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Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?


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26 minutes ago, WhoTom said:

No. It's a Saturnalia movie that was usurped by the Roman Empire and rebranded as a Christmas movie.




Sounds like a black and white silent movie, originally. I bet the Roman’s didn’t even have remote controls to change the channel. 



12 minutes ago, f0neguy said:

Absolutely!  “Now I have a machine gun Ho-Ho-Ho”


The “Ho-Ho-Ho’ clinches it! 


Die Hard is as much of a Christmas movie as Home Alone or The Chevy Chase Christmas movies. A lot of movies are set during Christmas, while relatively few are about Christmas. 

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2 hours ago, LewPort71 said:


There was a show on Sunday night about Christmas and Cinema.

The vast majority of the people involved conclude that Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

Why does John McClain go to LA ?  

To see his wife and kids for Christmas.

What show was this and what was it on?  Sounds like something I'd like to check out

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It absolutely is.

-It takes place during a Holiday Office party.

-It has a quote that says, "It's Christmas Theo.  It's a time for miracles."

-The soundtrack has multiple Christmas tunes.  

-Gifts such as machine guns and detonators were exchanged.


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13 minutes ago, LeviF said:

For those of you that say no, what would have to be added to it for it to be a Christmas movie? And do you hold other movies that involve Christmas to the same standard?

references to Santa Claus, presents and egg nog.


Jesus the Christ is rarely mentioned in traditional "Christmas" movies so there is that 

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Yes.  100%.  Besides all the Christmas visuals and the fact that the movie takes place on Christmas Eve.


Redemption:  John/Holly relationship, Powell redeeming himself shooting Karl after shooting the child earlier in his career

Christmas miracles:  The FBI shutting off the power to open up the vault, McClane making it out alive.

Scrooge:  Hans Gruber ruins an otherwise fantastic looking Christmas party.


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