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How our opponent's power rating look after week 5 and a guess at the season record


regular season record  

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10 minutes ago, Simstim said:

15-2 We beat Tampa and the Titans, but end up losing an irritating one like the Jets or Pats, but it serves as a reminder not to take any opponent lightly as we just started to look a bit sloppy.

If we can coast into a 1st round bye, we might just play scrubs and practice squad players and take our chances.

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11 minutes ago, Billsfan1972 said:

Never jump the gun.  Looks like a great schedule, but the Steelers game too looked like a romp.  Who  jumped on the pre-season 11-6 betting odds?


And I think the offense has plenty of room for improvement.

That's what I'm excitedly waiting to see!!! Imagine this team when Allen figures everything out and starts hitting his receivers like last season! Until then, I think, we need Singletary to step up his game. I know he can do it, I've seen it in his game. He just needs to go for it and Billieve (and not fumble, definitely not fumble.). If Devin cannot step it up this season maybe we can trade back up into round two or three and take another back next year. Moss does not strike me as an every down back (Neither does Devin). Bottom line: we could use improved play at RB this year and next...I think Devin has it in him but so far he only shows flashes and spurts...and both have a tendency to fumble with those short medial forearms...

Right now, Zack is clearly outplaying Devin, Devin needs to pick it up or Beane will be hunting for RBs in the second to third rounds.

The Bills need to draft a DT and an C/G next season. Maybe with our extra low picks we can trade up and nab an upgrade in the third? It depends on how deep RB is next year. But I don't want a RB in the in the first or second. We need linemen....



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I said 13-4 at the beginning of the season.  I'm sticking with that.


The O has been disappointing in a weird way.  Sometimes it looks inefficient.  Yet Josh and the boys score in bundles.  


The D has been better than expected.  I thought they'd bounce back some after an off year last year.  But I didn't expect them to be #1 at this point.  


#1 scoring offense, #1 scoring defense...  heady stuff.  I get why others are projecting more than 13 wins.  But I'm an old, snake-bitten, wide-right, four-Super-Bowl-watching, drought survivor.  I don't want to expect too much only to be disappointed.   

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1 hour ago, Warcodered said:

The Steelers were one of those losses you predicted?


1 hour ago, Royale with Cheese said:


We better not lose to TN.  I'm going to the game and their defense is bad....they can't protect Tanny either.

Let Henry have his 100+ and stop everything else.

I don't like that idea. They let Henry roll over them, then the Titans will control the clock and also beat up the Bills physically.


They should absolutely stop Henry and stop the big play. Let Tannehil try to dink and dunk.


In that regard, I honestly think Milano was more important for this game than for the Chefs game. Never bought into the narrative that he was super important for the Chefs.

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I said 13-4, even though I 100% believe we should get to 14-3, but I know how things go sometimes. We may take the foot off of the gas here and there throughout the season. Two of the players that concern me are Derrick Henry and Kyle Pitts, they are the type of players that scare me, because they can create serious mismatches.


I also think we could lose one to either the Bucs, Colts, Saints or Panthers.  Individually, I can give reasons why we should/will beat each one of them, but there is still a chance we lose to one of them. In other words I think we could lose 3 out of the 6 below.  Below is the order of how hard I think these games will be, from hardest to easiest:


1. Bucs

2. Titans

3. Colts

4. Saints

5. Panthers

6. Falcons


The rest should all be wins.

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3 hours ago, Gugny said:

I had them at 14-3 before the season started.  After we lost to PIT, I figured we'd go 13-4.  After whooping KC, I'm back to 14-3.




You’re one of those guys who does a dozen brackets for the NCAA tournament then tells us how great you did, right? :)


That looks like a pretty weak stretch of opponents, but you just never know. What is the Steelers ranking? I will not be overly confident about anything. I’ve been at this too long not to have a little trepidation every week, somehow including bye weeks (freak injuries, COVID, zombie attacks, etc.). 

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3 hours ago, Simstim said:

15-2 We beat Tampa and the Titans, but end up losing an irritating one like the Jets or Pats, but it serves as a reminder not to take any opponent lightly as we just started to look a bit sloppy.

Trubisky and the backups will beat the Jets week 18. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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