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DT Star Lotulelei to Bills!

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A space eater who can protect the LBs.     His stats will suck but he'll be a huge factor in the run defense...

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Not sure he needs to get back on track, just because he doesn't have great stats. 


Do we know he wasn't taking on doubles regularly with Carolina? I honestly haven't watched enough game film to assess, but everyone saying he's flopped, have you? 


DT is a position where you can make significant impact without significant numbers. Given McBeane's history with Star, and the fact they clearly targeted him early, I trust they know and like the player. 

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I have mixed feelings of this pick.


On one hand he fills a big need and probably will be a good run plugger.


On the other hand he doesn't get many tackles or sacks and he hasn't graded out well with PFF.   Not to say that they are the be all and end all but it is a data point.


I have heard arguments that he has played well despite his lack of stats but I can't lie, I'm a little concerned.   


But I do trust the process.  I do trust their familiarity with him and if they are good with him than so will I.


Here's to hoping that he ends up being a good run stuffer for us.   Hopefully he doesn't break the bank either.

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