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  1. Oh how pleasant it is to relive, in minute detail, the horrors of that bygone era.
  2. No, I didn't win a super bowl but I did win an NFL punt, pass and kick contest when I was 15. Top that rook.
  3. ...and its official, I can't have children....waaaamp---waaaaaaah
  4. Shaq has been in the league long enough to be thoroughly evaluated. It is unrealistic to think that he is suddenly going to learn new tricks that have eluded him for years. He is exactly what the tape shows he is, a decent run defender with below average pass rush skills. How much more writing has to be on the wall? The signing of Trent Murphy last year and passing on his extension this year tell you all you need to know about how the Bills feel about Shaq. Absent a very much unexpected metamorphosis in his play next year, he is destined to play a rotational role with a salary commensurate to that position. Maybe that will be with us, maybe not. Neither his presence nor his absence is a critical issue for this team moving forward.
  5. I think you are underestimating the impact the 4th string RB can have on a team's fortunes.
  6. Fast wideouts with good hands are no longer in fashion.
  7. I hate to be a pessimist but I think all we have managed to do is upgrade from one of the worst wr/te groups in the league to a group that is at least more mediocre than putrid. Beasley is starting his 9th year and between them, Beasley and Brown have 13 seasons behind them with only one where they had more than 1,000 yards receiving and at least 7 TDs. Yes, Beasley and Brown are upgrades but only because we had nowhere to go but up. The second coming of Reed and Lofton they are not. We might not need a "stud WR who can take over the game" but we do need one capable of 70+ catches, 8+TDs and 1,000 yards receiving (something 20 different WR's managed to do last year). I like our picks, mostly, but the lack of a quality WR prospect is disappointing.
  8. I think Mike Williams was the last guy we drafted with such universal approval among fans.
  9. Such a draft would sow the seeds of sorrow from Dorn to Winterfell. I wish you good fortune in the mocks to come.
  10. We are no where near the bottom my friend. Even now, I am putting the finishing touches on an epic post demonstrating the link between the first round of the draft, Italian Ice sales in central park and the per-pill price of viagara on the streets of west seneca.
  11. I would love to see them take Hockenson. TE is a difference maker position, the right guy can force a defense to make all sorts of unpleasant choices.
  12. Today, you become a man.
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