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  1. I wish him well...hopefully he gets some rock solid ratings this year and will replace Booger McFarland on MNF in 2020.
  2. Not so much on a steak for me but love it in a beef burger.as the op/fergy brought up the skillet way of doing things...I thought of burgers. If I'm having a good day..home alone in the afternoon..I'll grab some ground beef from the freezer..mix in Worcestershire sauce and egg,bread crumbs..give it a fry..add sliced raw onion on a Kaiser roll..oh yes..that is living. It's big in southern Louisiana/bayou...I've had it in jambalaya before.. Pretty much like fish oil..with the anchovies in there.. My bride hates the stuff.
  3. Yes sir,solid idea with any produce that is totally edible. Even the shell of melons should be cleansed..the knife hits the dirty part before the "meat"
  4. Don't joke around..you and your hard ass buds from South Buffalo would have have hand delivered black eyes if you saw a dude walking the streets in sandals.
  5. Wouldn't matter to me but my bride buys the grass fed..chicken farm raised..Eggland's Best ..etc. I think it's a waste of money buying those "organic" types. Most of those types of products are "hogwash". farm raised chicken just means the 'birds " have access to fresh air..
  6. Aug..no Publix or Winn Dixie up here. 9.99 a pound= not grass fed?
  7. Love it..much healthier...but try to find it.
  8. Dang..I don't remember the last time I had a bag of pistachio nuts..great with a few canned beers and a ballgame.Too bad they have coloring..I must have wiped my hands into the furniture one to many times after eating them..bride cut me off?
  9. Good traction..does the job if you use a public shower (campground).
  10. Agree on all your faves.. Thankfully you didn't bring up tartar sauce...same as putting ketchup/A-1 heinz57 on picture perfect steak imo.. Same with mushrooms on a steak..blah.
  11. once a year for us..turkey/duck fry. My old buddy in Alabama did catfish in his kettle all the time..it was great.
  12. I'm beginning to wonder if some of these guys don't take 'dude cruise"s together? "HAMMERS Lot" ...??
  13. Just Silly. Josh should be a man and not concern himself with nonsense like this. TC needs to start yesterday...
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