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  1. He could be the tight end that doesn't drop passes. That position on the roster is currently wide open.
  2. I'm not sure I accept the premise about the stats being identical. Tyrod's fourth quarters were nearly always terrible, especially when he had the ball late with a chance to win it with a score or to seal a victory by running out the clock. Even with a "bad" game Allen had us in position to extend the game to OT if our kicker wasn't over the hill.
  3. Is there someone I can give real life money to who can shut this kind of crap down? Here is my question: You have barely enough functioning brain cells to muster up the ability to control your own drool. Your team is 6-3 with three fairly weak teams left on the schedule and one other team that has lost their starting quarterback. You lose a game where your very young, very talented but still raw QB played a so-so game where he scored twice, had no turnovers and generated enough offense to win a road game if your kicker wasn't eligible for senior citizen discounts. Should you: A) Give up on the season and your QB and plan to tank the rest of this year and several more years hoping to eventually find a "franchise QB" while in the meantime your solid defense wastes away?, or B) Go to your room, shut the door, grab your blanky and have a good long cry and don't come out until you have pulled yourself together? Hint: the correct answer is B.
  4. Hmmm...so if we don't count all their best running plays and only count their worst ones, we can conclude that our run defense was awesome. And yes, Captain Queeg proved, through geometric logic, that a duplicate key to the ward room icebox had to exist.
  5. Yes, we are all emotional train wrecks, blindly following the irrational passions of our unruly hearts. Thank goodness we have the OP's superior objectivity, his sober grip on the realities of life and his calm and never erring guidance to help us separate fact from folly. I am truly grateful.
  6. People have a right to boo their own team but they are hypocrites if they then take a bow whenever there is talk about how Buffalo has the best, most loyal fans who support their team no matter what.
  7. I never made it out of training camp but my parents do have an aerial shot of me playing in an exhibition game, I'm the guy in the "34" jersey:
  8. Dan Fouts: "The ever daring and often disastrous Josh Allen..." 🤬
  9. The only noteworthy issue here is that she is a woman so of course its in the lead. Besides, does promoting diversity preclude her being the most qualified? Would you have celebrated this as an excellent non-diversity hire (whatever that is) if the article only covered all those qualifications you keep ignoring? My bet is you still would have responded with some version of "...they only hired her because she is a woman..."
  10. Exactly. Besides, its a boring nothing kind of story, the only noteworthy factoid in it is that the new hire is female and that is still a rarity in the NFL. So of course its in the lead paragraph.
  11. Did you not read any of the sentences after that? How about the 9 paragraphs after that detailing her experience, prior success, references, etc.? ADHD - get treatment, there is hope!
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