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  1. Apparently Deonte Thompson was not good enough for this team. Making plenty of plays tonight...
  2. Tyrod did throw for over 265 or whatever it was with us. It was good for a two score loss. Not really seeing the point. 2 INT, both brutal. I appreciate the optimism and Josh has exceeded my expectations, but this team is ****. They have not created a situation where he can flourish and it's sad.
  3. Tyrod had more yards literally today.
  4. Elite Poster

    Week 2 Game Day thread Bills vs. Chargers Second Half

    What's the pt of a rocket arm if you underthrow every deep ball.
  5. Elite Poster

    Sarcastic Peterman Hit-piece makes Colin Cowherd a scumbag

    What does that even mean? If I did that he would land at #17 in yards per game AND TDs per game. Average. Like most people who look at it objectively have it. What's not true about that.
  6. Can't keep blaming Whaley or not having "your guys", that is for damn sure.
  7. He was not supposed to start for only a half. You know this, don't act like that was not the case.
  8. That was our starting QB, not some random 5th round pick. If you do dumb **** the people reporting on the **** you are doing will call it out as dumb. These were the same people you were probably crying about when they said the Bills won't have a winning record this year. Do you believe them?
  9. Elite Poster

    Sarcastic Peterman Hit-piece makes Colin Cowherd a scumbag

    You can't just magically erase the production he brought on the ground. With those #'s factored in, he was a capable, avg NFL QB. He bailed out our offense numerous times and when you have a QB that can't (Nathan Peterpickerman), you lose 47-3 with a supposedly UPGRADED defense. We haven't gotten spanked that bad in decades. The saints and chargers game last year were bad, but this was historic. He gets a lot of national media credit, but it was a combo of him managing games and getting turnovers. The defense sucked last year, they just got the ball back.
  10. Elite Poster

    Official TNF Thread: Bungles vs Ravens

    Cordy looking good.
  11. Elite Poster

    McBeane's way of rebuilding makes no sense

    Don't upset the homers.
  12. Elite Poster

    peterman only looked good in preseason because

    And because there is no game planning.
  13. Elite Poster

    talent < teamwork

    Talent + Teamwork + Some Issues > Teamwork + No issues
  14. Elite Poster

    How long will it take?

    Longer than the Jets apparently