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  1. Cinci has 2 things that these first two teams didnt have. First is a very talented pass rush: Dunlap and Atkins are some of the best in the league. Second is a QB who looks actually capable of throwing the ball downfield
  2. I love that guy. It was so dumb to let him walk. He plays with so much heart, and is finally getting the recognition he deserved. I will never forget Gronk lining up in the slot and Rex Ryan continually putting Robey on him
  3. Ed Oliver has got to be up there. He has been batting balls like crazy
  4. One of the single best QB seasons of all time. In his first season. Flacco also has the last few years where he was not good.
  5. Rivers for sure. Luck comes after him, then after that I guess its Maholmes? After that I guess its Flacco?
  6. He's a weird guy to judge because the stats are the best they've really been in his career... BUT are his stats inflated because hes always playing from behind and has to throw?
  7. How long can Gase continue to ride off the success he had as a coordinator? This guy as a head coach is a trainwreck. Now he's trying to hard to be Bellichek
  8. Coming from a coach that continues to play Eli Manning 5 years past his prime, I dont really trust his judgement.
  9. The Jets are screwed. Their schedule to start the year is BRUTAL. They will be 0-6 for sure after this
  10. where'd you choose that picture from? My brother is in it, I am also weirdly kinda in it. Anyways... Bills 31- Giants 17
  11. to be fair... has any WR taken in the first two rounds of that draft class lived up to expectations other than Juju? I'd say Zay has made more of an impact than Corey Davis or John Ross, arguably more than Mike Williams too due to his availability.
  12. The guy has had a very interesting career on the jets.
  13. I posted this photo on twitter of Allen after he burned Anderson for his TD run, and his wife blocked me.
  14. I think when a 300lb lineman puts his shoulder into you unexpectedly, you might fall down
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