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  1. Misterbluesky

    Bills Thin on “O”

    Cordy Glenn was not our best OT last year....that's when I stopped reading.
  2. Misterbluesky

    Favorite Tom Hanks movie?

    Forrest Gump.
  3. Misterbluesky

    The Bills have bragging rights over the Packers

    So you opted out of the other verbose offer...wise idea.
  4. Misterbluesky

    The Bills have bragging rights over the Packers

    You're thinking of someone else. You guys have fun..lot's of fun.You guys and our guys.Just keep an eye on Augie,he might drift off and end up in Winnipeg.
  5. Misterbluesky

    EJ Manuel says benching with Bills sent him into depression

    Do you remember his last game as a Bill (at Jets)? That display was much more than not good enough.At least he never stole food from a Winn Dixie like that other FSU QB did.It's a wash..I think?
  6. Misterbluesky

    Mets fans?

    I have a nearly full book,thanks to my grandparents,who retired there. My pop also got some nice perks from work,which included a free rental at a condo in the bay area. The only ****ty part of those trips was the fact that my father was too cheap to fly us down to Florida.Being with Dad,Mom ,two younger sisters and a young brother in a station wagon for two days was taxing...just one stop in North Carolina. Four dang days out of the two week spring recess break was spent in a car...and I don't recall having air conditioning in that so called luxury set of wheels.I shouldn't complain..those were some sweet times.p.s- We shared the stadium with the Cardinals then,with our limited time we had down there,we had to see them "down the road". Pirates in Bradenton..Red Sox in Lakeland,Detroit in a place called Joker Stadium .So many teams were centered around that Tampa-St.Pete area at that time..as a kid,it was autograph and photo heaven.I've never been to the Port St.Lucie facility,I wonder how family/fan friendly it is.
  7. Misterbluesky

    Mets fans?

    I love to hear stories like this. I remember when players were approachable when we played ST at Al Lang Stadium...the players and even guys like Rube Walker would chat with fans out in the hot,not so private,parking lot after games.Thanks to my pop and our family trips down to ST.Pete nearly every spring,i have myself one hell of a autograph book.Our son is coming up for a visit in September...I plan on gifting him the book since he's the collector type.
  8. Misterbluesky

    Mets fans?

    Pure speculation on my part but I can easily see Cabbie going back to the Indians.
  9. Sorry to hear this news. Hopefully it's something minor and correctable.
  10. Misterbluesky

    Are you consistent with your annual physical?

    I had a biopsy of my bladder done with no IV (meds). Never again. This...100 % spot on.
  11. Misterbluesky

    Plan to Fix the NCAA

    So he got paid to play in a bowl game.
  12. Misterbluesky

    Mets fans?

    Ike Davis being one of the biggest busts ...I bought into that lanky kid..hook,line and sinker.
  13. Misterbluesky

    Mets fans?

    More proof why Smith is not going to be a Met much longer.