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  1. Yep. Same thing happens when the Bills play in Charlotte and Miami. There are tons of transplants around those two cities, and all in between. Watch the Sabres play when in Nashville, Raleigh, Sunrise, and Tampa Bay. You'll see a bunch of Buffalo fans, and I doubt they all flew or drove down from WNY for the game. Every time the Bills play in Nashville, there are many Bills fans. A lot probably "local", but it is a tourist destination, so many do come from WNY. Same kind of thing happens with Sens and Habs fans in Buffalo. The Falls is right down the road, so they plan their trip there around a Sabres game against their team. They pack Key Bank to a near split.
  2. I think they traded Sammy because they were trying to build up the team with mostly "their" guys and change the culture. He would have cost a lot, which would have handcuffed the team a bit in what they can do to build up the team, and they didn't have a real QB anyways, so why bother? The injuries were concerning, and his comments towards Bills fans didn't help.
  3. Aren't the TNF games the only ones being broadcast in 4k?
  4. https://m.facebook.com/groups/637477529625487?view=permalink&id=2664112950295258&sfnsn=mo This was a couple weeks ago
  5. Parking is $10 a block away, but the real problem is the bum(s) that await your arrival asking for money
  6. Harry Buffalo is a great atmosphere for a Bills game and plenty of space (it will be packed), but Kitty O'Sheas is pretty close to Disney and has beef on weck (haven't been there, but I assume is a smaller space than HB). Edit: just looked at some pics...wings, reuben, and fish and chips look great! I work in the area all the time, but never seem to be close enough to them after their 2pm open time during the week, and live 75 minutes north. Hb food was "ok"
  7. After the next 3 games, the Bills should move closer to the middle in ppg. Philly has a tough defense, especially against the run, but Miami and Washington are putrid. If you think about it, a team like NE is higher in points, but has already played those two teams, plus Pittsburgh, and Darnold-less NJ. The Bills haven't had those luxuries...yet.
  8. I don't gamble, but pick games/lines each week. So far this year, I'm 85%. I should gamble...
  9. Not necessary my friend. Fins and Skins will help the Bills jump in offensive statistics.
  10. Initially I wasnt sure how to react to that line. Not because I'm not used to the Bills being favored by so much, but because the Bills have had some trouble scoring. Then, common sense took over. The Dolphins are very bad, only gaining around 11 first downs pg, terrible in ypp, and teams often gain first downs against them before getting to third down. They average 40 ppg against...Bills at home, coming off the bye. 30-10 Bills
  11. He has 2 through 5 games, and only needs 3 over the last 11 games. Definitely possible, especially with Miami and Washington coming up.
  12. The bye week sucks, but all day football on Sunday is a nice consolation.
  13. Good. Chris Cornell was a great singer. LP not as worried about, but I won't change the station now. Back on topic...Bon Jovi, meh
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