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  1. Awful draft for sure. Just couldn't be worst ever for me with a Bills legend like Kyle in it. Even if you believe he was slightly overrated he was one of the only consistent positives on a lot of terrible teams.
  2. Seeing this is a Bills message board it is probably a pretty safe assumption that anyone reading this is still going to watch the Bills play their games regardless. If not why would you even be here? If the NFL plays the games with no fans in the stands it is obviously going to be a different product so to me the real question is will it affect how many other NFL games I watch besides the Bills. We will all just have to wait and see but for me personally if the games lack energy and seem kind of dull like some suggest I probably will watch less of the rest of the NFL. However I will at least check out the new presentation to formulate an opinion on it as I assume almost everyone else here will.
  3. NYS Fair Though it hasn't been officially cancelled yet I can't imagine an event that draws around 100k people a day is going to be able to happen in 2.5 months.
  4. I wouldn't think the schedule has much to do with that as all but two of their opponents are exactly the same. Unless they think facing the Titans and Steelers is a lot tougher than facing the Browns and the Colts but to me that doesn't seem like a big advantage as the Browns and Colts are looking much improved over last year right now.
  5. Bar Bill is top notch for sure but sometimes it is hard to get in there since it is so small, or at least the East Aurora location. Tried this place on a recommendation a couple years ago: http://www.route78streetbar.com/ ...and now it is my go-to every time I am back in WNY. It meets all the criteria the article in the OP listed. They also have a wing flavor they call Bradford Style. It is a dry wing, which I usually am not a fan of, but these are delicious. So much so that now each visit includes at least ten of these to go along with the hots or hot bbq.
  6. I can't believe no one has mentioned Skyler White on Breaking Bad. IIRC she always seemed to get a lot of hate on the BB thread back in the day.
  7. There is no doubt that guys don't resonate with every fan. I never cared for Hogan. I respect how much he brought to and changed the industry but I felt the same way about him just being that same tired guy for so long until he finally switched it up a bit with his NWO time in WCW. I never thought he was a great performer either. Basically just had the big boot and a leg drop. Also probably the biggest thing for me is I never understood how Hogan was the good guy for Mega Powers Explode match at Wrestlemania 5. I mean he was messing around with Macho Man's girl and somehow Macho Man was the jerk in that situation? ; )
  8. Gotcha. Guess I missed the distinction in this thread between ESPN SNF and now.
  9. For me a professional wrestler has three main attributes. -Promo/mic skills -Character -Wrestling ability Based on that I am surprised I only saw The Rock mentioned once. No one could cut promos and come up with legendary catch phrases like him off the cuff and his in-ring skills were top notch. I don't think I've ever seen someone sell a DDT like he can. My list would be: The Rock Macho Man Rick Flair Chris Jericho The Undertaker Honorable mention to Kenny Omega. He never got the main stream attention that you get from the WWF but to me he is one of the best going right now.
  10. I am pretty sure I attended a home Sunday Night game against the Titans the year after the playoff loss and a Sunday night game against the Jets the year before. Both were the home opener too I believe.
  11. Also who knows if the rookie will ever have the mental toughness to perform in a spot like that regardless of his athletic ability? I agree about Hauschka likely being able to make that kick in Houston and being given the chance. I was just thinking that the fact the coaches second guessed letting him kick in that scenario led to the thinking that they needed to find a new kicker.
  12. I think this exact scenario is why they thought they needed to bring in a young kicker with a big leg.
  13. Had this almost exactly during the exact same time frame. All of January and some of February with an awful dry cough and eventually after coughing so hard for so long my chest and stomach were aching terribly. Only difference was I didn't seem to have a fever, though I never checked so I suppose it could have been a mild one. Not sure if it was Covid but I suppose it easily could have been. I don't know anyone who has been confirmed but I know a lot of people in the "was very sick in January" category and some of those did test negative for the flu. Would be nice if they can get an antibody test widely available so people like us who might have had it could know and maybe have some anxiety about getting it again relieved.
  14. Right, Frank wanted the work done for the land piece of the casino to be union workers but Marty had to agree to use non union after promising the union work to Frank to close the deal with the gaming commission IIRC. Frank found out and firebombed the office as payback on that. The season starts with the casino up and running and their offices repaired with some deal already cut with Frank and the mob so we can assume they worked it out in some way. Just thought it odd that they didn't mention it at all even if just as a passing comment or something between characters. I was thinking maybe I missed something since that was a big piece of the finale but based on some comments in the thread I guess it was glossed over by their writers. Still an excellent season though like others have stated.
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