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Broncos @ Bills Game Thread - 1st half


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Just now, ngbills said:

Can we now talk about what is wrong with Allen? 


It is the elephant in the room. Nobody seems to want to tackle it. He has been horribly inconsistent since the middle of last season. When he is good he is great. When he is bad he stops this team having a chance to win.

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Just now, Old Man said:

Gotta realize they are just another team at this point, nothing special about them. Too many injuries on defense = no sacks = no turnovers 


Forget the D. 


The offense, at the half, is going to have run 25 plays, about 12 minutes ToP, 8 1st Downs, and 8 points.  


It's not the D and we have no significant injuries on the offense.  


In fact, it's remotely arguable that our D with all of its injuries is playing better than the O considering.  


This is another inexcusable performance.  We may win, but it does anything but make any kind of statement and doesn't place us in anything but an also-ran category.  


People can delude themselves into thinkig differently, but that doesn't change anything.  


And NOW as I wrote, an INT.  SMFH  


If I were at the game I'd leave.  If for no other reason than to make a statement of my own.  



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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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