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  1. The "Deep Water" speech he gave at the beginning of this video literally brings tears to my eyes. Raw emotion. We will struggle without his leadership, no question. However, someone will pick up the torch. They'll have to. My money is on Micah Hyde.
  2. I think the Bills can win 10 games this year if Allen plays in all 16 games. I wouldn't put money on it, but I don't see why they couldn't reach that win total. They made massive improvements on O Line, signed 2 veteran WR (who I think will be great additions, despite what some on here believe), added skill and experience at RB, and drafted a high ceiling TE prospect. Not to mention they added a difference maker to the D Line (critically important piece of the D puzzle), solidified corner depth with veterans (one of which has already played in our system, and had a very respectable year for us in 2017), and have had their marquee additions of 2018 draft (Allen/Edmunds) in their strength/conditioning program for a full off season. Those two, I'd like to assume, have been working and studying hard this winter/spring to prepare for the upcoming season. They'll both know the playbook top to bottom. My money would be on both Josh and Tremaine taking steps forward this year, maybe even big steps forward. If you can't be optimistic about this year's Bills team, idk if you can ever be optimistic about anything! It's clear to me that our front office, for the first time in a long time, has a very defined set of values, goals, and expectations that they are applying to every decision they make. Success is truly a top down mechanism, and it's clear to me that our owners, GM, coaches, staff, and players are all on the same page. The future is NOW! Go Bills!
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