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Poyer getting X-Ray's

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Man... Can never have something good without having something to worry about this year (Poyer).  Everything comes at a price lol.  That said,  I'll still take it.  First dang 1-score win in forever... and SHAKIR looked great!

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1 minute ago, gonzo1105 said:

Does anyone think he just was being emotional or had the wind knocked out of him. He played big today for a team that needed his vet presence. Looks like he'll be fine if the video means anything

We're all emotional.  X-rays for everyone!  just because...:P

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25 minutes ago, BillsFanForever19 said:

Hate to post this with multiple people making posts about paying him. But I noticed after the INT he was down on the sidelines. They cut to him again on the bench and it looked like he was pretty emotional. Now this. 




Oh FFS. 


If he is done for the year so is our Superbowl bid.

7 minutes ago, Turbo44 said:

Shakir may be better than crowder


And even if he isn't now... we know who Crowder is. Shakir's ceiling is higher.

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