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38 minutes ago, hondo in seattle said:

The analytics guys say punting is rarely the right decision on 4th down.   

Depends on field position, down, and distance.  Teams are becoming more aggressive though.  Wish McD would've trusted his analytics guys in the AFC Championship game.

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Don't need to invest in your punter if you never punt 😉   That being said I'm going to miss Bojangles, that one punt he uncorked against MIA in week 17 last year may have been the most perfe

dang.  I thought he really improved since he joined the Bills.  Was getting better with his control.

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On 4/20/2021 at 9:13 PM, YoloinOhio said:



The only 2 names on that list that I somewhat wish the Bills had held onto was Marlowe and maybe Roberts to a lesser degree.


Seems like Bojo was lost due to wanting too much money.  This may sound like a small thing, but I also wonder if the team was not happy with his holding abilities, too many balls with laces not out.


Couple that with him wanting big $$ and they went in another direction?? 

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44 minutes ago, ChronicAndKnuckles said:


That 2nd Miami game when he coffined it to the 1 inch line was the best punt I've ever seen + some of those 70+ yard bombs were very impressive though.


Yes, a beautiful surrender of possession.  

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Still waiting on the money.  Considering they're paying Hekker a good amount and that it took awhile for him to be signed, I can't see him getting more than $1.5M.

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11 hours ago, HalftimeAdjustment said:


Maybe he did not like living in Buffalo and targeted LA.


Either his agent over estimated his value or Bills were unhappy with his performance/attitude.

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