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  1. I have a 10x10 I'll throw in the back of the truck for the long drive out from MA.
  2. Right click on link, click "open in incognito window".
  3. Wonder if the Patriots put a take-backsies clause in the trade...
  4. I don't do DFS, but yeah, I wouldn't start any of them yet (well, maybe Allen as flex in a superflex league). I crushed my draft, so I was able to take a couple of fliers to stash for later. My roster: Starters: QB1 - Ben Roethlisberger WR1 - DeAndre Hopkins WR2 - Mike Evans RB1 - Dalvin Cook RB2 - Leonard Fournette TE1 - Hunter Henry W/R/T - Dede Westbrook (WR3) K - Adam Vinatieri DEF/ST1 - Ravens Bench: QB2 - Josh Allen WR4 - Corey Davis RB3 - Kenyan Drake RB4 - Devin Singletary TE2 - Greg Olsen DEF/ST2 - Bills This week I'm projected for about a 30 point margin of victory.
  5. In my season long PPR league I have two Bills players (and the D). I have Singletary stashed on my bench as RB4, waiting to see how the carries shake out or to use as a bye week sub or flex player. I expect his load to grow fairly quickly as the season progresses. I have Allen as my QB2, because his running game can score big points if he cuts it loose. Sixty rushing yards and a rushing TD is the same number of points as 300 passing yards, and then whatever he does with his arm is gravy. I have the Buffalo defense sitting behind Baltimore right now because they have the potential to be great this season, but I want to see it first.
  6. Never played DFS, but if PPR I definitely take Beasley over Brown.
  7. I definitely won't be able to swing this weekend. The wife has me booked solid for pretty much the entire weekend besides Sunday from 1-4:30.
  8. Where in New England are you? There are actually two Bills bars in Boston, both encroaching on Boston Sports meccas. The Harp on Causeway, right across the street from TD Garden gets the biggest crowd, has great theme weeks (beef on deck, mighty taco, etc.), the bar brings in blue on draft during the season, and there is a DJ to blast the shout song with each score. The other is Bleacher Bar, which is actually inside of the center field wall at Fenway, there are windows at ground level right on the playing field. More low key, but as soon as you walk through the door, you're greeted by a framed Jim Kelly jersey on the wall. Yeah, I haven't been down there in a couple seasons, ever since I moved up near the NH state line and got Sunday Ticket. The travel in and the amount of money I spend is a bit of a deterrent. I hope to make it down there for a game this year. Let me know if and when you'll be there and I'll try to make it. I'm always happy to hang with a fellow TBDer.
  9. In my living room or at the Harp, a bar packed with Bills fans in the heart of Boston, directly across the street from the Garden.
  10. I've seen plenty of guys go down from parade rest or the position of attention just like that, with zero substances involved. A few of them busted the backs of their heads open on the parade deck. Never, ever, stand with your knees locked.
  11. What was the final call on the design? What color shirt are we going with?
  12. Didn't you ever watch Ren & Stimpy? You 🎶don't whiz on the electric fence.🎶
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