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  1. Ittakestime

    I Bet $5,000 on Minnesota. Should I Be Worried?

    The Bills are one of the easiest plays over the last 10 or so years. The are a really predictable team. I am not sure what the specifics of this bet are, but in the NFL, I wouldn't bet on high lines. College is a different story. If you bet Minn -17, good luck. I would hedge right now with KC -6.5. Easy money there.
  2. Ittakestime

    TNF: Jets @ Browns (TT vs Darnold)

    Baker showing what makes him special right away. That quick twitch, ability to read a defense in secs is what is needed to today's NFL. Waiting till a guy gets open before throwing it will just get you benched.
  3. Ittakestime

    Bodine New Starter at Center?

    Our TE provide so little in passing game, I would rather have a Newhouse be a TE and use him for blocking. Pretty much roll with 6 o lineman.
  4. Ittakestime

    UB-42 Rutgers-13 Bulls 4-0

    I was going to go to the EMU game until I looked online for tickets and they were 42 dollars a piece. Sorry, I'm not paying that money for that crap stadium for MAC teams.
  5. Ittakestime

    Bodine New Starter at Center?

    Him being the second worst center in the league would be an improvement. I don't think anyone can be worse than Groy. He has been horrible.
  6. Ittakestime

    Vlad Ducasse...NFLs best pass blocker?

    Groy has definitely been an issue at center. Wouldn't mind seeing if Bodine is any better.
  7. Ittakestime

    UB-42 Rutgers-13 Bulls 4-0

    Is the old north bleachers the ones they tarp off?
  8. Ittakestime

    UB-42 Rutgers-13 Bulls 4-0

    It's way too big (maybe 35k to 40k) and no they come no where near selling out. All in all, it is a horrible stadium with terrible sight lines due to track.
  9. Ittakestime

    The cap situation McBeane inhereted

    Whaley was fine with the cap. He operated like winning teams do where they play it year by year and restructure when necessary. Beane created this mess and that's just the facts. Dareus to Star did not need to happen. Wood's extension did not need to happen. Tyrod to McCarron did not need to happen. Coleman did not need to happen. Glenn did not need to happen. Ragland did not need to happen.
  10. Ittakestime

    [Edited Title] Tremaine Edmunds looks Lost

    I am going off his play at VT, so it is more than just two bad games. I'm not going to go off pre-draft scouting reports or comparisons. I could find thousands that are wrong.
  11. Ittakestime

    [Edited Title] Tremaine Edmunds looks Lost

    I said he should be playing OLB and not MLB. He was being evaluated a LB. I think he could be a very good OLB where he doesn't need to run the whole D.
  12. The players that made the playoffs, were signed and drafted when Whaley was here.
  13. Ittakestime

    [Edited Title] Tremaine Edmunds looks Lost

    Exactly what I said in April. I'm baffled if this regime actually watches football games.
  14. As soon as Beane stepped foot into Buffalo, it has been a disaster. McDermott with Whaley was actually good. Beane came in and really messed everything up. It would be tough to find someone with a bigger ego though.
  15. Ittakestime

    Josh is rough around the edges but man kid has potential

    What does being a rookie have anything to do with throwing with anticipation? It's just something a QB has or not. Guys that have it, do it in college. Allen has never showed it.