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  1. Should Beane be Fired Because of Today's Colts/Jets Trade?

    Man threads like these were what I missed from the BBMB.
  2. Memories of 2004 NFL Draft

    Learn the damn lesson.
  3. Vinny Curry Headed to Tampa Bay on a 3-Year Deal

    Whoops. For some reason had the number 30 in my head.
  4. Vinny Curry Headed to Tampa Bay on a 3-Year Deal

    Cheaper than Mr. Murphy. Called it.
  5. The point that you are glossing over, is that they clearly had a QB identified LAST YEAR because we had options at our own pick. They traded back knowing that they wanted capital to target a specific QB. So yes, this is just like 2004. The guy we have identified is in danger of not being on this team, but I'm an idiot for pointing out those similarities. I would like to respectfully disagree but I guess that's not happening today. We just traded up a week ago and have traded players left and right amassing draft capital. It's pretty clear what they want to do. I'm concerned they will not be able to. Also, let this consensus #1 bull **** point of yours die. That happens once every 10-15 years and doesn't mean trading up for a player that you have identified as a franchise guy is the wrong move.
  6. Meanwhile in *pats land

    They were in the Superbowl last year and won it two years ago. Meanwhile in Bills land we are getting poised for a Mason Rudolph era...
  7. The Jets Just Made a Mistake

    Woot! Woot! Everyone said the same **** when the a Eagles and Rams traded up. Woot! WOOT!
  8. The Jets Just Made a Mistake

    The NFL has 13 good QBs, ok. Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, Big Ben, all came from one draft. That's nearly 25% of your 13. Unfortunately, we were left with leftover Losman. History repeats itself.
  9. If you get "stuck" with the 4th or 5th best QB...

    Then show me dude. In the last 17 years, this is not the case. Yes there are a few guys who came out of the second and even third, but it's overwhelmingly the top prospects. Once again, would you bet $50 on 00 green when you can bet $100 on black? The answer is no.
  10. The Jets Just Made a Mistake

    This is under the assumption that there is no way in hell the Giants or Browns would be opposed to trading with the NYJ to pick three. The fact of the matter is, the Jets have a golden key and 3 doors. We have a silver key and 12 doors. We are both looking for the same thing. We do not have the advantage.
  11. If you get "stuck" with the 4th or 5th best QB...

    When you have to use a draft from 1983 to make us feel better - does any other argument in any other field think its best to cite something from 3 decades ago? You want me to pull up the '04 draft? That one was fun.
  12. The Jets Just Made a Mistake

    So how did the Jets make a mistake? That was the point that I thought was being made. What did I miss?
  13. Do Not Trade Up!

    The last five out of ten Superbowls were won by high first round picks. 2 of the last ten were won by Tom "Never Going to Happen Ever Again" Brady. Two others were won by Russell Wilson who dropped because he is short (stupid NFL GMs) and Drew Brees (the second QB taken in the Draft, a second round pick, before NFL really became a passing exclusive league). Finally, you have Foles, the guy who will back up a QB taken at 2 by a team that gave up a kings ransom to get him. Some of you don't seem to be interested in winning championships. Some of you think that football is the same game it was the day you were born. Some of you should want better of your team.
  14. Yes, his plan was to have a division rival have a crack at a potentially franchise changing player while we prioritize signing guys off of multiple knee tears and PED suspensions having not played in a year. In the mean time, Vinny Curry is available, who played well LAST YEAR in a similar scheme and would probably have come cheaper. Who is laughing?
  15. The Jets Just Made a Mistake

    *We are getting leftovers*