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  1. We might be looking for an defensive coordinator, maybe we take a chance on him?
  2. Maybe we sit Diggs this week and stills plays. They just want to have a extra body around.
  3. Yes that's assuming they both win, but both are favored, I think it come down to a Balt win and miami loss.
  4. I just saw this: BUF W, PIT W: Dolphins BUF W, PIT L: ColtsBUF L, PIT L: BrownsBUF L, PIT W: Ravens Again I think we need to get Balt into the number 5 slot, avoid possible Bills VS Balt or Tenn match up, I know don't if that out weight the risk of injury Allen, Diggs, Beasly, White, Milano. Edwards. White. Hughes?
  5. Best case scenario, I think the bills still need to win. 1) KC 2) Buffalo 3) Pitts 4) Tenn 5) Balt 6) Browns 7) Miami/ Colts I would like to avoid Balt and Tenn if possible. Let Tenn vs Balt battle it out, winner goes to KC. KC can deal with winner, which I would assume is Balt. I'd take 2 games against Pits, Miami, Browns, or Colts.
  6. Great Job Coaching, I feel as if the Bills finally have talent and a coaching staff that watches, learns and makes adjustments. In out first game against the Pats last year we lost 16 to 10. The Pats blocked a punt using the same scheme as last night. The entire defense except the returner was on the line, and the gunners were left uncovered. It was great to see the Bills fake the punt and throw it out there to the gunner to keep the drive a live. I've seen the Pats run that several times, and I believe they blocked 3 or 4 punts last season because of it.
  7. Alway thought of Teddy bit more like Dutch, no mercy.
  8. I thought Dodson look pretty good out there were he played, I thought he was an upgrade over Klein, but Klein has looked really good the last couple of weeks.
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