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  1. yup, America sucks, everything it does is evil and horrible.... too bad we weren't all living in a Communist Utopia...
  2. i'll do my daily run through 6 grocery stores within a mile from home and see what i can glean that is currently more priceless than diamonds
  3. i can't tell the 2 apart, one said SARS and the other Ebola
  4. imagine this was treatable by antibiotics and the mass panic that would induce
  5. and ignored like forever ago
  6. could use his father's brain and insouciance right now....
  7. she turned out to be the party machine Brandy, you're a fine girl what a good wife you would make I'm getting closer to my home (repeat 85 times)
  8. I'm the biggest idiot that i know thought you'd be back to guide us in this panic it has been around in every major city since mid-January at the latest
  9. thank you for your sane guidance, it was missed...
  10. TPS is the little demon imp on your shoulder whispering that the worst is just around the corner clever little comments no matter what happens.... ignored
  11. have felt that way since i was first aware of them in.... 1973??
  12. the most common sense practical people in my life are spiritual, put most of us to shame they aren't watching MSM for boiling of their emotions
  13. at the grocery store yesterday, friend had someone cut in line ahead wearing a full hazmat with massive respirator and a handcart of a normal grocery basket i won't forward the picture as it might frighten you too much i suggested he pinch the airpipe for a few seconds next time
  14. Bob may have a point chill, roll a fattie, don't worry about it mang.....
  15. there is no point at all with Tibs just think of a situation, like you see a bottle of sulphuric acid on the counter, Tibs will always advise to drink it
  16. one night I had to drive home in an ice storm, on the highway i was good at 60 km/h that took 2 hours without incident when i got back to the city, for the last few miles home, people were barely crawling around at 20 km, terrified to move at all i had to put up with it for awhile....
  17. the next second for the rest of eternity will be a million times worse than the present
  18. they won't listen, they never do, their entire life.... try to avoid people like that at all costs...
  19. he invoked SARS, next he'll take credit for solving polio
  20. after it's over Day 1: what lessons were to be learned here Day 2: ignore everything from day 1 and amp it up 10 times more hoax-ish the next time
  21. those people suck, they exposed themselves as suck-people every day of the Trump Admin of course they'd take this tactic ignore them, they aren't worth the sweat off my dog's *****
  22. don't worry students, the Integral portion of the calculus course, the 2nd half of the year will be easy and you can just put your emotional feelings on paper as to the answer
  23. i know, am in the financial district of Toronto today, 3 of the 14 in the office showed up (we are free to work from home if we wish) my heroes are those working a cash register for their shift
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