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  1. Chiefs board still full? Or were they just as sick of you as I am?
  2. Can we talk about the fact that you're a chiefs fan who spends most of his/her day on a Bills forum repetitively arguing about why Josh Allen isn't a good QB. I've never once thought, "hey, I think I will go find a kansas city chiefs forum so I can consistently tell them how much certain chiefs players suck." You're not a fan of Josh Allen, that is fine, but we get it by now.
  3. I would like to go on record and say that Josh Allen will be a clear cut top 10 QB and win a Super Bowl with our Buffalo Bills. McBeane will be a big reason why. GO BILLS!
  4. Some will call it a ticky tack call, I call it a horrible call. Either way, you can't make a "ticky tack" call like that in overtime of a regular season game, let alone a playoff game. That call in unacceptable in my opinion. Bills should have been trying a long FG or going for it on 4th and 3 or 4. On a different note, I re watched the game tonight and the throw Allen made in OT on third down to Singletary was just unbelievable! Not many can make that throw. Also it turns out the third and 18 we gave up, and the missed sack at the end of OT still make me sick to my stomach. Who knew.
  5. That's fair, and I agree with you. However, if you plan to assign such a large percentage of your cap to that position, you better be sure that your QB can win with a lesser roster than he is currently working with. AKA actually be the man. I guess this makes me realize how much I appreciate the Tom Brady attitude of being willing to make a little less in order to build a better team around him. Although there has been speculation he was still getting his money other ways. Who knows for sure though.
  6. Nice dude! Cowboys are always looking for more fans I'm sure. Ill take the younger guy with higher potential who has had to run for his life, play with Zay Jones as his number 1 receiver and a patchwork O-line. He should be the highest paid QB in the league? He turned down top 3 money. Glad you aren't in Beanes position.
  7. I am not downplaying Dak's ability as a QB. He is the better QB right now for sure. And I want to be clear that I think Dak is a good quarterback, albeit not an all time great yet. I also think Josh Allen has some things still to prove/improve on before being crowned a franchise QB. However, I do think Dak is NOT worth the money he wants, and i think he has had better weapons than a lot of quarterbacks get to work with. Why can't I say that? His line has been notoriously good. His running back is a star. Has had Dez Bryant and Amari Cooper throughout his career. I was arguing about what I have seen with my own eyes about rushing, and that is that Josh Allens mobility is greater than Dak Prescotts. As far as downplaying other QB's as a defense mechanism, what are you talking about? You don't know me from Adam. I give props and accolades to many other QB's including Tom Brady, even thought I hate the pats.
  8. Now do 2018. Dak ran 75 times for 301 yards averaging 4.1 YPC. He also fumbled the ball 12 times. Allen ran 89 times for 631 averaging 7.1 YPC, with 8 fumbles. I could be wrong here, but I believe it has been said that Allen was told to run less and focus more on being a pocket passer in 2019, which would explain the regression of those numbers. Furthermore, I watch both teams quite often and Allens ability to escape a broken down pocket exceeds Prescotts. On top of that, Prescott is older, has been in the league longer, and has had a better roster around him every year of his career, minus last year arguably. I don't think many would argue against the cowboys having much better offensive weapons the past few years than the bills.
  9. Dak runs just as well as Allen on which planet? Certainly not this one. Also want to add that Dak has had a top 5 running back and line his entire career. You could also argue his receivers are well above what Allen has had to work with.
  10. That was an odd day of football in general. I remember being very disappointed and confused after the first half. I think the folks in the stadium shared that sentiment lol.
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