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  1. PhilaDehlia. A quick Google search will direct you right to her Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube pages.
  2. If Schwartz decides to run a wide nine against the Bills, Josh Allen should have 150 rushing yards. The lanes for a mobile QB against that particular defensive alignment are massive.
  3. If you're talking about the win against that Patriots in 2011, he tried to score and it was called a TD. However, it was overturned and placed at the one, where the Bills took knees to run the clock down and kicked the chip shot FG as time expired to win. *Disclaimer - my memory can be a bit... uh... cloudy. Yeah, cloudy is an appropriate descriptor.*
  4. Just submitted in a waiver claim on him in my league.
  5. The second I heard the call I turned to my wife and said, "About 20 years to effing late..."
  6. Lamp is an acronym. L.A.M.P.= Look At Me Post The term is generally used derisively by posters in a thread who feel the a fellow poster is attention-seeking. It is also occasionally used, perhaps tongue-in-cheek, in a thread title when a poster has had a pretty cool experience or interesting thought that they would like to share, even if it is tooting their own horn a bit (see my thread, linked below, about winning a chance to hang out with Andre Reed and get pregame field access at Gillette on Christmas Eve back in 2017). You'll notice that I use LAMP as a disclaimer in the thread title, indicating up front that it is, indeed, not much more than a "look at me post."
  7. If anyone locates a clip of this, please share. I'd like to hear the analysis.
  8. Nowhere in this thread did I see him state that his opinions are facts. Again, the PPP forum exists for a reason, keep the political BS there.
  9. Why don't we leave the political opinions in the PPP forum next time, ok?
  10. Seems to me that the head of officiating should know the rule book forward and backward. If he actually knew the rule book that he is the number one guy in charge of enforcing, he would have known that a player in contact with a player out of bounds is, himself, out of bounds, and would have overturned INT #3. That makes it a three point game, the Bills take the field goal on 4th & Goal at the one to tie it at 13, and we potentially have a different outcome. Things could have ended very differently if we were just trying to get into position for a game-winning field goal on the last possession.
  11. Saying that Josh Allen is at fault for being the victim of an illegal hit because he was running is like saying a woman is at fault for being the victim of sexual assault because she was wearing a skirt. Josh Allen was doing something completely normal and legal, and was hit in an illegal manner. The only person who needs to adjust his game is the defender who committed the illegal hit.
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