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  1. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    THE ROCKPILE REVIEW - Credit Where Credit Is Due

    IMO, McBean's model for building a team is to allocate more resources to the front 7. Builld from the inside out. Based on scheme, this defense doesn't seem to need high dollar, premiere talent at CB. It's much more zone, and good "man" corners typically get the most money. The scheme IMO isn't as dependent on having great corners, as it is creating havoc up front. A good line and front 7 will the DB's jobs easier. Granted, they could have had White and Darby for at least two years, but it was clear that the Bills needed a QB, and gaining draft assets makes attaining one a bit easier. Darby had a bit of a down year after a really good rookie year, and maybe the Bills get less in return for him if he would have been traded now, with it being his contract year.
  2. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    THE ROCKPILE REVIEW - Credit Where Credit Is Due

    Good post, Shaw. Hiring Rex Ryan may have been a mistake, but it was all just part of the overall process, being new owners in the NFL. The Pegulas may have been successful and smart, but they were rookies to the landscape of NFL ownership. The Bills may not have been the Browns, but as an organization, they were mired in years of mediocrity and disarray. There wasn't "one voice". It was going to take some time for them to make this organization "theirs", but first, they needed to acclimate themselves with being owners and everything that comes with it. Cleaning house from the start wasn't an ideal method. Guys like Brandon and Whaley were kept on, basically to help make the ownership learning process easier. Say what you will about them, but they had experience and familiarity with the situation that the Pegulas inherited. It allowed the owners to get accustomed, without the team becoming a total dumpster fire in the meantime. Rex may not have been a good hire, but the Bills could have done worse. Of course, Russ was in their ears wrt hiring Rex, but that just goes to show where the Pegluas were in the learning process. They were delegating. The old saying goes: "sometimes you have to lose, to know how to win". Hiring Rex was a "loss", but a good lesson learned as the Pegulas became more acclimated. While delegating, it allowed them to dissect and examine every facet of the organization. In some ways, Rex and his personality, and the way he did things, helped to expose much of what was wrong within the organization. There was all kinds of mumblings, which happens with all teams, but more important was the leaking of them to the media and fans. It helped them to make the decision to move on after less than 2 years easier, because everything was out there to see (and, of course, the team regressed). In just 3 years, they went from getting their feet wet, to doggy paddling, to breast stroke. The way that Russ, Whaley, Rex etc. conduct themselves was not a reflection of how the Pegulas conduct themselves and how they became successful. McDermott and Beane may not have been hot commodity, proven top choices at the time, but their approach and how they conduct themselves seems to match that of the Pegulas. Its "one voice" now, and that resonates all throughout the organization. "Buttoned up" as you say is the perfect description.
  3. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    Music City Travesty

    Teef likes his beef raw
  4. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    Prediction: Nathan Peterman Bills Starting QB Wk. 1 vs. Ravens

    You forgot the "Bold" before "Prediction"
  5. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    Roster Review/Offense

    Agreed. O'Leary has hands of glue. No gloves; he just looks the part of a "classic" TE, despite his size. Aside from his hands, he's rather average across the board, but just looks like an old school type football player. I don't think that either of us are describing O'Leary or Clay as more than they are. I just don't view them as "not reliable" (when called upon).
  6. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    Roster Review/Offense

    I don't agree with this. The bolded part; I would say the same is true for all but 4 or 5 TEs in the league, and Clay is probably a better blocker than those guys. Keeping him in to block at times obviously doesn't allow him to be an outlet on those plays, but he does provide value to the passing attack in those instances. He led the team in receiving yards, and was 2nd in receptions behind McCoy. Granted that's a reflection of the lack of WRs and inconsistent QB play, but I'd say he's "reliable".
  7. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    Roster Review/Offense

