiple day two picks are wasted and we are left with aging players at positions now costing us games.


he hit on Allen, made a nice trade for 14. 

what else?

Exactly what second round picks has a missed


People used to say it was Terrell Bernard but he’s turning out to be a stud

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3 minutes ago, Bagwell358 said:

Epenesa was brutal for 3 seasons. 0 contributions. He’s a miss. Sorry. 

boogie basham is a miss, ford colossal miss.


Elam is a disaster.

james cook in round 2? all the other assets invested in RB in rounds 3?


he’s neglecting significant areas of roster for the same


Or resign Floyd. DE and DT are a need going forward.

And Epenesa is playing well now.  So not a lose.  Anyway you asked for one other than Josh and Oliver more than fills the bill there.

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1 minute ago, Bangarang said:

Beane is terrible when it comes to spending money. 


I'm not so worried about it. The Cap is a myth, and there are plenty of tricks and levers to pull. We'll be cutting a bunch of old contracts this offseason; White, Poyer, Morse, Harty, gives us over $24M alone. None of those will be too difficult to replace.

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He made moves to push us for a SB run last year and this year. Injuries and coaching took that away. He is to blame for no speed on offense but ultimately a lot of the complaints are really just that we got hurt and didn’t win. He knew what he was doing he just missed.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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