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  1. Defense needs to gamble, it can't stop anyone. Our "sit back and wait for them to make a mistake" defense is not tenable when it generates zero pressure.
  2. I'm seeing plenty of grumping. Perhaps grumping is in the eye of the begrumped?
  3. LGBT folks have money too. And they spend some of it on entertainment. And their numbers are not insignificant. And they have many supportive allies. And they are not the biggest NFL fans around. Seems like it is a nice thing to do and on top of that, it would be corporate negligence to ignore so many potential new fans. Marketing-wise, the LGBT community has always been hyper-loyal to brands they perceive as being on their side. As for the grumpy grumpermeisters that are inevitably going to grump, grump, grump, their kvetching is added amusement for us all. Its a win-win situation. And if a bunch of them leave football over it, then its a win-win-win situation.
  4. I get that but the thing is, by the time the number of infections are numerous enough to justify a bubble, it will be way too late for a bubble to save the season. You don't wait until the levee breaks before shoring it up with a storm on the way. I suppose the Titans situation could be an anomaly but everything this virus has shown us over the last 7 months belies that belief.
  5. Cancel the game: those two teams play one less game, post season based on winning percentage. Awful but I guess it would be possible.
  6. Nonfact factoid. The only possible outcomes are play as scheduled, postpone, cancel or forfeit. None of these has been eliminated so it is true that the game "could" be canceled. They are not saying it will be or even that it will likely be forfeited, just saying it is within the realm of possibility. Very informative, no?
  7. I agree but I think we have to accept that this season will be filled with less than perfect solutions and a fair amount of unfairness. We gotta do what we gotta do.
  8. second titans player confirmed positive
  9. The notion that we or other Allen fans concentrated on the wrong stats, being beguiled by Josh's big plays, is lunacy. It was they who were obsessed with the wrong stats causing them to miss what was right in front of them. Rotisserie Baseball enthusiasts should not be allowed to give opinions on football without first detoxing at a re-education camp for recovering arithmomaniacs. Oh yeah, its a word: https://www.merriam-webster.com/medical/arithmomania
  10. I blame my dogs. They go into a breakfast anticipation frenzy every morning around 4:00.
  11. I don't know what makes me more sad, that you are starting a thread at 4:30 am or that I am awake to read it. ๐Ÿ˜
  12. A less than perfect season, in so many ways, is the price of playing the game during a pandemic. I accept that with no complaint. Roll with the punches my dudes.
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