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  1. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    For those still complaining about Star..

    They are good LBs, but for them to showcase their skills on a consistent basis, it starts up front. That is a testament to the line as a whole, not just Star. Hughes, Murphy, and Lawson have all played well, and so have the tackles.
  2. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    For those still complaining about Star..

    Somewhat misleading title, but I get it. He's not our only DT though. Replacing Alexander in the near future won't be easy.
  3. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    On the positive side at least we aren’t the Raiders

    Their first mistake was that insane deal they gave to Gruden. They can barely afford it; no way they dump him and end up paying two head coaches at once. The whole Mack situation was stupid, but I feel like maybe there was more to it than just Gruden botching it. Also, it's nice to know that the Cards are giving the Bills some competition as the worst offense in the league. There's actually a few statistical categories that the Bills aren't last in, thanks to them.
  4. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    Sam Young OT released

    Maybe I'm alone here, but I think Mills actually has played pretty well this year.
  5. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    If we March Peterman out there again...I will....

    Avoid this place Sad
  6. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    You stay classy, Patriots fans!

    Have to have been classy at some point in order to stay classy...
  7. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    Long hair is not a strategic advantage

    Larry Fitzgerald Marshawn Lynch Todd Gurley (leads the league in rushing) Melvin Gordon is pretty good
  8. Hard to believe someone would top the EJ pick 6 to JJ Watt in Houston, but here we are...
  9. The Bills are among the most penalized teams in the league in 3 categories (although there's still 2 games yet to be completed this week). They're 30th in the league in offensive holding calls against, 29th in false starts, and 32nd in illegal formations. They also have 2 offsides on free kick penalties...tied for 31st
  10. Not sure what Bills fans have against him. Of all the guys that have called Bills gamea over the last 3 or 4 years, he's the only one that actually knows the team and gets the names right. Part of that is probably because he's called 33% of Bills games over that span. His name annoyed me at first, but after comparing him to his colleagues, I've gotten past that. They have at least a semi-competent offense...be glad it's only 6.5
  11. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    Why is McDermott so bland in press conferences?

    The Bills need to trade McD for Rex, and maybe get lucky and win tbe preseason again
  12. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    FIRE Daboll ASAP

    Someone is drunk