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  1. so just who has appointed themselves the little tin solider lord god of determining the truth of a statement?
  2. shoot my cap gun on this flight tonight
  3. "I want you to want me" is way too easy to respond to.... Oh baby this is nowhere Wish I was somewhere - over you Your sweet lips tell me there's no chance No more romance - over you
  4. i was standing in the cashier's line last week and a woman plowed right into me at full speed with her shopping cart... WTF was that????
  5. HUH??? how many straw men have you created in that skull of yours?
  6. yeah, that's fine for the US to keep out people it doesn't want to enter the US not the same as Socialist actions like the Berlin Wall or the Warsaw Ghetto
  7. a wall to keep people out is not the same as to keep people in.... of course the liberal media claimed the Berlin Wall was just as much keeping the West out of the East as the other way around they have always been totally dead ***** wrong on everything....
  8. it's all about making sure everyone has to hear about and suffer under their unjustified resentment, it is a way of life
  9. great Anne Murray cover tune... if I lose my mind, Mama, I wanna be here with you Have them lock me up and see I have good care But I just couldn't stand his torture any longer I was afraid of what I'd do if I stayed there
  10. I see Odor is on the IL, always enjoy him playing ag'in the Jays
  11. The Stones and Elvis Costello used the N-word in songs I think AC/DC did as well a few times but goodness knows what that was, or could be proven...
  12. Mark Twain manuscripts and other items are in the city to be partaken in if you are so inclined. Not sure if the Morton Feldman U of B archives are accessible, he's a favourite of mine from the 20th century, sparked by a feature in The New Yorker where his response to a rehearsal of a 4 hour string quartet he composed, was "you were too ***** loud and too ***** fast!!!!"
  13. she thinks she has taken Jesus's place on the cross and the tomb, she will rise from the dead tomorrow and ascend into heaven shortly (we could all be so lucky on the last one)
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