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  1. Misterbluesky

    LB - Starters/Depth - Is more needed?

    It sure does and do you know who the weakest links on special teams coverage were.. Lacey,Pitts,Foster....and Alexander.
  2. Hey fool.....Joe is a combat vet.....you ignorant USA hating punch dummy. Igotchonewzealandgunlawsritehea
  3. Misterbluesky

    Caffeine Intake

    I had a rough neck like you pictured as a Jack and Coke on the morning toilet guy.
  4. Misterbluesky

    Caffeine Intake

    I'm not your keeper or your bill payer but you just admitted to about 25 cups a week.If your heart healthy..all the power to you but don't ruin a good thing.You can eliminate those 8-10 cups on the weekend if you wanted to...challenge yourself. Thai Tea does have a major perk ,great for your arthritis/joints..coffee doesn't offer that.
  5. Misterbluesky

    CB EJ Gaines 1 year deal

    He battled the flu in mid season as well.I don't give a ***** what injections or meds the medical staff gives you... The flu is the flu and no human being will be 100% when dealing with it. McD mentioned he was "under the weather"...White said nothing because he doesn't want to be thought as a "buttercup". They don't train them like that down in Baton Rouge.
  6. Misterbluesky

    Caffeine Intake

    Just detoxing my temple.
  7. Misterbluesky

    Caffeine Intake

    I had to get myself straight because I was one doctor's visit away from more pill poppin.I left the "habit" behind..cold turkey. I was going to opt for Boost but I hit up low sodium V-8 juice....I know,cold vegetable juice in the morning sounds horrible but I adapted...goes great with a ham/green pepper omelette. I will admit..i really miss having a cup in the evening w/a slice of pie...but that's a fall/winter thing. P.S.-i gave up Butterfingers for lent too...
  8. Misterbluesky

    CB EJ Gaines 1 year deal

    Silly stat but a fact...earlier this afternoon, Murph said we were 8-3 when he started.
  9. Misterbluesky

    You Want Fries With That?

    Good for you...don't lick shopping cart handles either.
  10. Misterbluesky

    You Want Fries With That?

    Hotel TV remotes...yikes.
  11. Misterbluesky

    CB EJ Gaines 1 year deal

    No complaints.
  12. Misterbluesky

    Advice dealing with local government

    What prevents you from using one of your local school district fields for practice?
  13. Misterbluesky

    Bills showing strong interest in Oklahoma G Dru Samia

    Him and AJ with both 4's? I would be really happy. Would you tell him that?
  14. Misterbluesky

    Help...I've got too much wood!

    No..he shouldn't burn the wood,he would be looking at a 5k fine. Codes are tougher up there in the northern 'burbs because of the Tonawanda Coke closure.
  15. Misterbluesky

    Could Bills get 2nd 1st round pick

    Ask the other guy..from poland..ahh Blokes?