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  1. I didn't say that I felt it was personally disrespectful. I said that some people do. If you wanted to start a conversation like Kaep originally claimed it probably doesn't make sense to start that way. Obviously it's too deep for you.
  2. No reason to kneel during the national anthem unless you want to make a statement through silent disregard. I don't think too many people even care about it anymore. By the end of this season it will have the punch of the ice bucket challenge.
  3. Kneeling during the national anthem was/is intentionally done to be disrespectful. Whether you personally feel disrespected is up to you. It is specifically done at an exact time that everyone know will bother some. If it wasn't intentional the kneeling would take place before the game, halftime, or after the game. I have never been bothered by it, even in the beginning. I do think it is completely ineffective and silly. The story has always been more about the kneeling than the message. It also doesn't make sense to say you want to be heard and then start the process by intentiona
  4. This is inaccurate. There were less than 100 idiots with assault rifles and said idiots caused no damage. The violence, death, destruction, and number of players involved in the riots is obviously not even close. I don't understand the point of this argument but comparing the trash that showed up in Michigan isn't a comparison at all.
  5. I agree, Shaq will be better than Addison this year. Although our D shouldn't miss a beat.
  6. Perhaps you should post a video of yourself listing the posters you would like to participate in the project. At least it would show the posters you are willing to put your money where your mouth is.
  7. What loss of "privilege" comes with a better life for minorities? I think that would make for a better life for everyone including my kids. In fact I don't care if it means I have a smaller piece of the pie. My slice isn't all that big right now but i don't care. Defunding police, rooting out racism on Facebook, and making white people apologize doesn't fix anything though.
  8. This is where the pushback on BLM is agreeing with you. The disregard for educating the youth in many black communities is destroying them. These conditions will never change until this is overcome. Police brutality is just passing the buck again. The politicians and media who push this agenda have a vested interest in your anger.
  9. What about the black people that disagree with your opinion? The ones that are shamed into silence. Does their black skin work for you too?
  10. No not a bad idea and should be explored. The problem is that the term "defunding police" is an absurd way to describe that. On top of that you actually have morons trying to convince people we should have no police.
  11. To further the point, 1st generation immigrants in the same city school districts have had success. Kids that come from very different parts of the world and have language barriers.
  12. I would agree that in some communities the education system is failing but it is more attributed to the parents. My neighbors are City of Rochester teachers and they get nothing from parents. 120 students and maybe 1 or 2 parents show up to parent teacher meetings, no call backs, no emails answered, no shows by students, etc. It's not for lack of erasers that the school is failing. As far as the lunches go, I know that the schools were delivering meals by bus during the coronavirus portion of the school year. Kids were getting meals everyday. A math teacher at one of th
  13. The education system is not totally broken.
  14. Twitter has had a negative impact on the country/world. To many people hold the instant opinions of celebs in high regard. How many NFL players need to condemn Jake Fromm? I don't hear a peep from any of these guys when a player beats on a woman. The issue should have been handled in house but that's not today's world and it's a shame.
  15. Or we could work on educating our black youth and assisting the black business owner
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