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Drunken Pygmy Goat

Any All-Pro Bills this year?

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30 minutes ago, Josh Ballin' said:


The secondary is loaded with talent. I have to acknowledge Kevin Johnson & Dean Marlowe as well. 


^THIS^......Although I will point out that Mr. not All Pro Poyer collected 5 interceptions in 2017, and another 4 interceptions in 2018...he also has 1 in 5 games this year.....Let us not forget that he was drafted by the Eagles in the 7th round...He bounced to the Browns...and then became elite in this defense. He has lost gap integrity a few times in the run game, but I would not trade poyer for anyone, especially because he knows and thrives in this defense, as his paper stats have shown. 


There is absolutely no chance he would be named an All Pro this season.  None.  The topic of this thread.  Move on.

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I'd be pretty surprised if Edmunds made it unless he picks his play up by a pretty large amount. Generally speaking, you need to be among the league leaders in one of two categories to make the All-Pro team as a linebacker: tackles or sacks. The only exceptions are guys that are like top 20ish in tackles and also among the league leaders in pass breakups.


Edmunds currently ranks 49th in tackles (if we add in a 6th game at his current average, that still only gets him up to 32nd) and he has 0 sacks and 0 pass breakups.


He's been good this season but he just isn't putting up the type of numbers that have been required to make one of the All-Pro teams in recent history. Maybe the NFL rewards Buffalo's defense and gives it someone with relatively underwhelming numbers, but I would guess it's more likely to be one of the safeties or corners at the moment.

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