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  1. One of the footballs Jim Kelly was throwing into the crowd near the end of the AFC Championship game against the Raiders in 1991.
  2. I think it was in the Schedule Release, or a Tickets thread, where a couple of posters mentioned seeing the 10:30 thing on their tickets somewhere. I got tickets for the WFT game and didn't see anything about lots on there but they are digital so maybe some people had physical tickets? In any case I hope it doesn't turn out to be the case because you're right in that it would likely cause all sorts of logistical issues with crowds and traffic. Regardless I am just excited to be able to step onto those hallowed grounds again. 2020 was a great season but it was also tortu
  3. That definitely could be the way it goes ultimately and likely will be the way it goes in the short term. We will have to wait and see how it looks 10 years from now if they adopt this format but to me it seems like there is a good chance that if you get another 4 or 5 teams making regular appearances then maybe more recruits will choose one of those teams for a better chance at playing time then to be the second guy off the bench at Alabama. Then from there it could trickle even further down. Obviously all theoretical but I'd prefer giving that a shot than keeping it h
  4. Yeah, I can't imagine they would try and ban it in any way. My thoughts were more towards the Bills owned lots and what changes there might be including the later opening time. If the 10:30 lot opening for a 1:00 game turns out to be true it eliminates those lots as an option for me and a lot of people I would think as that isn't really enough time for a proper tailgate.
  5. Some good arguments from both sides on this. There will no doubt be some playoff games that turn out to be laughers which won't add much on the entertainment side. However I think it is worthwhile to give some of these smaller programs their shot because even though they will get smoked more often than not in the early years of this format there is a chance that the recruiting field will even out a bit as better talent filters down to other schools once they can start using 'x amount of years' in the playoff as a recruitment incentive. Could take a while but
  6. Anyone heard anything on or off the record on tailgating? I know some who have gotten tickets for the upcoming season mentioned that they noticed the Bills have changed the lot open time to 10:30 now instead of 9. If that turns out to be true it sounds like a push to force more people inside to spend their money instead of eating/drinking their own stuff outside.
  7. Nice to see them struggle a bit but the reality is this is June. Now if we see throws like that from their QBs after September 12th, that will be a cause for big smiles.
  8. Yeah, they definitely rehashed a lot of the same jokes and the decision to move away from him being down and out with clothes/car was strange seeing the contrast of that with the upscale Beverly Hills is part of the original movie's charm. It wasn't great but personally I enjoyed it enough where I don't think it scratches the surface of a worst sequel ever list. As for recent sequels, I caught quiet place 2 over the weekend and thought that was well done. There wasn't a whole lot to the story but Krasinski is really good at building suspense.
  9. It is pretty cool to have the entire season documented like this. Not sure if ESPN will force them to pull it down but it would be nice to be able to reexperience this season with this video every now and again years down the road.
  10. Didn't see this posted anywhere and thought I'd share with fellow offseason content starved Bills fans. It is a compilation of highlights from every game last season from ESPN PrimeTime.
  11. When we got our first VCR in the mid/late 80s I would bring it to my grandmas house and record films off HBO or dub rentals with her VCR so I had quite the collection and watched a movie or two almost daily as a teen. That being said I would love to have exact numbers on all the movies I have watched multiple times to know the answer to this question myself. I would guess it is something along the lines of a lot of the films mentioned above like original Star Wars movies, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Die Hard films, Scarface.... or maybe Lethal Weapon or Terminator movies?
  12. Speaking of Bison games staples.... I thought this was pretty cool:
  13. How can anything this amazing ever be bad? 🤣 I actually like that one, now Beverly Hills Cop 3... that was definitely 💩
  14. I can say that there are at least a few. My family has had season tickets for 40+ years passed down from my grandmother. Over the years I have gone to dozens of games in those seats and there are always different people directly in front of them and directly next to them. Almost always fans of the opposing team as well. It would be nice if you could resell to only Bills fans but I'm not sure how that would be possible on an open market ticket resell site.
  15. I hope it is anyone but the Cowboys. That is the one possible match-up I wouldn't bother to tune in for. 🤢🤮
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