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  1. This guy was not alive during the Jim Kelly era.
  2. If it takes you 4 years to build a roster to win, you are most definitely NOT the right people for the job. most player's contracts will not last up to 4 years and it will be a rebuild all over again. 4 years should be enough time to become Super Bowl contenders. I respect your opinion above a lot on this board but I really hate the "next year I promise" attitude. Its 2019 and teams are winning/contending for Super Bowl's two years after a coaching change. Enough with if not next year. No, this year they must win AT LEAST 9 games or its an absolute and utter failure. I don't understand the "pissed off" about offense part. They neglected that side of the ball both in FA and draft, started the worst QB of all time week 1, and it was pretty damn obvious they were going to be awful. They have to look in the mirror and be pissed off at the two guys that allowed that to happen. We fielded, statistically, one of the worst units of all time in NFL history until they were saved by Josh Allen's heroics.
  3. At the minimum, you need to make the playoffs or at least win the division to get this consideration. Its a regular season award but the Bills making noise in the playoffs is how they will win. Sean and Beane broke a million year drought and didn't sniff the award.
  4. Now let's see if we can win some games! Been there, done that.
  5. Agreed. Several WRs after Zay have hit, couple LBers after Tremaine were all-stars. It's never, EVER worth it.
  6. Nah its actually a pretty nice city and really is what Buffalo, as a city, should strive to be. Buffalo born and raised but having lived in several cities in my not so long life, Buffalo has a ways to go.
  7. He's average when healthy and paid likes he's great. 18 players with same or more in sacks, 49 players with same or more in TFLs, 3 players with same or more in QB hits. Those numbers are OK. Let's stop overrating Buffalo Bills this year please.
  8. Josh Allen very well could be terrible. This is how the league works. Just because that hurts your feelings you don't have to write an essay here. The same exact thing happened last year. Vegas put a 6.5 over under on the Bills, WGR guys said yep that makes sense and expect the under. Tons of crying on this board and what do you know, 6-10... I used to be a guy that hated the negativity on the radio but after about 20 straight years of losing it's sounding less like negativity and more like being factual. I will say this, they've all been pretty positive with the Bills and their trajectory so this thread is extra confusing.
  9. I'm usually the guy who is willing to take a shot on anyone, but even I do not want this guy.
  10. Did we win 10 games already? I didn't know the season started. Until we win some games, none of it means anything. All fart, no *****.
  11. They let an all pro safety in his mid 20s walk. He was a pros pro, team captain, and played his ass off on a crappy team. Don't give me this crap...
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