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  1. Elite Poster

    Will Shaq Lawson Make the Roster?

    I've been off the board for a few days. Came back to this. And people told me this was significantly better than the BBMB. Uh huh. Yep. I'm not sure if the Jacksonville dig is really appropriate. They have won a playoff game this century.
  2. So much so that a team traded up to get him huh? A lot of smarties in this thread. Our best QB ever got a 15. Meaningless grade, stupid post.
  3. Elite Poster

    Why don't qb's wear a mirrored visor like McMahon used to?

    How many plays are DBs 30-40 yards away from the QB? Aren't a vast majority of passes 10-15 yards down field between the numbers?
  4. Elite Poster

    Number and Name Plate Change

    Hey guys, is there any place in Buffalo where you can get jerseys altered? I have a #14 Sammy that I want to change to a #17 Allen. I spent a pretty penny on it and don't want to get a whole new one.
  5. Elite Poster

    Something brewing with the Patriots?

    I perused the interwebs during some down time and apparently it's a potential Gronk trade. Belichick told his players, besides Brady, to not get mixed up with the Guererro guy and now Edelman got suspended for PEDs. Bill is furious now and since Gronk did the whole TB12 plan and plans on asking for more money, he wants to get rid of him.
  6. Elite Poster

    Question About Accuracy

    I think EJ was MVP of that game right?
  7. You do realize all the football HOF trustees and officers are random CEOs, Goodell, and team owners. To think the voters are not influenced by the people that run the show is naive. The media machine will use this as an opportunity to say "I told ya so" and those billionaires I referenced will laugh it up.
  8. If an organization disrespects you, you disrespect them right back. I'm sure most of you will side with the billionaires though.
  9. He has literally never played well. You guys just like his name ffs. The dude has 22 tackles over 5 years and people are seriously saying nice depth pickup. I am at a loss for words at some of the baseless, factless commenting here.
  10. Elite Poster

    All NFL Contracts Should Be Performance Based ...

    Until the owners have performance based pay, I will never support an idea this outlandish.
  11. Elite Poster

    The media vs Josh Allen (QB First Impressions article)

    Wait, really? This whole thread over THIS paragraph. What was written here that was not said by anyone else reporting? Everyone LOVES Sal and this is exactly what he said after last Thursdays practice. I said this a few days ago but man when did we get so sensitive?
  12. Well said. If all you got out of Tyrod's 3 years were 2 poor games, then you must have an extremely short memory. He was a big part of breaking the drought wether you like it or not. However, our goal isn't the wildcard game, it is the Superbowl. Both sides have moved on, time for us to as well.
  13. Elite Poster

    Question about seat views

    Honestly, 300s first row in the middle sections is the best view of the game imo.
  14. Elite Poster

    The Bills did not "luck" into the playoffs

    Lafell initiated the contact and tripped over the Ravens DB feet. Yes, the broadcast said he was tackled but my eyes said otherwise. I totally forgot the kick was almost muffed as well. So lucky.