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  1. You have to win games to get respect, not go 6-10 and have good catch phrases. Nonetheless, they MUST be good this year.
  2. He's a disaster on the air but he's our terrible radio guy. I got no problem with him.
  3. Might have more to do with the PSLs, like the message clearly stated, but keep speculating Bills fans...
  4. Interesting that Foster isn't a starter.
  5. The farm boy pretty much had the most rich boy summer of all time. This stuff is getting silly at this point. Then why did Tom "Deflated Balls" Brady, Bill "Tape Your Practice" Belichick, and Robert "Cheat on Girlfriend with Prostitute" Kraft win yet another ring while we are stuck doing mental gymnastics justifying losing year after year? Character and work ethic are two different things. Talent and work ethic are really all you need, everything else is just to make you feel good.
  6. People still have no idea what they are looking at if they don't think Russ is a lock hall of famer. Damn shame.
  7. Beane WANTS Allen to play more like Russ but its pretty clear which of the two QBs he plays most like. Does that mean he will for the rest of his career? Remains to be seen but this kid's ceiling to me, IN MY OPINION (relax guys don't get upset), is to have a Cam-like career with SLIGHTLY better passing stats.
  8. Are you referring to his .500 NFL record (same as Rex) pre-Brady? Going 11-5 with Matt Cassel who is a fine back up QB isn't impressive especially with the roster they had. Keep in mind Rex went to two straight AFC championship games with Sanchez. Belichick is a fantastic coach, but Brady bails him out more than the other way around. Boneheaded calls in game, boneheaded draft picks, boneheaded free agency moves, Brady covers that all up.
  9. Half of Buffalo is descending onto Nashville. I'll be there.
  10. I understand what you are trying to say, but anyone paying at least SOME attention to the league should understand why Cleveland is getting the hype, whether it's "deserved" or not. If Josh Allen in year two can match, over 16 games, what Baker did in 14 last year, people on this board will be giving him a gold jacket. I mean for the love of god, there is a thread going on right now saying that Josh Allen will be the MVP next year. I really don't think we are in a position to be criticizing other teams getting chatter.
  11. if we win 10+ games this year, then for sure. If we win 9, then you could convince me. If we have another .500 or losing season, it sure as hell doesn't take much to be a "top ten" coach.
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