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  1. I liked the documentary but it was closer to good than great. I think it was one episode too long and they really started repeating the same information. Some things that stood out to me: 1. I enjoyed Odin Lloyd's friend paying tribute to his life. I thought the semi pro scenes and his friends/family interviews were strong. 2. The town in Connecticut were Hernandez played highschool football was a little bizarre. I thought every contributor from that town was off. Something in the water? 3. My hatred for Robert Kraft is far worse than Brady or Belichek. He just makes me sick. 4. Jose Baez is a stud lawyer. 5. The Gronkowski family is full of mouth breathers but thats not news.
  2. I liked Phillips this year. I don't have the time to watch film like some of you but I'm inclined to believe what most are saying. It's kind of disappointing because I thought he was making a bigger impact off of just watching the games live. I didnt identify the significant run deficiencies. I have a strange feeling that the Bills are going to pay him though.
  3. I'd love Ekeler on the Bills. He is a gamer and an undrafted guy that has earned everything. I think that fits our team. I would also draft a RB mid to late.
  4. Same posters trolling and whining all the time. Can the rest of you imagine what it must be like to live your life that way? Congrats to Tremaine! Big accomplishment for such a young player.
  5. I agree 100 percent. Charlie Sheen like IMO. Although I think AB is a much worse human being to begin with.
  6. "if I'm being honest" If? So it's anyone's guess?
  7. I agree with your thoughts on being in a position where we should probably take a chance. The opportunity to put the highest level talent on your team (outside of the draft) only comes with strings attached. OBJ wouldn't be the guy I gambled with though. He is a locker room liability and I think he lives to be a distraction. I really didn't like the way conducted himself in Cleveland this year. He undermines coaches and creates toxic environments.
  8. He will be a beast next year! Get well big guy
  9. I don't see it as consistent with CTE as you do. I was in the Marine Corps. for a 8 years and have had exposure to numerous friends with PTSD and CTE. I am not putting myself out there as an expert because I am not but I do have some real life experience. I also know that numerous athletes have felt the effects of CTE from football, boxing, MMA, etc. but you have few examples of this type of calculated attention seeking nonsense. This guy is just your basic scum in my opinion.
  10. Am I the only one who sees AB as more scumbag than mentally ill? The whole CTE excuse is a nice and convenient explanation for a guy that can turn his behavior on and off whenever he pleases. This video is a reflection of a garbage culture that is growing in our society. You can go on YouTube and find 1,000s of videos of people acting this way or worse in public. He is low on IQ and high on ghetto.
  11. Ricky Williams was significantly better than Lynch.
  12. I chose edge rusher because I think that without that piece our strength/identity is in jeopardy.
  13. Plenty of missed tackles to go around. I'm sure every Bills fan has one that sticks out in their mind. The missed tackle that bothered me the most was the 3rd and 18 that they gave up. It was after Neal got the sack on Watson and momentum was shifting back to the Bills. In my opinion that was a ridiculously routine play to get on a simple dump off. The Bills had Edmunds and Neal in position to make the tackle and they let the ball carrier (Duke Johnson I think) blast through for the first down. As others have pointed out in this thread. The safeties are at worst a very good combo. I don't see how anyone objectively finds too much fault with the secondary.
  14. Hyde is a stud and Poyer is very good. I think Poyer had a few glaring missed tackles against Houston and that has made a lasting impression on some. His season as a whole was solid.
  15. Needle

    RIP Don Imus

    I don't know a lot about Imus but he must own some real estate in your head. That is kind of amusing I guess. RIP
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