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Jags voided Fournettes gurantees - Silver says divorce is imminent

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On 1/11/2019 at 11:27 AM, BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P said:

Fournette is leagues better than Trent. Literally. He'll last far longer in the NFL than Trent's 3-4 year rapid outting.


Trent isn't NFL talent. Dude can't even run straight.. through a hole. His lack of ball carrier vision was mind boggling.


Fournette's got injury and attitude issues. But he at least belongs. No way he's out of the NFL for lack of talent in the near future. Probably drafted too high, but that's where the comparison ends. At the very worst he'll carve out a Blount-like journeyman role to any team that needs a strong cheap plug in their running game as a 1-3 year's rental. He's more Blount 2.0

He is Blunt but with break away speed.  His issues are all injury related.  His running style is very aggressive and he takes too many unwarranted shots.  With basically every draft eligible Rb from college declaring I would draft 2 starting with the 3rd rd on.  

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