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  1. Misterbluesky

    McyD a coach of the year candidate?

    Except for the Baltimore game,we were in every game this year? Nope.
  2. Misterbluesky

    #31/#29 UB @ Ohio 11/14 7p ESPN2

    Very little effort,tonight.
  3. Misterbluesky

    Would you pursue Patrick Kane

    The "rape thing" was a failed money grab..and if want to talk about "D" - bags,look no further than Jack,he's a young,cocky kid in public.
  4. Misterbluesky

    Bills Sign WR Deonte Thompson to a 1-Year Deal

    Solid move...Beane should have never let him walk.He fights to get open,something we were severely lacking.
  5. Misterbluesky

    Most Famous Bills Fan you ever met

    You must have went to Maryvale? When he comes home,he can be found at Mr.Bill's on Cleveland Dr...
  6. Misterbluesky

    Mets fans?

    Remember fellas....when you get home from work..6pm MLBN. Is 12.9 a year enough for Jake?
  7. Misterbluesky

    California wildfires

    Straight up...
  8. Misterbluesky

    I have a mouse

    Slow down.
  9. Misterbluesky

    California wildfires

    Your home should be spotless...teach them about the days of depression,when children went to bed soon after the sun set...candles were expensive. TV -off Internet- off Radio-PBS only But I guess....that would be considered child abuse these days...
  10. Misterbluesky

    Bills have #27th ranked Defense according to ESPN

    Some fellas on here think we have 4-5 pro bowl caliber players on defense.Pipe dream...?
  11. Misterbluesky

    LAMP: I Just Need to Vent

    No honeymoon..he's *****.
  12. Misterbluesky

    Is our offensive roster good now?

    Yep...our offensive unit is now New Orleans or L.A.Rams like..lethal,baby.
  13. Misterbluesky

    Is our offensive roster good now?

    Jordan Phillips has been a very solid pick up.Miami didn't want his cocky attitude..he plays angry football...mean football.IMO...Beane should work on a contract now.
  14. Misterbluesky

    Is our offensive roster good now?

    2nd round-Anthony Johnson...
  15. Misterbluesky

    Is our offensive roster good now?

    Because of one player..Wyatt Teller.