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  1. @plenzmd1 Is it too late for me to snag a prime spot? I just got my ticket.
  2. If this is referring to the deep pass down the sideline, I think if Gilliam had kept running instead of turning around for the ball, it would have dropped right over his shoulder, into his breadbasket, in stride.
  3. 2 prime please, one for myself, one for Mrags. I see how it is @mead107...
  4. Shades of the great board crash of 2008 that wiped out my original account. Pretty sure Gibran Hamdan was responsible for that one, maybe he's behind your failing hard drive. My F5 key decided it was done about a quarter of the way into the Mario Williams thread. Ground up and in the freezer.
  5. I need to know where to buy the golf bag Josh is using. I have to have one. It will piss off all the patriots* fans on my local courses here in Massachusetts.
  6. It's in a section of Hammer's lot (across Abbott Rd from the stadium, adjacent to the RV lot). It's at the front corner of the lot.
  7. I'll be making the drive out from Boston to be there. Looking forward to seeing you and everybody else.
  8. "He gets behind the tight end and pounds his way into the end zone."
  9. I came to TSW today hoping the find Mario thread 2.0. Only 310 replies? ~200 before the first "F5" and not a single "ground up and in the freezer?" Times sure have changed here at TBD. For those of you who weren't around here back in 2012, you really should check out the Mario Williams thread. It's legendary around here. https://www.twobillsdrive.com/community/topic/143043-mario-williams-officially-a-buffalo-bill/#comment-2402709
  10. If he's willing to give a hometown discount and take backup TE money to chase a ring with his childhood team, I'd let him be a backup TE. When he's healthy it would make for a hell of a two TE set.
  11. Kick it out of the end zone is exactly what I thought. Perhaps it's because I still bear the scars of the Music City Illegal Forward Pass, but I wanted nothing to do with a returnable kick in that situation.
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