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  1. Just to refresh people's minds as to what concerns people have about Diggs (and yes, Thielen also comes off like a jerk): https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2019/10/3/20897444/minnesota-vikings-stefon-diggs-trade-rumors-kirk-cousins-adam-thielen "Diggs was reportedly seen yelling on the sideline in the direction of Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski and threw his gloves on the ground after one failed drive." "...and one day after the receiver missed practice despite not being listed with an injury, reporters asked Diggs whether heโ€™d requested a trade from Minnesota. Diggs neither confirmed nor denied it"
  2. I agree, there is a time and place for laying down your cash, I just don't think doing it for a WR in a year where the draft has more top talent at WR than we have seen in years makes any sense. Besides, does he strike anyone as being a guy who is just dying to come and play for the Bills? I'd rather see the money go to improving the pass rush or bringing in a real TE.
  3. Yeah, that is exactly what I said, Diggs or blue lights specials because there is nothing in between. We are not one WR away from a championship. Not with Phillips and Lawson possibly leaving. Questions still at RT. We need to replace Zoe, Hughes is getting long in the tooth. We need to improve at corner and we don't have a single TE on the team that has proved he can be relied on to catch the ball. Oh and we have to replace Gore as well. But by all means, go chase a WR that was not even the best WR on his own team and toss the Vikings a high pick. Its the kind of thing Rex Ryan would have loved.
  4. And there is no reason why we can't pass on Diggs and take two WR's in this draft which it turns out, is full of good WR's from top to bottom. And that will be much easier if we aren't giving out draft picks. Don't forget, we might have to replace Lawson and/or Phillips.
  5. They have two WR's and chose to keep the other guy. He apparently was not considered to be the No. 1 WR on that team. Never said Theilen didn't have an attitude problem. It is certainly conceivable that they are both jerks. Bottom line, the guys that know Diggs best decided they'd rather keep Theilen. You are correct, most teams are bright enough not to waste resources on a FA WR when the draft is chock full of very talented ones, best ever most say. Free agents are gambles, it is not at all unusual for guys to flop with their second teams. Part of MN's poor management of the cap is the money they paid Diggs, no? A second round pick is pretty valuable, not a sure thing but still valuable. And 45 million is a lot more than Ceedee Lamb is going to cost or Aiuk. It is a good cap situation because we haven't gone shopping for high priced glitz or helped other teams fix their cap problems. Lets keep it that way.
  6. If there was ever a year NOT to mortgage the future on a WR being kicked to the curb by his existing team it is this year. The draft has a ton of WR talent that you can get without any mileage or attitude concerns at a fraction of what Diggs would cost. What good is a draft stocked with WR talent if you are going to waste that opportunity reaching for an overpriced FA?
  7. As I recall, when Sonny learns of the assassination attempt on his father, Don Corleone, he instructed his consigliere Tom Hagen to "...call Milano..."
  8. Yeah, someday he might even lead us to securing a playoff birth with two games to spare...oh wait, he already did that! ๐Ÿ˜‡
  9. Fair enough but I think that when it comes to pass-pro, size and strength matters. Edwards-Helaire is not likely to be any better than Singletary who is awful at pass-pro. Not having a RB on the roster who can take out a blitzing LB is a pretty big roster hole. Not a fan of Shenault, I suffer from post-traumatic-Watkins foot injury syndrome. Maybe Ceedee Lamb will fall to us and we won't have to worry about it.
  10. Reagor: 5'11" Edwards-Helaire: 5'8" Amik Robertson: 5'9" That is just what this team needs, to go smaller? Our existing RB's are too small to be of much use in pass pro, our WR's are too short for red zone duty and we need long CB's that can play zone. All three of these guys are intriguing and talented but seem to be the opposite of what we need.
  11. RB Zach Moss: https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/zack-moss/VTjtEWlX0s WR Denzel Mims: https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/denzel-mims/ZbRV713pev DE AJ Epenesa: https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/aj-epenesa/z0ksGGlsMr
  12. Well you know what they say about Josh, he "holds the ball too long". But then, they also say that he "extends plays". Some say that he "tries to do too much"? But they also marvel at his Houdini like ability to turn a disaster of a play into a first down and to carry the offense on his back. I guess I'm confused. Maybe it makes sense if what is going on is that, with perfect hindsight 20/20 vision, we complain about whatever he does when it doesn't work and give him a standing-o whenever it does? Nah, that would be crazy. Gee, here is a scary thought: what if all Allen manages to do next year is get us in to the playoffs with 2 weeks to spare, again? Boy that would be awful.
  13. It was horrible from the get-go. The Jets were a clown show for all but his first few years with them and it made no sense to hire a defensive coach when we already had a good D. We badly needed an offensive overhaul and we hired one of the least effective coaches from an offensive standpoint you could possibly find. The saddest thing is that when it comes to picking out bonehead moves, we have boatloads of options.
  14. Whose scale? The stat obsessed, rotisserie baseball fanatics that think DVOARTxY(Yac)/V2-{x/z) percentage is more important than, you know, winning games? A raw, small town college QB in just his second year secures a playoff spot with two weeks to spare and has his team within a few plays of winning the division and securing a bye has proved that he is in fact the one. In the next two years if all Josh manages to do is, with the same stats, get us in to the playoffs two more times so that he has done it in three consecutive seasons, what then? Since that seems not to be good enough to prove that "he is in fact the one", will people be calling for the team to cut a QB who gets his team into the playoffs three years in a row? The argument is over, all those who still can't get over the fact that we didn't draft Rosen or Rudolph or whatever just have to accept reality: Josh is our franchise QB.
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