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  1. Nobody going to say it but we should have 8 more points but Allen is not doing well.
  2. Look! Somebody who actually watches the games and not just the Bills game! Darnold was on fire last week and looked better than any game Josh has had so far this year, just being honest. Paired with their defense getting Mosely back, there is a chance. So many people calling for a blowout are not paying attention, bunch of box score experts. I think it's a one score game either way.
  3. Kyler went for 340 and 3 today with no INT. Allen does that and this message board is upside down. Watch the games kid.
  4. Does that mean Minshew, Kyle Allen, Kyler Murray, and Darnold >>> Allen because we are jumping to conclusions after such few games?
  5. I hope to god he slows down that INT rate. If he can remain efficient without the turnovers, we will have something on our hands. I did too. He does need to keep that number a lot lower than its at but each pick from here on out will make me cringe more than it probably should.
  6. Please name a quarterback who won league MVP in their first year starting while throwing 50 TD passes and 5k yards. This is unheard of. Also, btw, rings are a team statistic. Foles better than Jimbo big guy? He went for 321 and a TD. Imagine being such a dominant player so fast that when you don't pass for 4 TDs you had a bad night apparently... Man how in the world did you see THAT game and call it struggling. Holy hell.
  7. Mahomes is a once in a lifetime type player. Enjoy it while he's here guys.
  8. Love the response from Allen. Good play calling, and it's hard not to love D'Haquille. Great name, great story, and great play.
  9. Josh's career will depend on if he can stop throwing ints at such a ridiculous rate.
  10. That is some bull *****. I still think Josh should learn to slide though. If anyone watched the TNF game, Russell Wilson took off plenty of times and slid over and over, Josh needs to see that game tape.
  11. Excited for Duke and hopefully a healthy dose of Singletary
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