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  1. Brady is a complete weirdo. I can't even stomach him anymore. You can call it sour grapes and that is undeniable. The other truth is that I wouldnt care for him if he worked with me and never played football. Just a douche
  2. I would pay him. I doubt the asking price is really 45 million per year. I have no problem with a 4 year deal either. Dak isn't great but he is very good. I think he is a great teammate, leader, and winner as well. You get his best years with this deal.
  3. This just paves the way for Josh Allen's pet rock project
  4. This kind of rhetoric is useless and has no positive impact on anything. Should we consider the criminal statistics on young black men as well? Perhaps you are just trolling or maybe you really do think this way? The skin color of the cops or the accused shouldn't be used in a suggestive manner as both ways show ignorance. I think Oliver is a good kid and this will be a learning experience for him. I also don't think McDermott will write him off. Some posters are obsessed with using worn out phrases like "choir boys" and "process type player". I really don't think McDermott or anyone in the organization believes that players should me mistake free. I would guess they are looking for effort, focus, growth, and responsibility. All of which can be shown despite mistakes. I still love Ed Oliver and glad he his on our side.
  5. Our all time WRs aren't as good as what many current teams have right now. Sad truth
  6. Sean Payton rubs me the wrong way. I hate his smug look and stupid visors. Go ahead Roger......drop the hammer
  7. I am jealous of Dalton to the Cowboys. I like what Barkley has done for Josh. He has also played decently in the short term. However, IMO the season would be lost if either Barkley or Fromm had to play for an extended period of time. Dalton and Winston would have been great at the current price tag.
  8. I miss breakfast at a diner. It has always been my favorite meal out.
  9. Fromm is a competitor and that is as important as talent to this regime. I think he indirectly pushes Josh without having a QB controversy. Josh being a competitor himself cannot have the backup out working him.
  10. I liked the videos. They weren't incredible or anything but good for a one time watch. I agree with Ridgeway that everyone is in a race to dump on something because they feel it props them up a bit.
  11. I saw someone at the gas station with a mask on, gloves on, goggles, swimmer cap, and Wegmans bags rubber banded around shoes.
  12. Having to cancel my son's 4th birthday party, having my daughters soccer season pretty much wiped out (first year travel, practiced all winter), and my 5 year olds first tball season is history too. Similar disappointments
  13. Zweigle's by a mile. Ted's is okay but as far as the actual dog goes.......not close. I've eaten at Ted's a dozen or so times over the years and I never understood the craze.
  14. I like your wording better and agree with the rest.
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