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Sport "slogans" or quotes that stay with you..

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Reporter: "What do you think of your team's execution today?" John McKay: "I'm for it."

If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball.-Patches O'houlihan

Top shelf where mama hides the cookies!!!    

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2 minutes ago, Rico said:

Worst ever is

"Sweet Caroline, bop bop bop"

F***ing chowderheads. :thumbdown:

Thanks for reminding us. :sick:


My sister doesn't like the Blues fans singing "Take Me Home, Country Roads".

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“Anything less than your best is a sacrifice of the gift”- Steve Prefontaine


Love that one.


Funny story: I was living at the US Olympic Training Center. They built us a new boathouse and wanted our feedback on quotes to paint on the walls. As things do, it devolved with locker room banter and quotes that were inappropriate. Obviously the USOC was taken off the chain. Well.... I replied all to the original thread accidentally and sent “**** “beaches” make money” to the entire BOD at the USOC. Long story short, I had to write an apology email that I still get crap for from friends and it’s been almost a decade. 

Moral of the story, never reply all. 

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2 hours ago, klos63 said:

I always liked Musberger - "You're looking live ..."  at the beginning of his college football broadcast.

Say what you will about Brent, but you know it’s a big game when you hear his voice.

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"If this team doesn't put points on the board I don't see how they can win." -John Madden

"A spectacular move by Michael Jordan." -Marv Albert

"We are not worthy.  We are not worthy" -Rick Jeanerette

"Down goes Frazier." -Howard Cossell 

"I don't believe what I just saw." -Jack Buck


My personal favorite.


"The lights are still on here at Rich Stadium.  They've been on since this morning.  You can pretty turn them out on the Bills right now." -Houston radio team

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