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  1. What the heck with Robiskie? Foster has shown ridiculous improvement. So has Zay with his route running and blocking.
  2. Ittakestime

    Danny Crossman should be out

    McDermott not firing Crossman today tells me he is ok with losing. Great culture.
  3. Ittakestime

    Offensive Line Struggles

    Bodine was underrated. When he was in, there was definitely an improvement. Dawkins also isn't a franchise LT. Would love to draft one in top 5 this year.
  4. Ittakestime

    Matt Milano Leg Injury

    Hate those injuries where guys fall on the leg. Hope he will be able to stay healthy like Wood was able to after a rocky early part of career. His injury list is getting pretty deep already.
  5. Ittakestime

    Josh Allen's progress

    Hasn't changed since his 1st season starting at Wyoming. Literally broke his collar bone because he ran instead of throwing. This is the QB he is. He is not changing. I personally think it won't work, but I could be proven wrong. I just don't like running QBs.
  6. Ittakestime

    McDermott is going to cost us in a big game

    Great defensive coordinator.
  7. Ittakestime

    Packers fire McCarthy

    McCarthy will have a Reid like impact with whatever team he ends up on. Rodgers is the real issue in GB.
  8. Ittakestime

    Is Brian Daboll a HC candidate in Green Bay?

    Allen is the same QB as he was in College. Please explain to me how Daboll has done anything with Allen? I think Daboll is a decent coordinator, but it has more to do with what Barkley did, not Allen.
  9. Let's not go overboard. QBs faced: McCown - Was Benched till Darnold injury Bortles - Benched Tannehill - Straight Trash
  10. Yeap, and no one is media likes him. This guy throws crap at the wall all day to try and make a name for himself.
  11. Ittakestime

    D.K. Metcalf is a Ferrari

    Ole Miss, enough said. Just not a huge fan of Metcalf. That offense makes WR look a lot better than what they are.
  12. He gets plenty of time. He makes his own issues with protection. The O line is above average.
  13. Ittakestime

    I actually like Daboll!

    Game planning I have zero issues with Daboll. Game management is where he falls off a cliff. I like the way he designs plays and is creative, but when it comes to calling them in a game, he doesn't know the proper time for plays to happen.
  14. Ittakestime

    Was Baker Mayfield a DOUCHE Yesterday?

    Hue tried to act like everything was gravy and Mayfield isn't naive enough to actually believe that. Let's not act like Hue didn't know what he was doing with the Cincinnati job. The guy was fine doing the media nonsense for weeks, but then all of a sudden he took an "unpaid" job with a divisional rival that his former team plays twice. Hue is a untalented snake that people somehow still believe he has some type of talent. He needs to just go away.
  15. Ittakestime

    Should we have traded Shady back to Philly?

    Should have just cut him. He sucks. He too old.