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  1. Misterbluesky

    Updates from Senior Bowl week in Mobile, AL

    I wouldn't mind him in the 5th round...get Hogan back too.We need to do better than Jones in that flanker spot.
  2. Misterbluesky

    (#14) UB loses @ N. Illinois 77-75

    This team hasn't played discipline basketball in their last three games .Not to mention, 37% from the field,tonight They didn't deserve it.
  3. Misterbluesky

    (#14) UB loses @ N. Illinois 77-75

    10 turnovers in the first half .Everything is ugly right now.
  4. A few others..Frank's on Broadway in Lancaster and Eddie Brady on chip& genesee.
  5. Misterbluesky

    (#14) UB loses @ N. Illinois 77-75

    NI has the better outside game but we should be ok in the paint.We have to get hot from three point land soon,that's a no brainer....this one should be high scoring. Listening to Whetzel tonight..
  6. Misterbluesky

    If they make PI reviewable...

    I was simply stating a fact,33.
  7. Misterbluesky

    Do you do it yourself ???

    Even DC Tom wouldn't go there.
  8. Misterbluesky

    Brandon Reilly signs with Lions

    So..you want Chris Hogan back with us next season? Best idea you had in sometime. I love you.
  9. Misterbluesky

    If they make PI reviewable...

    The CFL does it.
  10. My son graduated from Canisius College also....$$$$$$. And some of the old dudes hit on young men dressed as "club girls".
  11. Misterbluesky

    Chiefs fire longtime DC Bob Sutton

    This news shouldn't be a surprise..their defense was soft butter nearly the entire season. Not one of you had the KC defense on your fantasy team..
  12. He has to go big on offense this spring..it's a must,not just a need.
  13. Misterbluesky

    Mets fans?

    Just some news about some former Mets: Wilmer signed a one year with Arizona and Cabbie does the same with the Rangers.I'm surprised Wil passed the physical out there since our medical staff diagnosed him with arthritic knees. Other than that...nothing going on.