    I think maybe the whole TEs argument here may have gone off the rails a bit...here are the comments I was focusing on: There's a difference in being "excellent pass catchers" and "inconsistent" (which, based on your follow ups, you're referring more to their overall performance/impact on the stat sheet, week in, week out). Not trying to speak for John here, but I interpreted his comment about being excellent pass catchers as having reliable hands. Maybe that wasn't his point, but that was the basis for my post. Now perhaps "excellent" might not be the best choice of words, but IMO both Clay, (and especially) O'Leary have great hands for their position.
  8. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    Roster Review/Offense

    You make it sound like our TEs should have been the focal points of our offense for every game. They're certainly not top 5 TEs, but they've been reliable when called upon. Just because their stat lines aren't consistent each week, it doesn't mean they're not reliable or not excellent pass catchers. Wasn't that the argument here? So many factors involved in their stat lines from week to week, year to year. Different schemes, different game plans, inconsistency at QB, etc., all played a role. Again, when called upon, they've been reliable. They can't force the ball to themselves.
  9. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    I like the look of this roster/Defense

    I agree with the idea of an improved run defense and pass rush, but I have a hard time seeing so many fumble recoveries. Same with INTs, to a lesser extent. The Bills may have scheme that sees players swarming to the ball very well, but they only recovered 25% of forced fumbles last year, near the bottom of the league rankings. I can see an increase in INTs as a result of a better pass rush. And as for Edmunds, I love the pick, but I'm not expecting great results in his first year. His physical abilities should help the pass defense, but I think his biggest contributions in year one will be against the run. Overall, nice thread.
  10. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    Josh Allen Responds to Jalen Ramsey's Trash Talk

    More fuel, please.
  11. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    Roster Review/Offense

    I agree with @John from Riverside. Clay and O'Leary are reliable, "excellent" pass catchers. Not too many drops between the two of them. And they're not a part of a bottom tier WR corps, they're TEs. They should be good outlets for our young/inexperienced QBs this year.
  12. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    Roster Review/Offense

    I think it's too early to draw any conclusions or expectations from the offense. We don't even know which players will be on the roster in 3 months, especially at WR. TOO many question marks, IMO. With that being said, I don't think our offense will be quite as bad as many people might be expecting. I think (<key word) we'll see a mix of down and zone blocking, but mostly down blocking, which hopefully leads to less runs for negative yards. And with Shady being a focal point for defenses, more play-action. But with Wood and Incognito gone, there's a bit of drop in talent there, but more important IMO is the lack of chemistry between the new offensive linemen. It could take them several games to really gel. Some might say that's a reason to not start Allen early on, so that he doesn't take a beating. Others might say that is why you should start Allen, based on his ability to extend plays. We should revisit this thread after week 3 of the preseason.
  13. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    Josh Allen red zone stats

    Allen to Benjamin could be a lethal combination. The days of depending on FGs, safeties, and pooch kicks to win games are long gone.
  14. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    How much longer will we have shady?

    I put more of the negative runs on the line and blocking scheme, but that's just me. I think we all agree that the hourglass is running down with him, and that what we hope for isn't what we should expect.
  15. Drunken Pygmy Goat

    How much longer will we have shady?

    I agree with why it makes sense to move on soon. I just don't see negative runs and injuries as being a sign of slowing down (as it relates to McCoy specifically). He played all 16 games last year, and even finished a game (Tampa?) where it looked like he took a very nasty hit on the knee before half-time. Shady has never been the fastest back in the league, and will get chased down at times, but I didn't see a noticeably "slower" McCoy. Perhaps his incredible elusiveness at times amazed me so much that I didn't notice a slower player??? Agreed, but my point was more about choosing a contending team. I thought the Eagles would be good and win the division before the season started, but I never thought they'd win a Super Bowl with a 2nd year (and eventually injured) QB. The Bills may be a bit farther off next year than the Eagles were last year, but I wouldn't rule out the Bills being a serious player for the postseason next year, especially if Brady retires. No way they get a 3rd. Given his age, salary, and impending free agency, I'd be happy with a 5th, even for a future HOFer. I would love to see shady retire in Buffalo in a couple years, but I do agree that, from a business standpoint, it makes a lot of sense to believe he won't (if he wants to keep playing past next year).