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Falcons waive Takk McKinley (claimed by Raiders)

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15 hours ago, atlbillsfan1975 said:

He has made some plays in what has been the hardest offseason for rookies due to now preseason games and limited training camps.


No thank you to Takk. Watch him sign with Seattle or La. You want to know why Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitrof are home for the holidays? Look no further than Takk and Vic Beasley. Neither one of these two displayed one ounce of “dog”. Beasley at least had some production the SB year. They both seemed to approach football like a hobby or their side gig. 

I swear Dimitrof does NOT pick well when it comes to the defensive side of the football!!  The Falcons haven't had a relevant defense in what feels like decades.  


If McKinley fell all the way down to us in waivers I'd most definitely kick the tires...

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You don't recognize Prime Time Deion Sanders?

Sign him now, sign him now, sign him now.....    

21 years old and emotional on stage during easily the biggest moment of his life. Came from what sounds like less than ideal circumstances.    Did he handle himself like a model draft pick? No.

Interesting similarities between Tak and Vic Beasley and Shaq Lawson. Guys selected perhaps too high who couldn't live up to franchise hopes. I remember Bills fans being very down on Lawson when McD showed up. He improved to the point that he won a big contract in FA and fans were sorry to see him go. They did the same with Jordan Phillips. I like their chances with reclamation project players.

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Smart move - even if you don’t keep him - blocks Cleveland, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh from him and they replace (downgrade) Dunlop and still have the pick for him.


Gives you a small head start to find out anything and potentially (unless they cut comp picks as has been discussed due to salary cap) could net them a pick or part of a formula toward a free pick.


I think that works out well as it is not someone the Bills have to face - so I am fine with this.

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On 11/9/2020 at 5:14 PM, Hapless Bills Fan said:


Wow, that was epic.  And who ever that was holding the mike, kudos for the fast-on-his-feet life coaching there.


I honestly thought this was sarcasm that you didn't know who that was and you said "fast-on-his-feet" so we would know 🤣

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