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  1. On a positive note..Unger from CH 7 said Croom practiced yesterday. I need to see if Wade can block before I make a decision..
  2. Looks like the Islanders (ice hockey) are getting a new expensive arena. Thanks,Albany.
  3. Panik is starting at 2nd tonight.
  4. Anybody has to be a upgrade over Hechavarria/Guillorme right now.
  5. If one of those chicks was named Tommy and you delivered to Gold St.... Grins
  6. I said that earlier..and I never heard or saw a report that said Feliciano was getting reps at center this summer. Coach has a plan on place.
  7. I saw him at center when Barkley came in for Josh. Had a nice block on the Barkley/Foster mishap play on third down.:54 seconds 1st qtr.
  8. Yet another person that didn't see the sun hit him in his face.
  9. This is why I never chuckle when a key player or any player for that matter from another team suffers a bad injury. What goes around..comes around. I would very,very surprised if he doesn't retire within the next few weeks.
  10. Morse won't practice next week...pads,full contact play starting on Tuesday against Carolina. Bodine is not NFL material...my bud is Bengals fan..lives down there..no tears were shed when he shuffled off the Buffalo. Long is the most important player to watch now...he was limited last night (Barkley first drive)...he held his own.
  11. Look at :52 in the first qtr..Barkley gives him the sign to go deep after breaking huddle...Foster ran the route of the original call...no excuse. Also..His drop in the flat from Barkley was something that doesn't happen to solid wr's either...at least he broke free from the coverage..but the ball did hit his ten fingers and boof. Right now..he's still a one trick pony who needs to know his playbook better and become more alert. Imo..Foster is #6 right now.,nothing more,nothing less. Kudos to McKenzie for having a solid night.
  12. It would be a plus for Wyatt if they would give him some pt this week on the other side.Next week would be the time to do it since we are going pads on with the Panthers starting next tuesday. Who Teller had 5 ? If so,he was a rookie (5th round) tossed into a starting spot. Is he raw..yes he is.
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