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  1. What saved the Bills was the unexpected passing of Ted Rodgers, before Ralph Wilson died. Ralph was all set to sell to Ted, and move the Bills to Toronto at the time of his death. His estate would have spoke how keeping the team in WNY was too much of a "competitive disadvantage" (Ralph favorite term when he was looking for another free hand out). Them they would of praised Ralph for doing everything we could to keep the team in the region.
  2. we should just always go for it on 4th down
  3. Not a Jets fan, but they did well on day 1.
  4. Hard to believe Sammy went for a generational talent (or so at least someone us thought) to a guy who has bounced around the league for years.
  5. Ranking are like #######, everyone got one, and most are full of crap. I'm happy with Josh, and would not trade him for anyone on that list.
  6. Damn it, why can't everyone just play nice, and lets us win this freaking thing 1 time. With the contract bitching and new AFC players this 13 seconds just keeps getting worse.
  7. Maybe it a mute point, but I hear the casino is packed when the bills have a home game. I don't live in WNY any more, but that's what I've been told. So I would hope the Stadium is a win for everyone.
  8. I saw this today on bills daily, State Assembly is expected to stay today and *potentially* leave Albany tomorrow. No one expects a budget deal., this wasn't specific to the bills, but saw the NY papers and Albany paper bashing the crap out of us.
  9. I actually thought the state did well seeing Pegula is throwing in 500 mil and will pay for any extras, and the State will now own the stadium.
  10. Glad to see the Bills and NYS have come to agreement, but there seems to be a lot of opposition from down state law makers. Is this stadium deal a lock, or can the NYS assembly still blow the whole thing up? Being a bills fan for 45 year, I'm always worried how we seem to get close and at the last minute and there's always something the screws us in the end. I guest I'm just conditioned to expect the worse when to come to the Bills.
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