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  1. Kinda reiterates how players know their roles with the team, and using that to earn their spot. Because Davis is a "team" player and is an asset as an extra coach, it makes him more valuable than another back up who isn't as "team" oriented.
  2. Can't wait for training camp and pre-season. That's when we'll see how the chemistry really is
  3. He'll get 2 weeks. 4 at worse due to the substance that's not allowed by the league without notice. That's it.
  4. Tried watching an interview with Glab and BB and I had to turn it off. She is just too annoying to listen to. I guess I won't be listening on her days
  5. If Moulds played his career with Kelly as did Reed he would be a HOFer
  6. It's a stretch to think the Bills are going to cut him before the end of his rookie deal, but the fact that Sat. night automatically triggers his salary to be non-gtd is an eye-opener. Yikes.
  7. For those that are old enough on this board, I'm sure we've all done something we're not too proud of in our early 20's. The guy made a mistake. It's not an indictment on his character. It's mistake. I saw a post where first time DWI offenders get 2 games. Both charges (DWI and Weapon) are misdemeanors. On the video, he looked to be compliant. He'll hire a good lawyer and they'll take care of him I'm sure when its all said and done Ed will learn from this and move on. He'll realize that things could have been alot worse, and to not take for granted the gift God and the universe has given him in the game of football. Other than that, all of the crazy talk from all the perfect people on this board commenting as if they've never made a mistake is hypocritical.
  8. The 911 caller stated he was driving erratically and dangerously. So I'm sure once they tracked him down and saw him weave once they pulled him over.
  9. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/05/17/ed-oliver-arrested-for-dwi-unlawfully-carrying-a-weapon/ No bueno. We finally have all the pieces and this has to happen. SMH
  10. Only 27 starts. He improved, and will get better. Eli Manning had 3336 passing yards, 56 completion % and 20 INT's the year they wont the SB in 2007. Also had 25 INT's the year before they won SB in 2011. But he was a winner, and when he needed to make a play he did. I foresee a long career ahead for Allen due to his competitiveness. and drive. His stats won't define him.
  11. I agree nothing wrong with 4.6 speed. But the guns at the yard markers (not hand time) clocked him at 4.52. It wasn't generous, it's what he ran.
  12. Warford looking for 7 million per season? Cutting Long will save $4 million. Easy decision. Get er done BB https://thejetpress.com/2020/05/11/ny-jets-larry-warford-reportedly-looking-7-million-per-season/
  13. FYI You can sign up for free for Game Pass, which allow you to watch any game from I believe 2009 until last season. Runs out in June I believe.
  14. Pretty cool video piece by a local TV station showing Edmunds' mom running drills with a whistle (she's a P.E. teacher) while dad also assists. They admitted their parents wouldn't let them slack off during the pandemic, and made sure they are training and learning via IPads, etc. Not sure if I've seen anything like this. I can see what McD and BB was talking about when it comes to their family unit. I think it speaks highly about the character of the parents, and the type of habits they are handing down to their kids. Championship mentality. Pretty cool. https://www.wdbj7.com/content/news/NFL-trio-The-Edmunds-Brothers-train-as-a-family-while-NFL-facilities-and-gyms-are-closed-570061381.html
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