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  1. Larry Fitzgerald is an amazing ambassador for the game.
  2. Gruden and the Raiders could not have played this worse. They not only gave in to AB over and over again, they embarrassed their GM by not backing him up. They wasted draft capital on two clowns that Pittsburgh clearly had given every opportunity too. They paid or at least showed a willingness to pay top $ for questionable free agents and yet decided it wasn't worth it to pay for their own talented players in house already. It's between the Raiders and Knicks for worst run franchises in all of sports.
  3. They decided to not pay Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper in their primes but inked this jackass instead. At least Chucky only has 9 years and 90 million on his contract. He would probably love for the whole thing to blow up and end with his firing like Rexy. Easy money
  4. By your standards, the Steelers and Patriots fans are the only teams who should feel good about their QBs and teams. Perhaps the Chiefs as well but if Mahomes only wins 8 games this year it's time to panic.
  5. How long is a far question and I think it is determined by the city. Honestly that's good enough for Buffalo forever. Dallas has been bad for a long time now and its been great to be relevant again. That fan base and organization will be ready to jump ship at the first bad season now though. Probably unfairly Brees had a few really lean years in NO. Rivers hasn't won a thing really and has had some terrible records. Luck hasnt followed through with expectations to this point. Stafford hasn't won nearly enough games. Matt Ryan has been up and down and fell apart in the biggest moment in franchise history. Rodgers has a Superbowl but hasn't sniffed one since. Give any of those QBs above Daks record and they are applauded by media and fans alike.
  6. I think more of Dak as a player than most and I also think he is a strong leader. I think fans get uneasy when they feel a player is getting significantly over paid because it means a ton of other talent is going out the door in the next few seasons.
  7. You are way off base on this one. Most NFL fan bases would be thrilled to average more than ten wins a season over three years and be discussing how they can get deeper into the playoffs. Buffalo would be overflowing with newborns named Dak.
  8. Agreed. Ngakue and Ford could never have played Batman.
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