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Jerry Hughes looks mad in Houston


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Jerry just had a meltdown in Miami very upset with the way Houston is playing and kicked the gatorade container over on sideline.


I see it as possible that he could ask for his release with the intent to sign with a contender


or we could call Houston and see if they have interest in doing that (since the front offices know each other well)


He does have 8 sacks this year and clearly we’re thin on the Edge at the moment



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4 minutes ago, billsfan89 said:

If the Texans decide to cut him he would be the hottest free agent in the NFL, having a nice season and a good NFL pedigree. But I think Hughes won’t be cut he didn’t ask to be traded at the deadline. They probably would just put him on IR.

He would have to actually be hurt. You can’t get away with IR’ing a guy for disciplinary reasons

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11 minutes ago, Aussie Joe said:

How is he playing today?



Same as usual.  1 of 1 Texans getting pressure 

7 minutes ago, LABILLBACKER said:

Right....right now he's better than Boogie & Epenesa combined. I'd make a call.

And always has been.  

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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