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  1. The only things I worry about are the things I can't control because I've got the rest of it well in hand.
  2. I am shocked that someone would express their opinion on their personal twitter page. Shocked. Unfortunately, opinion/entertainment "news" draws much better ratings than good old cut and dried journalism. I actually prefer a no-running-away-from-it-opinion being expressed by a "journalist" than the usual dodge which is the host of a show asking some expert, "is that really acceptable?" The host's opinion gets out through the use of a puppet. That is essentially the format for about 98% of the "news". And it is our fault. Americans long ago decided that they really don't want fair reporting unless it favors their opinions. More drama=more clicks=more $
  3. Hmmm....it is almost as if competence by those holding positions of leadership matters.
  4. It is not a bubble according to them and no details have been provided as to what exactly it is other than it being voluntary so beyond that, we are simply guessing.
  5. Don't players who have interacted with players who have tested positive also have to quarantine? If not, I gotta believe that there will be serious and rapid spread. If so, that means a whole lot of players will be in quarantine, not just the ones who test positive. At this point, those testing positive haven't been interacting with other players but that is going to change soon. *sigh* no good options. I'm still hoping for the best and it is too early to activate the escape pods but still, man, I am losing my natural sense of optimism.
  6. I am embarrassed to report that I too received a notice of suspension from the NFL today. It appears that I have violated the leagues substance abuse policy with regard to the consumption/use of several substances including alcohol, cannabis, pizza and alka-seltzer. I am suspended from watching any games until October and am required to attend therapy sessions and to perform community services between 1 and 4 pm every Sunday. Fortunately, my spouse did some digging and found that doing chores around the house can qualify as "community service". One thing about the notice though, the shield logo on the stationary was misspelled "NLF" and the letter smelled like it was dipped into a vat of vanilla beans and almonds. I recognize it because my spouse's shampoo smells just like it. Weird. Gonna be a long fall for me.
  7. My main concern is the health of the players that have tested positive. I hope they recover quickly and fully. I love football but I have no interest in these athletes taking unacceptable risks with their lives for the sake of my entertainment. It is beyond my knowledge to say what is and is not acceptable, it is up to league officials and the players themselves. I just hope that their decisions are being made based on full disclosure of the best evidence available. This disease is so new, there is just so much we have yet to learn. For what it is worth, great caution in the face of uncertainty seems to me to be the most reasonable path forward.
  8. I was just looking at the agreement with the NFLPA, the teams can't require them to stay at a hotel but will provide accommodations for those who want them. And assuming they can do anything that is not on the forbidden "high risk" activity list, it appears that there are few limits to what they can do in their spare time. I think we can safely assume there is no "bubble" so at least we can stop talking about that.
  9. Where are they sleeping? From where are they participating in virtual meetings? I wasn't aware that the team facilities had lodging, RV's in the parking lot? From home? What about players who have no home in Buffalo? Is there an entire hotel rented out? Sorry if these questions have previously been discussed.
  10. A little advice, if you have reached a point in your life where you feel the need to make fun of someone for wishing a person well who is sick, you need to retrace your steps and see just where it was that you took such a wrong turn.
  11. Sorry to hear this, hope it all turns out well for him.
  12. As many of you have anticipated, I regret to announce that I will be exercising my right to opt-out for this season. This was not an easy decision but given the recent extensions granted by local courts with regard to several restraining orders limiting my access to the team's facilities, I don't feel that I had any choice. I am told that my refusal to engage in any off-season training and my stubborn resistance to any dietary limitations made me a long shot to make the roster anyway. My delusion dream of being the first 60 year old on an active NFL roster will have to wait.
  13. Sorry, I missed the memo on "positive cases" being redefined to mean "instant death". Home Depot is having a sale on straw this week for all your straw man building needs.
  14. ...and your point is what? We know not everyone who gets this dies, or has life threatening issues or permanent medical problems. We know it is highly transmissible and that it can kill, hence the truck morgues and rising death toll. I don't know that there is any disagreement over that, we all know the numbers, about 150k dead and growing and millions who have recovered, some fully, some not. Therefore, ergo, what? oops, typo, 16, not 26 https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2020/07/at-least-16-sick-after-coronavirus-exposure-at-dewitt-in-home-day-care-take-this-seriously-stay-home-if-sick-at-all.html
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