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Week 12 MNF: Seahawks at Eagles 8:15 on ESPN

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Is Anthony Lynn phoning in these plays??

Commentator: “He is so good at getting rid of the football.”   Refs: “intentional grounding.”   Commentator:

42 minutes ago, JGMcD2 said:

My new hope is that Jalen Hurts looks like a stud tonight and the Eagles cut Wentz. 

Nobody wants Wentz as their starting QB and he backs up Josh for the next 15 years. Otherwise it’s gonna be Trubisky doing that. 

Well, you are off to a good start tonight. Wentz looks horrendous on his first two passes. 

1 hour ago, Bubba Gump said:

Gots me some Seahawk at -6.5. Should be a bloodbath. Carson Wentz is the most overrated QB in the league.

I’m not sure he’s so overrated anymore. Most people know he’s trash now. 


side note: Is there a name you would want LESS than Mike “you potty”. I know it isn’t spelled like that, but what a terrible name 😂 

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2 minutes ago, Steptide said:

Does metkaf have a binky in his mouth 

He does. It’s his trademark mouthguard. 

1 minute ago, Mr. WEO said:

Eagles are a complete mess 

I thought that was going to be another on Slay there


Get Hyde out of there. Hawking my Carson fantasy points. 

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