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  1. It has lost a lot since Artie for sure. Those years were Howard's best IMHO. I still listen every day. I have an hour commute to work so it is a good time burner. I listen on demand a day or so late though which is nice because anytime there are segments I don't like or that are annoying me I can skip over them. The Dirt is fantastic, loved that book.
  2. I think people were hoping for a little more substance around the transcripts, like some insight and thoughts mixed in with the actual interview. I have the book now. It isn't as bad as the reviews were making it out to be. There is a page or two before each interview with some introspection but after that it is just transcripts of the actual interview. He definitely was up front about what it was but I know I was hoping there would be a little more content covering some of his experiences and life since the end of his last book. The book is entertaining though despite having heard all the interviews already on the radio. The only thing that bugs me is he craps on the early part of his career and his older books. I get that he is happy to have evolved but he wouldn't have gotten to that spot without being the person he was before so he shouldn't be so quick to dismiss it.
  3. Has anyone gotten through a copy of this book yet? The amazon reviews are pretty brutal. The main consensus being that it is for the most part literally just a collection of interview transcripts.
  4. I moved from the Buffalo area to the Syracuse area about 10 years ago and this is pretty much how it is. It used to be easy to predict because the Bills only played two games a year on Fox, their two home NFC games, and if those weren't at the same time as the Giants there wouldn't be an issue. Now over the last few years how the networks split up their games isn't just AFC/NFC anymore so it isn't as predictable. Plus as someone mentioned above we had the strange instance where Fox chose the Cowboys over the Bills last season. I believe it was because that game still had playoff implications and the Bills/Lions did not. The old rules might not apply anymore but the way I used to understand it was that CBS was contractually required to air the Bills games in the Syracuse market as it was considered a Bills secondary market and CBS was the AFC affiliate where as Fox could choose to do as it pleases.
  5. Someone posted on another thread that direct flights to Nashville from Buffalo were sold out. That got me wondering what everyone's plans are for the away games this year now that the schedule is out? It will be interesting to see which road games are looking to have the biggest contingent of Bills fans. For me I booked travel/lodging for the Titans game this morning.
  6. Chan, especially if he can bring in Schwartz as his DC.
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