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Bills vs Raiders 1st half thread


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Just now, CircleTheWagons99 said:

One player cannot do everything. I bet you blame him fir 13 seconds as well. He was hurt last year, but that dont matter to you. Had a PERFECT game in the playoffs agenst a pretty good def minded coach. But yeah, he is the reason they lose in the playoffs. 

I do not blame him for the KC game.. outside of that, it’s win or lose.  The rest is noise.

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7 minutes ago, BillsUberAlles said:


And they aren't even fully integrated into the 12 personnel shift yet. Imagine once we really get a good feel for how to use it and Kincaid improves and learns as the year goes on.


Going to be deadly.

He ain’t even too shabby right now. Plug and play let’s go

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