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  1. Not sure it qualifies as weird, but I ordered a Kevin Everett jersey when he sustained that terrible injury. It still hangs in my closet with the legends and the current players. I haven't had the heart to move it to the retired jersey bin with the likes of JP Losman and Willis McGahee.
  2. Do we kick the tires? https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/delanie-walker-wants-to-sign-with-contender-former-pro-bowler-willing-to-accept-reduced-role/
  3. I'll be making the trip from Boston for this one. I've missed all your ugly faces.
  4. There is a Bills Backers of New Hampshire group that formed recently on Facebook. The group page is pretty active and you'll usually find people trying to coordinate a safe way to get together and watch the game with fellow fans. Worth checking out.
  5. So they expect people to watch a 30 second video to find out that the Bills will be wearing their standard road uniform for their road game this week...
  6. As many of us have said over the years... One before I die.
  7. Clearly the Packers expect to play Buffalo in the Superbowl, and are looking to pick his brain for any advantage they can find. 👍
  8. Bills knock off Ravens Browns miracle win over Chiefs Bills host Browns for unlikeliest AFC title game ever.
  9. I was telling at my TV before the kick to just take a damn knee and let Josh chuck one deep.
  10. Pretty sure Baldy had a chubby when he was narrating this game tape...
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