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  1. everything is super breezy and peachy keen and no probs at all at an NFL game until the incident.... actually if you survived it you won't have anything to do with the NFL ever again
  2. the Bills are praying for the chance to hand him millions and get nothing in return again? the NFL's insurance issues are exponential compared to MLB's....
  3. if the freaks and crazies at 2020 Dem don't make 1968 look like a picnic, i will be very very disappointed....
  4. what would they do without the mandatory "2 HOURS HATE" every day on the left?
  5. if it don't matter, treat it like a preseason game and drop enough hints at daily pressers so that we may gamble "more intelligently"
  6. not like Trump can wave a magic wand your jobs are gone, SUCKS 2 B you, losers!!! (chortle)
  7. so even with a playoff of 8 Bama wouldn't have made it in from the polls? can they ask everyone who voted Bama 10th or worse if they honestly believed that any team outside the top 4 could still be in the game at halftime with them on a neutral field? the laughter never stops....
  8. ------------ LSU started at 11 and now up to 13 over Oklahoma, should climb higher and Clemson opened at 1, now up to 2.5 fave
  9. not as though you are frozen out from getting your say every 2 years in major US elections....
  10. the best was Toronto Mayor a few terms ago when Rob Ford was running against a lefty liberal darling the polls were deadlocked and at 2 minutes before 8pm all the TV geniuses said it would maybe never get resolved so at 8:02pm the results poured in with a complete landslide for Ford... ----------------- the best bias ever was when Pataki knocked off Emperor Cuomo for NY governor with 90% reporting and Pataki with a large lead they STILL refused to admit him even LEADING the race due to their horrible horrible bias and cheerleading
  11. bring her back bring her back
  12. hopefully we get a major speaker at the Dem Convention 2020 to state his disdain for the gestapo tactics of the party and its organizers, just like 1968
  13. so 51% of the country wants to work hard and study hard and obey the law and take care of their families and 49% want to ***** in the streets and B word and moan and scream all the time and set up fake impeachment hearings fine with me
  14. all a President had to do was show up with some gumption that was it...
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