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  1. He throws the ball low quite a bit. If he could get a bit more air under some of his throws guys like Diggs/Brown would get extra yardage. Other than that, B+/A- performance for me, really just the fumbles and some ball placement but if that is his avg game, we going far.
  2. Maybe Carolina but certainly not New England. The hell were you watching? Dallas and Miami was only 3 games. There were 13 other games.
  3. To be honest, who the hell DIDN'T see this coming. So obvious.
  4. Yeah nobody has really dove into it so I have no idea how it's catching steam, but for Will Meade to randomly tweet this on a trading day, he knows people so it might be bad news.
  5. Will Meade just posted in Twitter (stock/investment guy), something along the lines of Fromm say goodbye to your career. Apparently this was just posted online by someone who was texting Fromm. Not confirmed if real or not but the timing is terrible.
  6. Better at what? QB? Nope. Winning games? They haven't been below 9 wins since 2011, we are just now getting 9-10 wins within the same decade. They have been in the playoffs 6 out of the last 7 years. Or are we better something that doesn't effect wins and losses like how often the players go bowling or drinking a lot of beer at a sabres game...don't get me wrong, I believe in team chemistry and good culture but you still have to play and win games. This is something we need to really start getting straight. We are acting like we are THE team after a nice season but wh
  7. Yeah this one was obvious. Chance to play with Russell in a great organization.
  8. It's a regular season award. You don't react to one game. McDermott's name shouldn't have even been a consideration for the choke job in the wildcard round with that logic.
  9. Shady, Sammy, and Reggie Ragland too lol. What a wonky group of former Bills to get a ring.
  10. This KC team came back from down 10 in two straight games. It ain't over until the clock strikes zero.
  11. This whole thread has me laughing my ass off. This is a league MVP who is smashing records that everyone was writing off in a 2 score game with a quarter and a half to go. Clown. Show.
  12. When it comes to coaches aged over 50, they will place more importance on hitting FGs than scoring TDs. Makes my brain hurt.
  13. Nathan Peterman, Jeff Tuel, Rob Johnson, Trent Edwards, and every other garbage QB that for some reason Bills fans fall in love with. The amount of brain cells I've lost debating about useless QBs...Arguing with fools makes me the biggest fool I guess. Maybin was so bad...Totally forgot about him.
  14. Kyler Murray had a really freaking nice year. People don't watch the games and then react. The kid is primed to be an absolute star if he continues to develop and grow. We lost in the wildcard round. Coach of the year and MVP are not participation awards. I smell jealousy.
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