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  1. where can you listen to the post game in Syracuse? The audacity WGR ink is playing cBS radio
  2. Norris is an 82 year old snow flake, Josh by a mile.
  3. i was able to listen to it for a bit on friday morning on NFL+ but when I went to listen to the rest this morning it no longer is an option.
  4. My thoughts are that it is not a magical season, yet. I am more focused on the here and now, after so many months I finally get to see the most entertaining team in the league play football again.
  5. Bocce's pizza, salt potatoes, corn on the cobb, Sahlens hot dogs and Nachos with mrs Roberts Habanero Salsa...plenty of alka-seltzer in reserve
  6. ...and by the way, it's official, I can't have children.
  7. For the same reason why your dentist isn't your back up brain surgeon.
  8. Actually I think it is 2 yrs. Cal.Civ. Proc. §335.1
  9. How old is he? I just hope they don't replace him with someone who just reads stats out load or worse, spends the whole show talking about their gambling recommendations and/or their fantasy team. Doesn't anyone want to talk about actual football anymore?
  10. Yes, he was definitely not suspended. I was just wondering if it was a distinction without much of a difference. Or does a suspended player not get paid?
  11. what do they call it when a player is not allowed to play but is still on the roster?
  12. OCD is nothing to be ashamed of. You are not alone.
  13. You stole Fizzy Lifting Drinks, you bumped your head into the ceiling that now has to be washed and sterilized so you get nothing! You lose! Good Day Sir!
  14. Oh I remember Lamonica, especially after Kemp retired and we had no one to take his place. Great example of how a low completion percentage doesn't mean that mush if the percentage is low because the QB throws deep more often than not.
  15. Her name is Mazie though we have taken to calling her Mighty Mazie as she recently survived a battle with aspirational pneumonia. We almost lost her but she is made it through. In the past she has chased burglars out of our house and fought off two stray pit bulls that attacked my spouse at a park.
  16. I predict that in the future we will have readily available communication devices we can use to summon purveyors of on-call transportation with the ability to track our location so as to arrive in minutes to give us a ride home when we have had a bit too much to drink. And all at a relatively low price. And then we will never have to worry about these kinds of things ever again. Someday. Someday.
  17. And to think I was so excited to dig in to TBD today and see what was up and I run into this thread. Its like waiting for a breakfast of eggs over easy, peppers, crusty toast and bacon and instead being served a urinal cake...with pickles.
  18. I am all set as long as I don't retire before age 97.
  19. He has not turned out to be as good as we had hoped when he was drafted but he has been a leading tackler on a top defense, almost never misses a game, has been the QB of a very good defense and pretty much never leaves the field. You can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes, you'll find, you get what you neeeeeeeeeeeeed. Maine ain't going anywhere.
  20. I don't know. 1977 UPI AFC Player of the year, 2 x first team all pro, 6 pro bowls, NCAA Hall of Fame, won 2 out of 3 Super Bowls, only undefeated season in NFL history and an NFL Hall of Famer and NFL starter for 13 years. Seems like he was pretty highly rated. I grew up listening to what a great leader this guy was.
  21. Its good to see that after all this time people have gotten over Jason Peters and moved on. I guess time really does heal all wounds...well, almost all.
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