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  1. With the way the NFL works, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the opposite rings true. The Broncos and Steelers both have top 10 defenses that look to be improved.
  2. This. You have to crawl before you walk, and walk before you run. Last year, the Bills were walking while the Ravens were running. And to quote Aerosmith, sometimes you have to lose to know how to win. Games like this, as well as the WC loss should be viewed as learning experiences that the team should be better for because of them. HC is still rather inexperienced in comparison to most in his position, QB very inexperienced still, many starters on both sides of the ball are still very young and inexperienced; this team is pretty much right where they should be right now, and that’s ok with me, so long as those issues that should be “learning experiences” don’t become habits or trends. The arrow is pointing in the right direction right now.
  3. I actually thought about something like that a few years ago when VR became more common, as a new way for the league to increase revenue (I’m sure I wasn’t the only one). The purchase of a virtual ticket that “puts” fans in the stadium would give out-of-towners a new option for watching their favorite team, yet would not completely or in large part replace season ticket holders. You could have, say, 5 video access “seats”. Two in each end zone (ground level), one at the 50 yard line (just above lower bowl) and 2 at each 25 or 20 yard line (just above lower bowl). Things like additional advertising (separate from what you’re already seeing in your goggles within the stadium via LED boards, possibly somewhat transparent in display) could be implemented through the VR video transmission as well. Pre-game warmups, and in-game commentary could become optional add-on packages for an additional fee. Perhaps there would be more things that the league could implement as the technology advances. It seems like the NFL has been a little bit behind the curve when it comes to using technology to improve its product, even in a case like this when it could directly increase revenue. Granted, there would need to be a bigger VR market in place before the league cater and would spend bookoo bucks on something that could end up being a fad (like 3D seems to have been 6-8 years ago), although VR seems like something that will evolve and thrive for some time.
  4. Seems as though his horse still isn’t as high as the horses that some of the people in this thread ride upon...
  5. I don’t think Reid would have done that for anyone but Mahomes. Trubisky only had a handful of college starts, and I think that was an important factor for teams (other than Chicago, obviously).
  6. I work for a couple Shaughnessys... I’m quitting my job first thing in the AM
  7. I liked your post simply because of your profile pic. Neutral on the post content though, tbh.
  8. Broncos, Raiders, Cards should be better this year, and all road games. It wouldn’t shock me if the Bills lose 2-3 of those games. Not saying blowout or anything, but they should be competitive. Heck, I expect the Dolphins to finish somewhat close to the Bills in win total. Several games could go either way this year, including games against LA, Seattle, Tennessee, NE, Pittsburgh. It’s possible the Bills win only 8 or 9 this year.
  9. We know the opponents and venues, but I’m waiting for the actual schedule to be released before making a final prediction. This is a 9-12 win team on paper, but a tough stretch of games with a couple west coast trips could sway the win total by a game or 2. The Bills were pretty healthy last year, and had a rather easy schedule, resulting in 10 wins. This team may be better, but could finish with fewer wins due to schedule and added travel (AFCW should be much better this year as well, IMO). I wonder how Bleacher Report/this author had the Bills finishing in 2019...
  10. Wouldn’t the NFL just remove full game YouTube videos that aren’t posted by the NFL?
  11. Unfortunately for you, only the sound will be received on the other end. Better plug your nose next time it rings...
  12. Lol sorry, I didn’t bother playing the video...I try to avoid those clowns.
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