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  1. Well if he ranks Tua a head of Josh, Tua must be one hell of a QB, because I know Josh is!
  2. It really weird, I live 30 mins north of Boston, I've been listening to NE sports radio for years. They freakin bash the crap out of Josh Allen to the point of just pure insaneness. I never heard new england sports media bash someone as much as him, no joke. Not Mark Sanchez, not Ryan Fitz, not Tanahill, I mean no one, it like it personal. The Allen bashing line is long and wide behind Shaughnessy around hear. I just don't get it?
  3. Lucky bastards, they will make twice as much as us essential works right now, and all be rehired back when everything goes back to normal. They should enjoy there summer and not worry. This summer going to be lit !!!
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