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  1. This is going to be a true test believe it or not. It has trap game written all over it. With the Pats coming to town the following week, and how bad Cinci lost last week at home, a PO'd Bengal team is coming to town and we can't afford to take them lightly if we aren't focused on the task at hand.
  2. I see that Ziggy Hood thing worked out in NO.... Imagine we were all crazy for him to sign here...
  3. You must be a blast to hang around. All that positive energy...
  4. The Bills are stacked in a few areas. I predict moves similar to the Watkins/Darby trades that we saw a few years back. Here are my out of the box moves: LeSean McCoy to the Cowboys for a Conditional 4th- I predict that Zeke won't be in a Cowboys uniform Week 1, and the Cowboys are in win now mode. McCoy is in the last year of his deal, and even if Zeke returns his situation wouldn't be any worse than what he's facing in Buffalo. The Bills are stacked with Gore, Singletary, Yeldon, and this will help them keep Perry for ST. Cowboys have $23 million in cap space with top 51 players, and this will allow McCoy to face his old team twice a year. The pick turns into a 5th if Shady doesn't hit certain milestones. Zay Jones to the Texans for a 5th round pick- The Bills WR corp is stacked, and I see Jones being the odd man out. There was a post a while back stating Zay Jones won't be on the roster week 1, and after his father's tweet and the competition at the position, that seems more likely than ever. The Texans need WR depth, and even though Zay knows every WR position in Buffalo, he neither possesses the outright speed, shifty route running, or size to grab jump balls that the other receivers offer. What are your predictions?
  5. Duke blocking grade was higher than our lineman. And that catch vs. Lions where he picked the ball out of the air and then walked into the endzone clutching it above his head. His body control and strength of hands are incredible. I can see him be our redzone go to guy. The Bills are clueless if they let this guy go. As much as I like McKenzie, I don't see cutting Williams for him. Honestly, Bills need to make a trade. It doesn't make sense to cut talent.
  6. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle believes a trade is already in place. What's holding it up is whether Clowney comes in and signs his offer sheet. He believes it's for a LT. Possibly Williams w/ the Redskins? "I think coach Bill O’Brien, the de facto general manager, has a deal worked out with another team, but he can’t complete the trade until Clowney is under contract. He’s due to make $15.97 million this season after he signs the tender. “Until he decides to come in and sign his tender, the ball’s in his court relative to playing for the Texans,” O’Brien said after Saturday’s loss. “Until he signs the tender, there’s not much to talk about. I don’t have any idea of a specific date that he’ll decide if he wants to be here" https://www.houstonchronicle.com/sports/columnists/mcclain/article/Jadeveon-Clowney-on-his-way-out-of-town-14376454.php OR.... Would Beane trade Dawkins for Clowney, then turn around and swing a trade for Trent Williams?😏
  7. According to JW don't expect to hear anything today. Beane is like Ft Knox when it comes to leaks. It wouldn't surprise me if the trade pieces are already established, and the ball is in Clowney's court (OBrien reference) as to him signing an extension with the trade team. That team could very well be the Bills.
  8. We have a glut at WR and need to get value via trade over cutting someone J Brown C Beasley Z Jones R Foster I McKenzie D Williams A. Roberts They are all worthy of a roster spot, and would immediately be snapped up by another team if they are cut. We can only keep 6. Either Zay, Foster or McKenzie should be involved in a deal. Texans need a solid 2WR or slot guy. We have a glut at RB. While I am in the minority in thinking the Bills should trade Shady, I would be OK with including him in a deal for Clowney. Although he's 31, that's a big piece for a win now franchise, and should limit the additoinal compensation. Texans need a solid RB. I also see Shaq as an extra piece in any deal. So any deal involving one of our middle WR, RB, and Shaq without giving up draft pick compensation would be a win for us. That is, if we can sign Clowney long term. I'm against dealing anything less than a 4 in any package. Our draft collateral is too important, and there are other pieces that can make up the difference.
  9. I'm really nervous about Morse. When asking JW about it last week, his answered seemed more about his overall health and wasn't a fan of putting a timetable on his return, whether it be week 1 or being available at all this season. McD basically said the same thing today. There is no time table when a reporter tried to narrow him down. Day by Day. Based on the fact that he got his concussion on the first day of pads, right now I would label it less than 50/50 that Morse will be available for us this season. It wouldn't surprise me if he is one more concussion away from potentially calling it a career. Of course, his health is what's most important and football is a far second. But as a fan, the response from McD during the process isn't that encouraging.
  10. QB's with at least 400 passing attempts in 2018, Prescott ranks 13th in QB Rating, 15th in passing yards, 9th in Completion %. $30 million per year he turned down would put him as the 6th highest paid QB in the league. Per Jackie Slater, his $40 million demand will hopefully gain him a $35 million per year contract, which would tie him with Russell Wilson, Tom Brady who have the richest deals, and surpass Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers. That's 10 Super Bowl Rings, vs. a guy with 1 playoff win. Those 4 QB's earned their $30+ million per year contract with at least one SB ring in their pocket. Greed is ugly. Thankful he isn't a Buffalo Bill.
  11. Based on Morse's contract Beane prepared for this. Even though he was signed to a large deal, if the Bills cut Morse in year 2 they actually save $1.4m in cap space. Vs. a contract like CJ Moseley, who in his 2nd year would be a $13 million cap loss if the Jets cut him year two. Most all of the FA contracts Beane signs are like this. Unlike the Whaley days of having to pay Charles Clay dumb money cuz cutting him would kill our cap number. Keep in mind the value of Beane's trades far outweigh the losses. You're not going to bat 1000 in all your trades. As long as you come out ahead on a majority your successful.
  12. Despite my lamen opinion of wanting Rosen, I'm superglad the Bills chose Allen over this guy. It's early but so far Rosen has bust written on him.
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