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RD 2, Pick 29 (61): Boogie Basham, DE (Wake Forest)

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20 minutes ago, BillsFan3434 said:

Trade jerry for an asset while he's still worth something

Your kidding. Right. He was our best pass rusher as well as being one of the leaders on defense. He is also in the last year of his contract so he will be here and lead our D to good things, but probably will be gone in 2022. 

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The law firm of Rousseau and Basham will cause your personal injury.

Beane when he sees an edge guy available and he's on the clock    

Cheap at an expensive position for the next several years...  it’s almost as if we have a QB to extend...

1 minute ago, foreboding said:

Well...stopping Henry and tannehill from running wild might helped by these picks. We aren't beating TN with CBs.


I do like that these 2 picks were moved all over the d-line, and that Basham had a lot of TFL's. That is where you want plays to be stopped.


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32 minutes ago, Brianmoorman4jesus said:

In not understanding wasting all of these early picks (the last few years) on the DLine. All I know is eventually some of them better be good. It wouldn’t aggravate me as much if any of these guys were actually good. Eponessa, Oliver, Harry....these guys have been underwhelming at best. The new nfl is getting the ball out quick. It’s almost impossible to get homes I’d suggest a DE has never been more worthless....I really hope at least one of these guys ends up being good.

It's critical to get a pass rush on these QB's . We almost lost to an immobile QB with Indy because he had time to throw.

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8 minutes ago, KOKBILLS said:


This is the way...😎

Go back several years before and watch how the Giants beat the Patriots by rotating EXTRA linemen.  It’s simple—disrupt the QB by getting pressure on him.

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1 minute ago, Logic said:

Basham sure seems like it. Lots of boards have him between 30th and 36th overall.

I'm not so sure they came into today saying "we're gonna take another edge". But then they saw Basham sticking out like a sore thumb, and that was that.

I agree about Basham being a great value where he was picked.

  I'm concerned Rousseau is not a good outside rusher, he was much higher rated from the inside where he did a lot of his damage. His win rate on the outside was average at best. I'm sure they looked at it from all sides though and were not just drawn to his 15 sacks. 


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Just now, Royale with Cheese said:

Is that real??


I know right???


McD is either crapping himself or is hearing a heavenly choir of angels.



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8 minutes ago, WideNine said:


A lot of holes to fill still.


Not a bad pick, but too many folks focus on Tampa's ends and forget the pressure Suh and Vea brought up the middle. 


Not to mention how Tampa could rush 4 and still crush running plays.


If our post-season (yep we will be there again) runs into a Titan team with Henry pounding the rock, we will be thankful we have some run-stopping sloberknockers on the line.


Just saying.



if we score a quick touchdown and strip sack tannehill, he might not get that heavy diet of carries of course being the obvious counter point being made. 

We won’t win 10 out of 10 but I’d take our odds there without hesitation 


we’ve also not neglected DT or linebacker either. Our big free agent splash and two highest picks on defense are DT, DT, MLB

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5 minutes ago, BillsEnthusiast said:


That's an understatement 



Good God...


Is that real? I'm not kidding...It looks fake...

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