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Round 6 Pick 209 (31): OT Luke Tenuta, Virginia Tech

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Sorry about the delayed unlock, guys


Sounds like someone to compete at backup Swing tackle.




"Tenuta comes from an athletic family. His father, Jon, played football at Virginia and is the defensive coordinator for the USFL's New Orleans Breakers. His mother, Dori, played hoops at Virginia. As a redshirt freshman, Tenuta made five starts in 13 appearances at right tackle. In 2020, he started nine games at right tackle. He started 10 games at left tackle and one on the right side in 2021. "

-- by Chad Reuter


I suppose I'm prejudiced by the abhominable play of the previous OLman we drafted from V-Tech, Ed Wang (5th round, 2010)

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Solid positional run blocker who flashes the nasty demeanor and killer instinct scouts covet.

Quick out of his stance with the footwork to be effective in front of screens. Willing to get out in front of ballcarriers to take out defensive backs and linebackers.

Best on the outside because of his height and athleticism, but is capable of blocking on the move.

Adequate foot quickness to remain outside. Can get to the second level with surprising agility when adjusting to moving defenders. Underrated athleticism, agility, balance, and even straight-line speed to contribute.

Has the agility, technique, and size to contribute early in his professional career. Quick, active hands to latch on to defenders.




High-cut and doesn't bend knees well. Set in pass protection is high, and that affects the power and ability to anchor and causes him to bend at the waist.

Height can be a detriment in short-yardage, defender can get under his pads to hold the line.

Has inconsistent footwork and body positioning and needs to improve his blocking angles.

Loses leverage battles and plays with high pad level. Can be late off the snap.

Flashes the ability to move his man with his hands, but is not yet consistent in this area.



he is an OT/OG prospect. Still need that interior OG/C IMO 


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Lance Zierlein take on NFL. com


Draft Projection: Priority free agent


Tall tackle with predictable leverage issues, creating difficulties in both run and pass phases. Tenuta is a segmented mover who lacks desired play strength. His issues are made worse by erratic hand placement, but coaching could improve his hands, which would alleviate some of his strength concerns. He won't shine as a drive blocker or move blocker. And his pass-protection issues are more physical in nature, making them harder to correct. He's a potential undrafted free agent and could struggle to compete at the pro level.



Started at both tackle positions.

Father is a longtime coach.

Pretty fair athlete getting into space on pulls.

Uses size to wall off linebackers on climbs.

Inside hands will make him stronger in pass protection.

Protection looked better by the end of last season.

Hustles out to meet edge speed with pass sets.



Disappointing length for his size.

Height creates natural trouble with leverage.

Lacks explosive lift into contact.

Below-average lateral movement.

Upper-body strength and core power are a concern.

Below-average punch and control in pass sets.

Pass slides are heavy and segmented.

Below-average anchor.

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After redshirting in 2019, Luke Tenuta started five games in 2019 and nine games in 2020 at right tackle. He flipped to the left side in 2021 and appeared just as comfortable as he did on the right side. That versatility to play either side is critical to Tenuta as he projects best to a swing tackle role at the next level. Tenuta is a smart football player with good temperament, awareness, and control given his size. With that said, his excessive height presents notable challenges with leverage, winning with first contact, protecting his edges, and establishing consistency with his hands. Despite mostly playing with good knee bend and weight distribution, he simply plays too tall and has to fight his frame to be in consistently good positions to execute. Tenuta moves well for his frame and can be trusted to widen gaps in zone. I like his control and consistency executing on the move when working in space. He projects well as a developmental swing tackle in a McVay/Shanahan-style offense, but there are some things he’ll need to overcome to truly stick and claim a role in the NFL. 

Ideal Role: Developmental swing tackle 

Scheme Fit: Zone run scheme


Balance: Tenuta is very tall and it creates some challenges with leverage and opponents being able to get under his pads with the natural punch track being down. With that said, I am impressed with his overall coordination for a man of his stature in terms of movement skills. But when contact is introduced and the need to protect his edges exists to sustain blocks, there are challenges. 


Pass Sets: There are positive reps of Tenuta reaching his set points and placing roadblocks to maintain the width of the pocket, but there is also inconsistency as evidenced by the West Virginia game. There are instances where he fails to get enough width/depth in his true pass sets and it softens the angle for his opponent. 

Competitive Toughness: Tenuta has a hot motor and good temperament. He gets after people in space and continually looks for work. He executes with the desired edge needed in an offensive lineman.


Lateral Mobility: Tenuta has sound lateral movement skills, especially when factoring in his size. I’ve seen him hinge, pivot, and redirect while remaining in good control. He isn’t overly springy, but he moves sufficiently for his frame. 


Length: For an offensive lineman with his height, I expected his length to be more of a factor on tape. Instead, his height robs him of length as he’s forced to punch downward. Add in wide hand placement and carriage and it’s surprising how often his opponents are able to work into his frame. 

Football IQ: Tenuta comes from a family of coaches and athletes. He functions with a good understanding of timing and with good awareness. Penalties have only been a minor issue for him in college. 


Hand Technique: Tenuta has some flashy moments with his hands where placement, fit, and variance shine. With that said, his strikes can come in wide and from a downward angle which creates some issues with winning with first contact and controlling reps. When he sets the clamps, his grip strength is firm. 


Anchor Ability: Tenuta has a sufficient anchor but he plays so tall that there can be issues. While he does well to balance his weight and bend at the knees, opponents regularly get under his pads and win the leverage battle, which compromises his anchor. 


Power at POA: Tenuta has sufficient power at the point of attack but would still benefit from adding more functional strength to maximize his potential. His inability to play with consistent leverage robs him of power. It’s hard for him to utilize his entire body to generate maximum power. 


Versatility: Tenuta spent two seasons at right tackle before flipping to left tackle in 2021. He is likely a tackle only as his frame does not project well to the interior. He is best suited for a zone blocking scheme. 

Prospect Comparison: Sam Young (2010 NFL Draft, Dallas Cowboys) 


-Marino from the Draftnetwork 



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Just now, Logic said:

The Bills listing him as OL instead of OT -- not to mention his short arms -- make me wonder if he's a candidate to be an OG in their scheme.

I read OT/OG and Swing OT. 

best in a Zone Scheme 

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