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BOLD predictions for the NFL playoffs

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WFT beats Brady

I DON'T get ridiculously drunk tomorrow. 

Phillip rivers throws 4 picks in the 1st half

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12 hours ago, Big Turk said:


So at home they barely beat the Steeler backups but they ae somehow going to waltz into Pittsburgh missing 4 starters and 3 more regular contributors, haven't practiced all week and missing their head coach and win?


0.5% chance. Not happening.


Bold prediction:

KC loses to either the Ravens or Titans, we beat Colts then Steelers and host the AFC Championship game.


I'm not saying it'll happen, but Pittsburgh is 1-4 in the last 5 games and they aren't unbeatable. Run the ball, control the clock, and you have a chance. 

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On 1/9/2021 at 9:52 AM, Frat-Train said:

Probably already said, but Allen ends Brady’s reign in Tampa and rights 20 years of wrong, William Wallace style.



Because freedom, war paint and Prima Nocta!


prima nocta ref, and in perfect context.


Brilliant. I hereby damn thee...for being more clever than myself.

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Divisional round? Biggest surprise? 


Both underdogs in the NFC win their games.


The Rams match up well with the Packers. I also think playing a physical defense after a Bye week is dangerous. It will take a few drives to match their intensity. 


Bucs and Saints look like two teams heading in opposite directions. Brady has more arm left than Brees. Devin White is back. The Saints will need Kamara to go off or they are in trouble.   

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Bills over Ravens

Browns over Chiefs


Packers over Rams

Bucs over Saints


Bills over Browns

Bucs over Packers


Bills face off against Brady and Josh Allen becomes a mega star and is the MVP of the game. After the game Brady gives him a hug and says "this is going to be your league" similar to the Tim Duncan post game speech to Lebron James back in 2007.

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