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  1. row_33

    Do You BitCoin?

    saw my first seized Bitcoin ATM at a forensic computer lab this week
  2. Rachel Maddow best moderator ever is the other headline already written
  3. if you changed "by" to "bi" in the title it would alter the entire meaning
  4. so Parcells and Belichick absolutely stole a Super Bowl on the Bills, the Giants completely smothered "on paper" by the Bills...
  5. the no huddle wasn't required to steamroll over the all-time most horrible useless AFC a normal O with that lineup would have preserved Kelly's health for a few more prime years
  6. they didn't win a game they weren't supposed to win they lost some HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE one's they had no excuse in a million years losing but Marv did a good job keeping the egos in check and having a consistently solid team on the field for 6 or so years, so that is rare and admirable and they would have stopped a determined Bavaro.... how exactly???
  7. US hacks other country's elections other countries hack the US election big whoop
  8. we know all that. give us some credit... Moby Grape's founder Skip Spence wound up in a psych ward and recorded tunes and they released it on him without his permission. The Oar album ranks up there's with Sid Barrett's solo efforts One fun quote involving the Fillmore East... We had to do the album in New York because the producer wanted to be with his family. So we had to leave our families and spend months at a time in hotel rooms in New York City. Finally I just quit and went back to California. I got a phone call after a couple of days. They'd played a Filmore East gig without me, and Skippy took off with some black witch afterward who fed him full of acid. It was like that scene in the Doors movie. He thought he was the anti-Christ. He tried to chop down the hotel room door with a fire axe to kill Don to save him from himself. He went up to the 52nd floor of the CBS building where they had to wrestle him to the ground.
  9. usually a Court decides that issue it's a very serious accusation and requires immediate police action if it has occurred
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