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  1. Not if you watch every play inventing a reason to whine I guess pissing and moaning about the refs the whole game gives them a purpose in life
  2. row_33

    Share some music thread

    Enjoy while you can
  3. row_33

    Favorite Beatles Album

    They had minimal filler on albums for their era, compared to the Stones and the utter nonsense on Beach Boys albums
  4. row_33

    Honorable Ed

    one death on the field, from a heart attack, in the 1970s?
  5. row_33

    What’s your definition of an alcoholic?

    company dinner tonight, will drink about 3 times the aggregate that I drink the rest of the year
  6. people want to watch America's Team
  7. there is always a minivan filled with coaches who are very good at squeezing out a few extra wins in the regular season from a team that is on the rise
  8. row_33

    Who is Rooting for Miami (sorta)?

    agreed but it's really sad we have these feelings even though nothing has honestly mattered about Miami for two decades
  9. probably want a new head coach when Andy biffs again in a clutch finish
  10. row_33

    Who is Rooting for Miami (sorta)?

    do you have friends or in-laws who are bandwagon Pats fans? so you can tell them pregame how the Bills are gonna destroy Brady? and then you can watch it with them and gloat when the Bills cakewalk to the win?
  11. i remember some fan of Marty at work boasting about how he was going to put it to Belichick in the playoffs i think it was a horribly botched FG decision by Marty as if it was ever in doubt what was gonna happen....
  12. row_33

    What’s your definition of an alcoholic?

    you mean when you bent down your junk could see its shadow on the ground? you gotta do what you gotta do, don't let that woman tell you otherwise
  13. row_33

    Favorite Beatles Album

    another strange unheralded story of Swinging London the absence of the Krays from the Beatles story has always been puzzling...