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  1. I'm now at the point where I get nervous every time Josh Allen touches the ball.
  2. I'm not ready to admit the process failed, but there one thing that concern me. This team plays with no sense of urgency. With all the crap Cleveland has been taking how could you not see this coming. They knew their season was on the line (despite today I still thinks to over) but made they made things happen. They convert 3rd and long all day. We dropped pass, missed tackles. The Browns made plays when they needed to and we just didn't. Landry made two awesome catches today, nobody on the bills make thus type of plays when he need them. As good as I thought T. white played that INT would have been huge, how does he drop that? Look at Philly, they ran over us because they had to. There has to be a time when the players have to make plays and the bills rarely do when it matters. Put me down for 9 and 7, no playoffs.
  3. Including the coach, who the f@#k goes into the huddle on 3 and 4 with one time out from the 34 down 3.
  4. I would give them a first if it meant they would stop with all the designed Qb runs.
  5. Amen, I said the same thing yesterday about 1001 times. 1 thing that stands out at me is this coaching staff 9 and I like them), they do not believe in situational football. Living in New England, I here about situational football 24/7. Think about it, there 1:53 on the clock, the wind is at your back it's 3 and 2. The eagle have two DT who hadn't played a snap in the NFL till yesterday. You have a 60 million dollar center. They were receiving the ball to open the 3rd. Why not give to to Gore. If he gets stuffed, punt it away. Let them drive 70+ yards against the wind. That totally changed the game.
  6. I'm concerned with Oliver and Edwards, terrible play calling. I think some need to tell them Josh Allen is not a Rb Come on I'm just trying to have is fun after a bad lose, noting personal.
  7. No I very sad, but just wanted to take a victory lap.
  8. Ok I'm done watching them, now what? I think I was right to be worried.
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