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  1. Zay Jones played injured all season...

    Here we go again
  2. GDT: Jax at Pitt

    Jags going to AFC championship by making good FA acquisitions, hopefully we do the same. Probably not though. More Zay Jones type guys.
  3. GDT: Jax at Pitt

    People on this board wouldn't want AB because he's a Diva.
  4. GDT: Jax at Pitt

    No problem brother
  5. GDT: Jax at Pitt

    What the hell are you talking about, this discussion was about Mike Tomlin. Get yourself some context then come back.
  6. GDT: Jax at Pitt

    The difference is that he caught it
  7. GDT: Jax at Pitt

    8-6 with 2 rings. Yeah he's awful.
  8. GDT: Jax at Pitt

  9. PFF End of Season QB Rankings

    Layed the groundwork this year by firing the guy in charge of the offense a week after the season finished? They realized they probably could've made a better run in the playoffs if they had just run last year's offense with everyone's least fav QB. Also, everyone who loves Mariota enjoy tonight's game, a lot of you said you aren't watching football until the Superbowl in a different thread.
  10. Jerry Sullivan in the national news??

    "No skin off my back" after having written an essay about how much James gets under his skin, riiiiiight. Any opportunity to remind us how much you hate Cam Newton, plug 'er in baby, it's getting old. I'm not a LeBron fan, I hate his ring chasing and woe is me attitude, but he's a master of his craft and those type of people think differently. Just like good 'ol Tommy Boy.
  11. Jerry Sullivan in the national news??

    Jerry's writing is awful, AWFUL sometimes but he asks tough questions and I appreciate that.
  12. All-22 of Bills-Jags from Cover1

    The Panthers with their stable of lackluster WRs had no trouble offloading this guy on a team that had offensive problems in the middle of the season. And he's injury prone.
  13. All-22 of Bills-Jags from Cover1

    Solid post
  14. All-22 of Bills-Jags from Cover1

    Benjamin isn't disinterested, this is what he has been in the NFL this whole career. He doesn't get separation. He played. He had a first down, a fumble, an intentional grounding, and an interception. You are wrong.