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Bills 2nd round pick ???


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16 minutes ago, 716er said:

Doubs or McBride

McBride to Cardinals

1 hour ago, MrEpsYtown said:

I’m thinking receiver or safety. Feeling Jalen Pitre. 

Big run on the WRs right before the Bills....I think they have to look at BPA at other positions

Looks like we have traded our pick down a few spots

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4 minutes ago, CEN-CAL17 said:

Bills get in return???? 


Looking at points chart, somewhere between a 4th and 5th would be about right, assuming Tampa is picking towards bottom in both rounds.


Time for the Bills to pick, went to commercial!


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4 hours ago, Toyo321 said:

It has to be RB we have no depth at that position.  Moss is injury prone and I would consider him a bust period.  Never did like him as a 3rd round pick.

Motor although tough is not big enough to take a pounding all season long.   I still have doubts about him too.  Just does not have the explosive break away speed that other NFL backs do.

We have no one on our roster that is a competent backup, what Duke Johnson, Taiwan Jones, Please.....

This is a huge hole that needs to be filled in this round with this pick.

We can go receiver or LB in the 3rd round. 

I would wear a damn stupid Packers Cheese head if we didn't go RB in this round.


I would even trade Moss away to get a decent RB.

Wow nailed that pick!!

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On 4/29/2022 at 6:35 AM, SECRET SQUIRREL said:

I guaran-fkn-tee that he has something absolutely embarrassing and idiotic planned for this, I'm praying that we completely trade out and he's unable to actually do it. 

Alright, that actually turned out to be pretty damn awesome and I'm a dummy 😆 

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