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  1. Ahhh, another chapter in the ongoing saga of "Anybody but Ertz", now streaming on Lifetime.
  2. Now hold on there, is this guy saying that coaches don't always blab their truest opinion of a player during a pre-season presser and instead just say stuff to enhance a player's confidence?!? Is he??? What an absolute revelation, stunned I am, truly, truly stunned.
  3. Brady reportedly breathed a sigh of relief when told it was torodol, not midol, that was being banned as he often gets a bit crampy before big games.
  4. They converted all that money into a signing bonus?! Wow that really hertz.
  5. Well if a Zay Jones thread is now the standard for relevancy, perhaps folks would like to know that yesterday, Lee Evans had scrambled eggs for breakfast. I would have bet he was an over-easy kind of guy. Thoughts?
  6. How many more innocent tables have to die before this madness ends?
  7. This could be the best draft of our lives but you guys are going to make it the worst. "Oh, but we don't have high pick Mickey", "there's no reason to watch, Mickey"...well kiss my $##!!!
  8. Normally I would say no but then I remember all those years when the Pats brought in guys like that and they turned around their careers because they were "that" team. Maybe now we are "that" team?
  9. This kind of addition is really emblematic of how this team is being managed. This team believes that players can learn, they can get better, their value is not a fixed, static quality. That is really what this team is about and Josh is just the most obvious example but you can find that ethos up and down the roster. It isn't because they are finding great players that were somehow overlooked. They are finding guys who just need to get a little bit better to really be an asset to the team and then they help them do just that, get better. And then they re-sign them. Coaches actuall
  10. He got hurt and was never the same, took a beating behind a terrible line.
  11. Our coach and GM are too smart to hold opt out decisions against a draft prospect. It also is not at all a fair assumption or even fair to suspect, that the player who opted out somehow does not "love football" as much as one who played.
  12. Got into a fist fight at a Jack Appleseeds in 1983 with a dolphins fan. Didn't help that I was flirting with his girl. And was beating him silly at backgammon. The fight had been brewing all night and finally exploded when he said he wanted to be an NFL referee and I pointed out that a referee has to have sound judgment and as a dolphins fan, he couldn't possibly qualify.
  13. Why my top priority is getting a good TE Playoff caliber teams, TE Yards: Chiefs 1479 Raiders 1489 Tampa 1092 Miami 1061 Titans 967 Rams 938 Chargers 928 (included because Hunter Henry is a player of interest for us) Colts 898 Cleveland 886 Ravens 814 Green Bay 734 Seattle 727 Saints 721 Chicago 699 Washington 688 Pittsburgh 657 Buffalo 448
  14. Scratch all those mocks that have us taking an OT with our first pick!
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