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  1. Alex, I'll take "Let's Speculate Despite Insufficient Data" for $400.
  2. None of us have any idea what the future holds at this point. I love football but with all that is happening, there is so much more to worry about that I have a hard time appreciating football even as a distraction. Bottom line, if things are anything like they are now come September, no one in their right mind would go to a stadium full of people. I hope it doesn't come to that for reasons far more important than football. Strange times.
  3. Mims might not even make it out of the first round.😞
  4. I'd rather analyze how he did in short yardage situations but the Bills didn't give him the ball in those situations, trusting Josh or Gore to handle them. Besides, not losing yardage is not exactly what you are looking for. In my limited understanding of the game, the goal is to gain yards, not avoid losing them. Devin is awesome at that in many situations but. 4th and 1 guy he is not. Call me crazy but we already have a small, quick guy, why do we need two? Is it so awful to have a guy who can bull over a few defenders? I have more than one kind of knife in the drawer, you want nothing but steak knives?
  5. I could have been good on short yardage behind that line. Not a lot of successful short yardage backs in the NFL at 5'-7".
  6. Call me an optimist but I think that young people are not going to band together to fight for the right to kill their grandparents. We don't have a choice on the economics. Whether its because we do nothing and people die left and right or we shut down for 9 months, there is going to be an economic disaster. As my not very bright uncle used to say, that horse has left the station and the train is out of the barn. Here is some fun math. If you have the "normal" flu, you will infect 1.3 to 1.4 people. Ten layers of that means you infect 14 people. If you have this virus, you will infect 3-4 people. Ten layers later, you will have infected 59,000 people.
  7. i don't think we can afford to have two RBs on the roster who are next to useless in pass pro and short yardage situations. There are plenty of RBs with a skill set that offsets Devin's weaknesses that we will have a chance to draft. I'd pass on Edwards-Helaire.
  8. It is unclear as to whether or not people who recover from this virus will be immune to reinfection and if so, how long that immunity will last. The seasonal corona viruses which make up 10-30% of common colds reinfect people over and over again despite their exposure to them since childhood.
  9. I would add TE. Knox dropped a lot of passes last year and was very shaky at pass pro. Kroft's resume is a black hole for two years running. There is no better way to help a young QB out than a TE who gets open, reliably makes tough catches and hits on his blocks against blitz happy defenses. I think/hope they find a solid TE somewhere in the draft. It is a key position in the modern game, all the best teams have a standout at TE.
  10. Sounds good but I don't agree that a FA TE wouldn't help. And having guys under contract does not mean we don't need to improve the OL.
  11. Makes sense but resigning guys doesn't make you better, it keeps you from getting worse. It was the offense, not the defense that needed the most help and so far, Diggs is really the only change on offense. It will have to be a very good draft and our first pick isn't until late in the first round. There are some good backs that will be there and there are some very interesting WR's that will be around so hopefully, the offense will get what it needs.
  12. I believe there is a legal limit as to how many free agent defensive lineman you are allowed to sign in one off-season, or there ought to be.
  13. I am a little concerned that we have spent so much attention on the defense and, beyond Diggs, left the offense without badly needed reinforcements. The defense was solid last year, the offense, not so much. Where is the investment in the offense beyond Diggs? Yeah, we re-signed a guard and brought on a top notch deep threat and separation specialist at WR but the offense is still behind the defense talent-wise. I guess that will have to happen in the draft.
  14. I think you have him confused with Art Vandelay, well known importer/exporter-architect
  15. What am I supposed to do? Spend time with my family? Is there no end to this madness?!?
  16. D) Fail to turn in our card on time and fall to 23 where, based on a "hunch", we select Akamu Sua-Tanuvasa, a 380 lb NT out of Southern Mid-Western University. In the bloody aftermath, after days of rioting, the National Guard re-established law and order in Erie County.
  17. I'm not sure it is "wrong" but if it is, all owners have to do is to not make the offer. No one is being forced to sign these contracts. The QB and his agents are simply getting what the market will bear. And really, does the "Jerry Jones is an idiot" theory really need further proof? It is an established theorem at this point.
  18. Not sure I agree but then again, if he is there at 22 then the league consensus is that he is nothing to get excited about.
  19. Do you think Epenesa will be there at 22? I think he is a possibility if he is there and the right WR is not.
  20. I had to pause that show I was laughing so hard.
  21. You just gotta kill my dreams don't ya? Due diligence is all it is. They would look pretty stupid if they didn't look at these guys closely if somehow one of them dropped within striking distance, say 16 or 17-ish and they had to improvise at the last minute because they hadn't done their homework.
  22. Mims is one of the guys that most grabs my attention on film. I like that he is a multiple sport guy, track and basketball.
  23. Totally fair. I'll go make some popcorn while you draft your screeds against all the other guys who skipped the totally not mandatory drills at the combine. Because, you know, its not like you are biased against Higgins at all. Totally not. I am sure you have the inside dope on the advice he is getting from the experts he has hired to represent him who clearly haven't mastered the art of marketing a college athlete to a professional league like you have. Isn't it amazing how people who make a spectacularly successful living at doing this don't know how to do it half as well as you do? Oh, and btw, Higgins is way down on my list of WR's but because I am not impressed with his play on the field. He reminds me of Andre Holmes, not enough meat on his bones. I could give a fig what he says in a presser. I've done about 15 draft sims so far this off season and didn't take him once. Not with guys like Claypool, Gandy-golden, Pittman and Collin Johnson likely to be there in the third or even later.
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