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  1. They were booked early at St.Gabriel's seems like forever..they always sold out our 50's dances. Rip..he was a down to earth guy.
  2. I remember him in a good Miami Vice episode...Cocoon as well.
  3. Poloncarz just did a shot at the end of his presser. I'm polish but never tried it..one of these days I will. Happy Dyngus Day.
  4. Best of days to you Jim...enjoy your day. Happy Birthday.
  5. Carol went to Danny's (airport) on GF...1&1/2 hour wait for curbside.Worst fish ever..one beer battered haddock and baked cod..thumbs down. The coconut shrimps were ok..but too crispy.she ordered pina colada sauce..instead got plum.I We won't order from there again.
  6. Chances are 50/50 that my right leg below my knee will be saved. Tough spot for me now....so happy to be at home now after 4 months away.I do need another surgery because of a bypass issue...home nurse care twice a week to prevent infection.
  7. Lime..you will be in my thoughts and prayers. God bless.
  8. After being gone from home for 4 months...I got myself hooked on Mary's kitchen corned beef hash with fried eggs...only on weekends..very high in fat..but it tastes so good.enjoy the game Gug..I have little interest since I don't like either team.
  9. Hope you had a good day..belated happy birthday to you.
  10. Made it back home on tuesday...missed you fellas.
  11. On a positive note..Unger from CH 7 said Croom practiced yesterday. I need to see if Wade can block before I make a decision..
  12. Looks like the Islanders (ice hockey) are getting a new expensive arena. Thanks,Albany.
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