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  1. 3/4 of the season still left to be play. Maybe he is not an All Pro but he is playing very well.
  2. You don’t think so? He missed. A few tackles but has been pretty solid. I don’t doubt he benefits playing with Hyde
  3. Tre is making a lot of noise this year for his play. He does need more INT’s but I think big things in store!
  4. He’s on the right path.... but I think if anyone deserves to get it, it should be Poyer and Hyde
  5. Seems to me the real reason for the defensive success is that they just are consistently winning matchups. This has been a very talented and well coached group.
  6. this would fit the current trend of hiring offensive minded head coaches. But I think Daniel Snyder would want to make a bigger splash
  7. I see Edmunds improving every week...He is not getting the huge sacks or pick 6 plays but very goo he’ll get the attention of the NFL
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