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  1. I think when you look at any team, their playoff chances rely greatly on the health of their starting QB. There is a reason why one is a starter, and one isn't. With that being said, I believe we are in a better position this year to absorbe a 3-4 game stretch where our back up QB can emerge with a winning record.
  2. RIP Pancho. Thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.
  3. The way the Bills are drafting I wouldn't part with a first round pick for a player like Clowney. He is a fringe star that is looking for super star money. The Bills would be rolling the dice as much on Clowney as they would on Shaq. Clowney's motor has been questioned since his days in college. Although he has shown flashes of brilliance, he isn't the dominant pass rusher many projected he'd be Obviously, Clowney has more upside than Shaq. The question is how much is that upside worth? I'd give Houston a 4th and Shaq for Clowney Even with that, your most likely going to have to sign a guy to a contract more than what his production warrants. Trading for him to play out a franchise tag makes no sense, and isn't something Beane would do. Thats why I see him staying in Houston and playing out a franchise year. If he blows up, he'll get paid by Houston. If not, Bills will get him for free in 10 months.
  4. One or two UDFA always make the team. Picking who is like picking the upset in March Madness. I'm more on board with this roster than D&C's. I think Bills will go with 3 tight ends, 7 receivers since Roberts is more ST. I think Jackson over Anderson at QB (Derek will take on more of a coaching role). I don't think DeMarco makes it this year. I'll take Sills over McKenzie (my predicted UDFA that makes team). The other is I think Cam Lewis will make it over EJ Gaines (2nd time around won't be so kind to EJ)
  5. fold up shop. It's over. Ziggy was the only piece that could make us a championship team. oh well
  6. Fans tripping about drafting a mid round receiver over value picks at other positions were in a coma during FA.
  7. What is with the fascination of drafting a WR in the 3rd round over Singletary. You get a value pick at RB over a WR that may not even have the opportunity to make an impact for a few years, much less at all. Have you seen our receiving core lately? Gore and Shady are only 1 year. TJ Yeldon isn't a franchise guy. Singletary can be that guy for 8+ years. I love the pick. Yet some couch potato that has read some media guy's mock draft think they know more than scouts and executives getting paid 6 figures.
  8. Moron take. Oliver is a franchise player. What, your going to skip out on a franchise player because of Jordan Phillips? Idiot
  9. Past Beane/McD drafts rounds 1-3 have been pretty impressive. They get the benefit of the doubt until that changes. Oliver is a no brainer. Ford seems like a solid OL pick. I LOVE Singletary--he's a beast, and it was between him and Montegomery in my book. Although I would have liked to see Montegomery available to see which one the Bills would have taken. Knox seems like a stretch for me, but I'm not a scout or pro personnel guy. He seems to have tools. How that translates who knows. But like I said Beane has earned the benefit of the doubt. Funny some were pissed that we took Singletary over Butler, yet no other team took Butler in round 3. I guess all 32 teams don't know what they are doing.
  10. Dolphins @ Cowboys for Thanksgiving https://cowboyswire.usatoday.com/2019/04/17/dallas-cowboys-2019-regular-season-schedule-rumors-leaks-how-to-watch-opener-tv-primetime/
  11. Probably keeping their options open in case they don't land their preferred RB in draft. I like Yeldon though.
  12. This is the difference between journalists such as Tyler Dunne, and your Jerry Sullivan and Bucky Gleasons of the world. Here is a guy that has spent the last few years as a beat writer for two teams for local papers. He cultivated relationships and worked his way up to where he had the resources and relationships to write an amazing piece and put himself on the national map of sports writers. His career will only take off from here. Vs. guys like Sully and Gleason who rest on their laurels and reputation for decades, piss off everyone in organizations and end up getting canned and either finding themselves out of the industry, or writing for some less than popular local paper.
  13. Photo has to be legit. It was taken weeks before the draft. Beane has confirmed that was the deal they had in place as well. Trade down to Denver for both 1's that was in place until Chubb fell to the Broncos. Plus mayfields visit was 4/9. I really thought they had Darnold and/or Mayfield ahead of Allen. It surprised me to see that Allen was their first choice. Makes me feel a whole lot better about landing him, that we didn't settle for a guy that was 2nd or 3rd down the list. Oliver might be their guy, but you never know how teams value players For all we know Oliver may be high on many boards that we as fans don't realize. The draftniks think a player may fall, but guys who get paid lots of money to make these decisions may think differently. At the end of the day, if you think a player is the next All-World, you figure out a way to get him that makes sense.
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