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  1. James gave us one of the best plays of the first Bills SB, he plays with house $$$ on a broadcast team
  2. you are spending hours of your short time on earth regurgitating this endlessly?
  3. Google Ray Lewis guilty plea, how do you not know this
  4. The Dems have a perfect solution for Syria and Turkey? The world would love to hear it
  5. I only win when I don’t plot to, i was sitting 2/3 of the way up the baseline section, didn’t know they carried that far in a line drive over hands also caught a mini-basketball at a game, I was in the 4th row so it seemed possible
  6. I know but you’d be shocked to see how often the NL wins the WS, always seeming the weaker option i bet many fans have forgotten the Giants won 3 times in the last decade.
  7. basically approved? okay... that is still not answering how Montreal can possibly fund a MLB franchise, this isn't a joke... keep on dreaming
  8. are you aggressive in seeking out a baseball? i wasn't paying attention and got hit in the chest by a t-shirt fired from a shirt cannon at a Raptors game, it fell into the seat in front of me and i gave it to a kid the row behind me it kinda smarted a bit, the surprise the most of it, glad i didn't get hit in the face
  9. that has to be a goal, even if impossible but keep limiting it
  10. i'm 0 for over 2,000 MLB games at catching a foul or home run ball at 34 ballparks
  11. doubt it, the corporate $$$ isn't there to sustain a serious commitment to baseball or maybe they don't mind an annual bloodbath on the financials that was a joke trial balloon last year
  12. --------------- China should invite the NBA champs next year to Beijing, see if LeBron arrives first for the ceremony
  13. wait... what? keeping this glorious Fish/Bills game away from everyone but their respective cities? the worst part is the all-white of Canada means the only game we get in the Eskimos/Rough Riders tilt......
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