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  1. I had no idea it was the OTAs from which the NFL champion is decided. My point is, these threads pop up every year about players that are consistently superior to the guys on our roster. How about we worry about our own team?
  2. TB12 has skipped OTAs for...how many years straight?
  3. They gushed over him so much he was the 5th QB taken in that draft. I really don't understand the point of that comment haha. I like Allen WAYYYY more than Lamar as a QB prospect to this point, but if you take a look at their stats and how they played in game, they were not very far off. Allen played in twice as many games and their stat avgs are prettttty similar. QB 1: 171 yards / game passing, 3.5% TD % and 58% completion QB 2: 172 yards / game passing, 2.8% TD % and 52% completion This board of football minds has determined one is the next big passer and one is a RB who can't throw the ball. This is why people laugh at our fan base.
  4. Well, John From Riverside, I post maybe once every other week so you must be a huge fan, I'm flattered. Here's the deal, I may come off more pessimistic than optimistic here because I don't feel the need to post positive things when each thread is an avalanche of supreme optimism. I generally will drop a thumbs up on those type of posts but if I see something I disagree with or where I want to express my opinion, I will willingly play devil's advocate. I mean, for the love of god, I have us getting 9-10 wins this year. HOWEVER, if they fall below that, you better believe I'll be on here raising hell. It goes both ways for me.
  5. Likewise brother. Anyways, you seem to agree with me but aren't happy that I'm being blunt and *gasp* criticizing McBeane. The horror!
  6. You sign a bunch of injury prone players and then they get injured. Glass Legs Murphy and now Crystal Foot Kroft.
  7. What is he supposed to say? My former team thought my current team was a bunch of sissys every time we played? Of course he is going to say that.
  8. So the problem sometimes on this board is people make things up to prove a point and that seems to be what is happening here. Some stats from last year: Zach Ertz Catch %: 74.4 and 1 fumble Travis Kelce Catch %: 68.7 and 2 fumbles Gronk Catch %: 65.3 and 1 fumble George Kittle Catch %: 64.7 and 0 fumbles Jason Croom Catch %: 62.9 and 2 fumbles When in comparison with recent ALL PRO tight ends, yeah he's a notch below, but that might be because he was a freaking undrafted free agent. He contributed last year. Averaged 11 yards a pop, only got 35 targets and made 250+ yards and a TD out of it. No idea why the hate. Sweeney and Fisher are the bubble guys at this point, the depth chart is clearly Kroft, Croom/Knox, Sweeney/Fisher. Everyone said this same dumb ***** about Ricky Proehl's son last year. You can either play or you can't. Doesn't matter how many doritos or pringles you have shoved up your ass.
  9. Beane is 0 for this off-season for his anti-media schtick. Just shut up and do the job.
  10. This kid is an absolute loser. I'm sick of him getting a million opportunities.
  11. The problem is, there will inevitably be a better tackle taken later. You should never trade up for a non-QB. Better LB went after Edmunds, better lineman went after Dawkins, and better WR after Zay. Would Cody have fallen? Who knows. We lost a pick, again.
  12. For a guy that constantly says we select best player available, today says quite the contrary. There was a run on tight ends, he got scared, and traded up. He did the same thing with the second round pick. I even called it. Taylor and Little got drafted and I texted my son, Beane must be sweating. Boom, two seconds later we trade up 2 freaking spots. I love Cody Ford but definitely did not like how today was handled one bit.
  13. He shouldn't OBVIOUSLY and neither should Fred. Hate incoming.
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