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  1. Gugny has the answers..he's the crust king .
  2. The clowns are testing your leadership skills. Don't bow down. Crust is King.
  3. You have the best sauce in b-low and you have those original buffalo pizza logs on your menu..you must do that as a courtesy to somebody🌝
  4. I hear you..things are rough right now.He's fine though.. Nice crowd this afternoon..must be "student day"?
  5. Would it have killed Edith or Gloria to buy Arch a Mets t-shirt..they lived Queens for crying out loud. Doug Heffernan was the man...he always sported Mets gear on his two shows.
  6. You're never going to believe what my wife found here in b-low... Sabrett hot dogs at a place called Hot Dog Heaven...getting some real NYC/Jersey dogs for the game...
  7. I really want him on my fantasy team this year.
  8. Kilome was assigned to Binghamton...seems early after the Tommy John.
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