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  1. Dallas has been a mystery so it isn't too crazy of a thought though I'd feel better about it if it wasn't on turkey day. The only thing I know for certain is how I have all of the games predicted in the playoff machine right now will NOT be how it looks after week 17. Hopefully all the surprises work in Buffalo's favor though.
  2. The ESPN tool is a lot of fun to mess around with. Worst scenario I uncovered was the Bills getting to 11-5 and missing the playoffs. Wasn't that difficult really as the Steelers and Raiders have an easier path than the Bills. It basically all came down to that Bills/Steelers game in week 15. Assuming the Bills stay competitive that game is going to be a big one.
  3. Indy was 4-12 that year. IIRC the weather actually made it a lot closer of a game than it should have been so it seems like the weather came close to hurting the Bills in this situation since it leveled the playing field against an inferior opponent.
  4. That actually wouldn't affect it. Vince sold a ton of his WWE shares to fund a separate entertainment company to oversee the XFL so the two aren't connected at all anymore fiscally. https://www.si.com/wrestling/2019/03/28/wwe-stock-vince-mcmahon-shares-xfl
  5. This "haven't played anyone" argument is getting old. It is like all of these "experts" forgot what the league is like every year. There are only a few top tier teams and a few bottom tier teams in the NFL who really stand away from the pack. Everyone else is pretty close to each other which is why any given Sunday is a real thing. The Bills separating themselves from that middle tier shouldn't be discounted so quickly. The Titans, Jets and Giants are going to win some games, as well as Miami and Cincy, so lets wait until the end of the season before fully evaluating the strength of the wins. Also the one thing everyone seems to forget is all these teams have one extra loss on their records BECAUSE the Bills beat them.
  6. Mods, can we get a review of the board's SOP? This statement has to be a bannable offense.
  7. Lot 5 was my spot too for a long time. Since I moved out of the area though getting out quicker has been my strategy versus hanging in lot 5 for an hour or so after the game each week and letting the traffic dwindle away. Well that and they stopped letting you park where ever you want in the main lots which made meeting up with the group around the 5 pole a lot tougher.
  8. I guess some of the vernacular was lost on me. For 20 some years me and my family/friends have always come to the stadium from the east down Sothwestern so always parked on that side of the stadium. Internally we always called that lot the mud lot and everything on the south side of the stadium was kind a mystery to me. I didn't realize my possible mistake until I looked on google maps and saw that they actually have the lot off of 20a marked as the mud lot. Sad state when google knows more about my home stadium than me.
  9. Edit: Just realized you were talking about a different mud lot, off of 20A. I always thought of the mud lot as the one off of Southwestern right next to the main entrance to the Bills lot off of Southwestern. That one gets real muddy too and on some days when it is real bad they only allow SUVs to park there.
  10. @plenzmd1 Great document for first timers. As for the mud lot, I have parked there a bunch of times. It is convenient for anyone needing to head east on southwestern as you can get out very quickly. It also has the benefit of being close to the stadium seeing it is right in front of the main lots. Definitely a big party lot and the crowd tends to be younger than some of the other places I have parked. Major con that you can add to your document that I have found is that when you leave you are literally driving over piles of garbage. Not sure how it compares to your description of the ECC lot but the last couple of times I parked in that lot there honestly was no way to avoid driving over piles and piles of trash to reach an exit. Might not matter to most but for me all I could picture was accidentally going over a beer bottle and puncturing a tire which would make my 2+ hour drive home even longer. I try not to park there anymore. Kettles is a decent lot and there is another small one right next to it that is a good location as well though it is all grass so can also be muddy depending on the weather. Less expensive and a little less crowded with a not a bad walk to the stadium. There isn't as much of a "party" scene over there so it could be too tame for some or perfect for someone looking for a slightly more low key tailgating experience.
  11. That makes way more sense. Thanks for the info.
  12. Does Kenny actually bring the Pinto to away games as well? I remember reading that anything within 10 hours he would drive to but it wasn't clear if that meant actually bringing the Pinto. It is hard for me to imagine that thing would make it to Nashville.
  13. That was just for Fox though. If you're looking for the Bills game and are in NY state you should be good. Based on the map the entire state will be getting The Bills at 1pm on CBS. Fox is the only station that is limited in what it can show this week. At least in the WNY area.
  14. Fox single means that this week Fox will only be showing one game, either the 1pm or the 4pm slot. So for this weekend the WNY area will only get the 4pm showing of Bucs@Rams on Fox and no game in the 1pm slot on Fox where as the rest of the state will have Skins@Giants on Fox at 1pm but then nothing on after that. On the maps website the guy does a decent job of explaining the rules governing all of this. In the case of WNY there is a rule that the other network can not show a game in the same time slot if the market team is playing at home so because the Bills are home this week and on CBS, Fox can not show a game at the same time on their channel. It really doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I would think the NFL would be better off just having as much as their product out there as possible.
  15. Cowboys by a mile. So far this year is shaping up for the always dreaded, and very unwatchable, Cowboys v Pats** Superbowl.
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