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Long list of Bills free agents -- who will they keep?


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7 hours ago, BillsDad51 said:

Haven't heard anything on these players. Could this be the year we say goodbye to Taiwan Jones?


1. Shaq Lawson - played his but off.  Best of the free agent bunch.

2. Marlowe - liked him before he left and we traded draft capital for him.

3. Jordan Phillips - played hurt, injured,  but when he was healthy, made a difference.

4. Singletary - runs hard, good back up insurance on the cheap if we cannot find a heavier/bruiser back.



I would sign these guys for the  above reasons.

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10 hours ago, SCBills said:

Marlowe is the only one I'd want on the 53. 


If we were better on the DL, I'd be open to the Phillips and Shaq, but Phillips can't stay healthy and we need more juice than what Shaq can give us.  


Everyone else, no thank you.  

Not a big Marlowe fan.


  Very well said about Shaq Lawson.  He does play hard.  Is a leader type.  And makes some plays at times.  But definitely not a gamechanger.  Can we find better is the question?


I like Klein.  He is a good backup spot starter to have on your defense.  Again can we find at least 3 or 4 other LB's other MIlano who can play better for us then Klein?


I like Jamison Crowder too.  He can play.  Give him a role and he will make plays when he is healthy.  He and Josh just need to get some work together.  


Don't want Quessenberry.  Wow he sucks.  Even Van Roten is better then him..  We need better depth then a lot of these clowns.  Its too bad about Jacquan Johnson.  I thought early on he would turn into a better player.  Interesting if the Bills are interested in bringing him back.  We can not have both Marlowe and Johnson.  No sir!


Not sure about Singletary.  Do the Bills even like him?  Does he deserve another contract with the Bills?  There are things I like about his game.  And things not so much.  We certainly need someone as the 3rd RB.  What about Zeke Elliott?  That would be a strong move if the price is reasonable.

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I thought Crowder played reasonably well for the Jets and for us before he got hurt. Harty certainly isn't much of a receiver. His real value will be returning punts which he does well. Since we need help at both WR2 and the slot, resigning Crowder makes sense if he's healthy. I wouldn't mind having Singletary back since a better RB would be out of our price range. I like Phillips too, but he's always hurt. Shaq is OK as a backup and knows the system. Marlowe fills a need as depth at S. Klein and Quessenberry are solid depth. Kumerow is good on ST. That gives us 2 WR's, Kumerow and Harty, that you don't really want taking offensive snaps if possible, but are very good on ST.

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On 3/16/2023 at 1:50 PM, SCBills said:

we need more juice than what Shaq can give us.  

Someone wasn’t watching the games or don’t know what they were looking at. Shaq is EXCELLENT depth and played harder than almost anyone on the line after Von went down.

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On 3/16/2023 at 3:52 PM, Beck Water said:


OK, I'll play.  If they can bring Singletary back at a reasonable contract, I think they should.


Of the rest list above, I think the Bills may offer Klein and Lawson vet cap benefit contracts (or may already have vet cap benefit offers out there to them), but they'll take their time about signing because they'll want to see if any better offers emerge as FA goes on. 


They might do the same for Quessenbury, but Damn! I'd like to see them try for an upgrade at backup tackle. 


Kumerow and Phillips are still rehabbing from surgery and I expect the Bills would wait to sign them to see how their rehab progresses, if they're interested.


For those unfamiliar, a veteran cap benefit or veteran salary benefit contract is one where the vet is offered a 1 year contract at vet minimum for their years of experience and no more than ~$152k of signing bonus, but they count against the cap as a player with 2 years of experience plus bonus.  It's a way to encourage teams to keep lower-tier players with more than 2 years of experience on their roster.

I didnt know about this rule.  It makes sense to me, one of those rare win-win situations.  Player gets the higher salary and gets to keep playing, while team gets a break on the salary cap.


With this in mind:







I think Singeltary, Sweeny , Kumerow, and Jones woudl just be taking snaps away from rookies who could gain from game experience and become better.  And spare me the story about an elite gunner who averages 2 tackles per season.

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I think Beane is done with those guys for the time being.  Depending on how the draft goes he may sign a guy or 2 to the vet minimum if there is an open roster spot.  The cap is pretty tight right now.  Beane won't create cap space unless he really wants a guy.

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3 hours ago, StHustle said:

Someone wasn’t watching the games or don’t know what they were looking at. Shaq is EXCELLENT depth and played harder than almost anyone on the line after Von went down.

And that’s just more a story of how sorry our DL is. Shaq was about on his way out of the league…. Coming from jets. Discarded by Mia. Discarded by jets. Good ole beane called him up

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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