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  1. No they didnt, if they wanted to draft Wilson they would have drafted him. The guy fell to the 3rd round, and everyone knew how talented he was coming into the league
  2. This dude has a just keeps getting new beards
  3. Hopefully the bills commit to him as a long term kicker. For some reason they ran out a patience for Hopkins once he got injured. Look at him now, providing consistent kicking elsewhere.
  4. Damn dude you're way off on that one. He got roasted because he failed to see it as disrespect to the flag. Its been 4 years and someone who went to Purdue and is considered one of the most intelligent people in the NFL couldn't open his ears enough to figure out the message. That is why he got lit up online. I am glad he listened to his teammates and opened up his mind enough to understand the stance. It doesnt take a Purdue education to listen...
  5. People still thing the kneeling was meant to disrespect the flag? Crazy, its been 4 years?
  6. Bringing up Allen throwing 40 less yards a game than Minshew is dumb. The bills were in/leading most of their games. The Jaguars were behind A LOT. Allen made a lot of throws when it mattered, which is why he led the league in game winning drives.
  7. Madden has not improved the game in like 10 years. They dont deserve to have the only license on the game.
  8. Winston and Mariota both had their 5th year options picked up.
  9. Thats a top 5 backup QB looking for an opportunity to show he can start. Thats probably the best place for him
  10. I wish i could have seen him with either the receiving core we have now or the Sammy, Woods, Goodwin, Hogan core.
  11. It doesnt help that the bills gave him such a terrible offensive roster to play with. He was throwing to Stevie and a bunch of undrafted players who couldnt catch balls.
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