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  1. Elite Poster

    What do you expect from Trent Murphy in 2019?

    Yeah that's horrible All of you just did this 2 days ago with Charles Clay. Trent's contract is on the upper end for rotational 2/3 DE. It's actually IMO the worst contract on the team. At least Shady was super productive before this clunker of a season. He's due for nearly 9M (13th highest in the league!) this upcoming season to do what, get 4 sacks and miss 3-4 games... If you don't think our pass rush needs an upgrade, idk what to tell you. That was probably the weakest part of the defense. Pass rush only played well a few times last year.
  2. Elite Poster

    Allen: “Hey Ramsey...am I still trash?” Hahaha

    I'm more of a "do your talking on the field" guy but its good to have a little bit of attitude.
  3. Elite Poster

    McBeane's Moves Now Are For 2020 Success

    So we plan on winning anytime this eon?
  4. Elite Poster

    What do you expect from Trent Murphy in 2019?

    He had injured that knee twice within the last 4 years before...injuring it yet again. From a health and dollar standpoint, this signing made no sense from the day it got announced.
  5. Elite Poster

    Anyone get a stadium focused group invite.

    Or there was a limited amount of invites. So many people this emotional over something so mundane...
  6. Elite Poster

    What do you expect from Trent Murphy in 2019?

    Nada. Was average when healthy and was barely healthy. Not a bad cut option. He's going to be one of the highest paid players on the team if he sticks this year.
  7. I'll take anyone, for the right price. He needs to clear his name as well. Transparency is key.
  8. Elite Poster

    What do you want to see this offseason: Free Agency

    2 OL any position, 1 vet WR, 1 vet CB, and MAYBE a TE. Draft then can be focused on WR/TE/DL
  9. Elite Poster

    Would you trade a high 2020 draft choice for AB?

    He's too old and clearly has some issues beyond football. Elite talent, not the right guy for this team right now. If he was a FA that is a different story. Wouldn't have to lose an asset, I would think about it.
  10. Elite Poster

    Bill Polian on Bills coaching and more....

    3 points: 1. It was THEIR decision to start Peterman and trade for Benjamin. They shouldn't get credit for having a bad roster, they should get blamed. They could've easily went into the year with Anderson and Barkley. Not Peterman. 2. In what world do we give credit to a team for posting up a losing season? This is NFL football. Second year HC's win, even make Superbowls. I understand every situation is different but there were SEVERAL boneheaded decisions made. 3. Polian is a GM of old. He absolutely squandered anything he touched, beyond drafting Manning #1 overall, and his opinions on most things football have been wildly incorrect lately. Remember, this guy LOVED Manziel... I'm not a homer so people will automatically disagree or deny anything I say so here is a link outlining Polian's decade of absolute and utter failure. With Jim Kelly and Peyton freaking Manning, the guy got ONE Superbowl win. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1007781-jim-irsay-fired-bill-chris-polian-for-bad-decade-of-drafting#slide0
  11. Elite Poster

    Maybe now the story will be told on Gurley...

    They stopped running from 11 personnel. Gurley wasn't special until McVay started scheming for him.
  12. Elite Poster

    New Coaches Hired - QB, WR

    Former Panther and FO: Mike Tolbert, Kaelin Klay, Kelvin Bumjamin, Star Lotuleilei, Dean Marlowe, Joe Webb, Corey Brown, Leanord Johnson, Sean McDermott, Beane, Heath Farwell, Dan Morgan, Ken Dorsey, Matt Worswick. I'm sure I've missed some, some are obscure low level staffers, but it's pretty damn clear they play favorites with familiar faces.
  13. Elite Poster

    New Coaches Hired - QB, WR

    Buffalo Panthers. Hopefully he's a good coach but these guys are continually biased towards their Carolina connections and it's not even a secret..
  14. Elite Poster

    Tyrod Taylor has 'nothing but love' for Buffalo

    All it takes is one chucklehead to ruin what should've been a pretty positive thread. Maybe Tyrod was right...
  15. Elite Poster

    Draftniks: Name your 2019 Draft "Crush"

    Hollywood Brown. Last year it was Baker. The year before it was Cooper Kupp/JuJu/Zay, unfortunately its looking like we got the worst one... Excuse me? He's a second round pick at best. Who the hell drafts a RT top 10? He also got abused by the top pass rushers that are coming out. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Watch his tape against Sweat. It was embarrassing.