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  1. Instead of this, they could be doing just shell practices back in OBD where they put millions into the treatment facilities. We will see what people say when multiple guys end up injured.
  2. Get out of here with that crap. UB started training camp on the 31st of July and has their first game August 29th. I'm sure most programs are the same. Over 6 weeks of practice, 4 preseason games is overkill. To add a scrimmage on top of that is just dumb. As soon as week 1 hits, everything changes anyways. This isn't life or death.
  3. Another useless way to rack up injuries. Football isn't curing cancer or rocket science, you don't need all these practices before the regular season.
  4. Never liked Ray Ray. Always thought he was a measurable's player and not an actual game player. Didn't even think he was good in college.
  5. And what is Feliciano listed on the depth chart? The depth chart means nothing. Sal C was on WGR today saying Long has barely played center in TC and the team has no agenda to play him there. He only played a couple snaps in a pinch during TC.
  6. Can people stop saying Long can play center? Just because a guy was put there and failed miserably, doesn't mean he can play it. They guy can't play it and was not brought here to play it.
  7. You are on an entire different wave length and have zero idea what was even being discussed.
  8. Allen threw the ball from the 24 yard line and it landed at the 4. It was not 7-10 yards. Allen exposed Jones' ribcage in the middle of the field. YOU DON"T DO THAT!!!! It's pretty common knowledge even in HS.
  9. The Allen pass to Zay should have been in the numbers not above his head. If Allen does that to a vet WR, he will literally get his butt beat on the bench. You don't set your WR to get exposed like that in the middle of the field. This is where the ball should have been:
  10. Don't believe that crap one bit. Playing hurt seemed like an excuse, especially when he did this in Seattle and now comes out and does the same crap in preseason.
  11. QBs also stand at different intervals behind the QB. All I am saying is that Bodine has been playing almost exclusively with Allen for the last 40 weeks. For there to me a snap issue when they was a change, is not unexpected. Just wait till Morse gets back in and there are snapping issues. 100% there will be. There was already issues in TC with Morse and Allen.
  12. The guy ended last season making 6/11 field goals to come out in preseason and miss another gimme. This is not the first time in his career where he fell off a cliff.
  13. Singletary is slow. He's slippery but he doesn't have that immediate explosiveness to turn it into anything significant. Bodine was fine. People think its so easy to go from snapping to a 6'5 huge QB to a maybe 6'2 QB. Bodine makes the run game better.
  14. The run game is significantly better with him at center. The same thing can be said for last year. Go back and watch the Bills vs Jets game last season when he played. He was the main component in a lot of the longer runs.
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