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  1. Deadspin was barstool with rules of what they can post, and a parent company that ran out of money.
  2. Are they finally moving to London like they've been planning?
  3. DT will look good when Dirty Harry gets back form injury. That rotation was looking real nice to start the year
  4. Like constantly lining Dimarco up on the outside? I will never understand that
  5. The first few games of the year, Allen was throwing those short balls to Beasley, even today there were 2 of them that worked. I dont know why they took that out of the game plan
  6. We should sign him just for intel. We've got so much cap space left, why not take a chance?
  7. I like the Zubaz designs when its not the whole article of clothing. Except the full Zubaz suit, that thing is sick. This hat is pretty cool.
  8. I wanted it more for the TD vs INT ratios after that patriots game
  9. Hey man, Poyer is awesome. He is so good at stopping the run
  10. can we get an updated photo after the Patriots game?
  11. The allen hate is always there but how did they rank Brissett so high? That guy is awesome. Bridgewater is also playing great and is ranked terribly.
  12. I know, I was talking about Robey. They cut Robey, even though he wasnt making much money
  13. Mcdermott never should have gotten rid of Robey. He was great with us and has turned into a top slot corner on the Rams. Also Woods, he was a victim of bad quarterbacking. Woods always placed nice blocks and made big plays when the ball was thrown to him.
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