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  1. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    Why is nobody discussing the offensive line?

    Allen's athleticism can help make up for blocking deficiencies, as evidenced by his TD pass last night. He's not a statue back there.
  2. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    Marcus Murphy: Looking Good for the 53

    Thats exactly what I told some friends on Thursday night, and to keep an eye on #45. He didn't disappoint.
  3. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    The local & national "just start him already" narrative is officially here

    It was one guy's opinion, and BR for that matter. They're not exactly known for their in depth, accurate reporting or depictions. I rarely watch ESPN anymore, but I was interested to hear what was being said there. They're signing a much different tune, and one guy (Darren Woodson?) even said that with more reps, Allen is going to be a superstar. Of course, that is also just one guy's opinion, but it paints a much different picture.
  4. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    Marcus Murphy: Looking Good for the 53

  5. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    Please name Josh Allen the starter

    Maybe I'm alone here, but I didn't think AJ was anywhere near as bad tonight as people are saying. The line was pretty bad when he was in. Run game barely got going. Play calls seemed extremely vanilla and predictable. And the Browns were blitzing pretty heavy early on. AJ had no shot tonight IMO (KB did let one slip through his hands). That said, I agree that Allen looks good (aside from two rookie mistakes in two games), seems to be making progress, and should get the nod next Sunday to try and secure the starting job.
  6. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    Tremaine Edmunds

    I think some of the criticism in this thread is a bit heavy, but not totally unwarranted. What we saw from him tonight is exactly what I saw from him in college and posted here months ago. That said, chill! He's a rookie, and its VERY early in his career.
  7. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    Sam Darnold Dazzles in Debut

    It wasn't the first time a team got help and "backed in" to the playoffs...step one is to put yourself in the position to even be able to get in with some help. The Bills did that much last year. Didn't the Giants "back in" when they beat the **Pats in the Super Bowl??? Sure, the Bills had some luck (for once). That shouldn't take away from what they did do, what they could control. Sometimes its better to be lucky, than good. The drought is over. Regardless of how it happened, embrace it.
  8. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    NFL preseason winners and losers: Rookie QBs define Week 1

    Overall, I liked what I saw from the Bills and many players individually as well. I don't think any questions have been answered, but the picture is becoming clearer in several aspects, with more positive answers than negative. With that said, its just one preseason game, but I'm slightly more optimistic that the Bills will end up being a little bit better than I expected.
  9. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    Anyone remember November 29. 1998?

    I bet Herman Gaynor remembers November 29, 1998... http://www.profootballweekly.com/lists/2017/11/29/c3eb88f0b74949878d62de0cfde99f2d/index.xml?page=1
  10. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    This new helmet rule will destroy the NFL.

    I don't watch football because of and for its violence. It may be a physical sport, but waiting for someone to get blown up is not why I watch. There's so much more to football than just the physical, violent aspect. Its a chess match. Its a metaphor for life. Its supreme atheletes. Its beating the man in front of you. Etc. I'm sure there are plenty that watch just for the violence, but thats not me. And I suspect I'm not alone. Just like NASCAR, many watch it just for the wrecks, but there are plenty that watch it for much more than that. When I "want" violence, I watch UFC, boxing, etc. I like a good hockey fight, but there arw many other aspects of hockey that i enjoy more. If anything, doing nothing to help preserve the brains and lives of the players will kill football before a helmet rule will. More and more, kids are staying away from football, and eventually, the talent pool will dry up. Theres already a LOT more money in playing basketball or baseball professionally, and if you add the risk of severe brain damage or paralysis, why would you choose football?
  11. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    McDermott doesn’t learn

    Not that I need it, but threads like this always make me feel much better about myself. Its preseason. The whole point of it is to assess, not so much to strategize or win (although there's a little of that). In this instance, its about giving players more action, and film, for assessment. Guys are playing for jobs, and they need as many opportunities to show out as they can get. Punting there gives the ST another look, as well as the players on defense afterwards. ***On the 4th down when the Bills decided to go for it, the call was late getting in, forcing the Bills to burn a TO. IMO, it was the result of Daboll trying to take advantage of matchups, but since the Panthers subbed late, it changed Daboll's approach and play call. It was a costly mistake, but a mistake to learn from. These are the games that you want those mistakes to happen (if they're going to happen) so that you learn from them without costing the team wins in the hunt for the playoffs. I could understand pointing that out or mildly calling that out as a fan, while still keeping in mind that its the preseason, but calling out a coach and basically calling him an idiot by doing what every coach would do in that situation is ridiculous.
  12. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    McDermott channeling the wise teaching of MC Hammer

    The process is 2 legit
  13. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    I think this is what you're looking for: http://506sports.com/nfl/index-m.php
  14. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    The Bucs should cut/trade Winston and trade for Bridgewater.

    Yeah I know. But a random, odd topic like this deserves a little ribbing IMO.
  15. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    The Bucs should cut/trade Winston and trade for Bridgewater.

    Dude...you're at Two Bills Drive, not Two Bucs Drive. And, no!