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  1. The same people that bitched about TJ Graham over Wilson, Troupe over Gronk, Watkins over Mack etc, won't let ANYONE mention a blunder made by THIS organization. McBeane have done well, but let's cut the oversensitive crap.
  2. No this was this season when the chiefs lost to the Titans after he was hurt. You want the screen shots? Drafted at our pick. ***** joke.
  3. People on this board really said Mahomes is overrated and overhyped. We are allergic to MVPs around here.
  4. Alex Smith looking like an MVP. That's where you lost me.
  5. Will he throw 4tds in one quarter his entire career? Stop.
  6. People were really saying Mahomes is overrated on this board like a month and a half ago.
  7. Jerry is a loser and this guy is a loser too. Waste of time and money. Take care of your family who gives a flying ***** what someone in Baltimore is saying.
  8. They are good. Simple stats do not tell the whole story. Next.
  9. Well I'm actually good at my job according to my colleagues and the thousands of patients I see every year so I don't need a pat on the back for pooping myself.
  10. I predicted to make the playoffs and win a wildcard game. I'm just not an ass kisser. I want to win rings, no more moral victories. You must be one of those participation trophy guys...
  11. Jury still out. Needs to grow again going into the next season and we got something.
  12. I wish I got rewarded for doing poorly at my job.
  13. You aren't allowed to win the division until year 10 of the rebuild
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