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Broncos @ Bills Game Thread - 1st half


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Just now, Gunsgoodtime said:

Anyone blaming the defense that has actually watched this game need to take a timeout and learn football before posting

I'll debate this. The defense keeps giving up ground and can't tackle for *****. They've committed stupid penalties. They've played off coverage enough to let short passes be completed. They've not brought pressure for the LOS. Consistently rushing 4-5 but not even coming close to Wilson. 


Further, miller getting schooled. Bernard having a decent game. The safeties are falling too deep and can't come up in coverage enough at all. 

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Just now, Over 29 years of fanhood said:


How about a 3 step drop, throw to the open guy instead of passing up the open guy and holding it looking for hero shots. 


When people talk dunk and dunk they are talking about the offenses that win 5 rings. Simple. Take what’s there and move chains. 


Josh took what was there on three drives now.  Two punts and a turnover.

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2 minutes ago, Scott7975 said:

Can't wait to hear all the people blaming the D all week.


They're not exactly helping the situation either though. Crazy amount of missed tackles. God awful coverage. 


It's the entire team this week.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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