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  1. tell me your big funny punchline for mockery of the people who died on 9/11 you are mocking people being murdered? really? you wonder why most of the world thinks your country is filled with the worst people on earth?
  2. Yup Maybe a Canadian SiriusXM outlet
  3. Andy, my Andy you are supposed to totally ***** up a big game in the LAST two minutes not the FIRST two minutes!!!!
  4. Only Larry Holmes jumped on a car like a boss, to get at Trevor Berbick
  5. Nancy makes us wait another half hour at the picnic so she can try to throw a Frisbee but it hits the ground two feet away and rolls under a car 15 times in a row now... wait, she is good at this...
  6. chiefs or Texans thread, sport....
  7. the pinko paper of Canada tells me Iran deliberately aimed not to hurt an American, as if they could hit a cow in the behind with a shovel but then they kill 57 Canadians on a passenger jet, and... well...:.:: reporters here are more punchdrunk than CNN
  8. he doesn’t “deserve” anything gotta earn it this isn’t handing out Participation Ribbons guy’s been an all-time choke artist so freaking WIN for once when it’s a close game...
  9. Chiefs win if it’s a blowout if it’s close then Andy should do his usually fold-up and choke, glaring in shock and horror at his little plastic play chart as if it’s suddenly written in Cantonese
  10. his Bubba’s Book Club website was good for interesting reading suggestions
  11. CNN doesn’t deal in ANY kind of realism in its product...
  12. A Rip van Winkle sleep for all fans, but I refrain a bit in case it is serious....
  13. Almost impossible to imagine any team put 3 men out there at QB in a season, and compete if a good QB was in there it would have 5 straight losses for the Bills to end the season? not to mention what the Steelers lost at skill positions heading into last season
  14. Pray you find the WIzard and he gives you snowflakes a heart and brain and courage in one fell swoop?
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