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  1. First of all, according to almost all Chiefs fans, Hill's kid hit him first in the kidney. You just couldn't see it in any of the camera angles...
  2. Quick! Someone find something offensive this guy tweeted ten years ago so they take Frazier instead!
  3. When Singletary dropped the ball I felt like the game wasn't going to end well. I still had hope, but that drop took some of the air out of me. I can't really explain it.
  4. In every replay you could see the receivers being covered. Not just kind of covered, but covered covered. Not sure how Josh's nerves can fix that. Also, Brady threw three interceptions yesterday. Is there a way to fix his nerves? Maybe a sports psychologist or something?
  5. I have absolutely nothing against Mahomes. Really don't like Hill though. Anyone who beats up his pregnant girlfriend is scum. Doesn't matter how fast he can run, still scum. Just faster scum. Go Tampa!
  6. This year has certainly made Buffalo more attractive for players when they consider their options. The team seems to have a really good atmosphere and it's one of the best teams in the league. No more lovable losers with a crazy fanbase, now the Bills are on the rise with a young star QB and the best receiver in the league.
  7. You know who would have caught that pass Singletary dropped? Christian Wade.
  8. They're a top four team in the NFL who lost to the reigning champions and probably the best team in the league. Stupid thread.
  9. I remember the good old days, which were, of course, pretty bad, when we had a great defense. Then Rex came and somehow ruined that. Now we have a great offense, but the defense is not up to par. If Frazier leaves, at least we get something new. Defensively this season was a disappointment and I like many of the players on D. Hopefully the Texans people didn't watch this game.
  10. The Chiefs on paper is the better team. They also played by far the better game. If you want words of comfort just look at this team's progress year by year. We got to a 13-3 regular season more or less without a defense or a run game. We can improve more than the Chiefs and will hopefully be closer next year. Also, I expect Josh to improve his completion percentage from ~69 to around ~79. Either that or he sucks and we should have drafted Mahomes.
  11. Right now I wouldn't mind if Frazier and Daboll goes away to be head coaches somewhere else. The defense has been up and down the entire season, with more down than up, and where are all the creative Daboll plays today when we need them?
  12. We would have needed our players to excel today to win, but the defense has been pretty bad and the receivers have had their hands on many passes without catching them. I wouldn't exactly call most of them drops, but a few highlight catches there is what we would have needed. Very few Bills players have outperformed themselves today, meanwhile Kelce and Hill are breaking records. Now we need some sort of a miracle...
  13. Singletary felt like a breath of fresh air last season. He was a rookie, not that fast but quick and hard to tackle. This season I have very few good memories of him and this drop was just too bad. Stevie Johnson got a lot of criticism for his famous drop, but this was much worse. Most of our moms could catch that ball!
  14. I'm 44 and have never played football in my entire life and I would have gotten a first down on that pass. Singletary better make up for that drop or it might turn out to be VITAL!
  15. The last large margin win for the Chiefs came against the Jets ages ago. Having said that, it is a strength winning close games too, but sooner or later those close games get too close and Kyler Murray throws a one in a hundred TD with only a few seconds left of the game...
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