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  1. From my own experience, it's tough to take what a fired employee says with complete confidence. In today's society, everyone knows about discrimination and tend to hold onto certain under performing employees for longer than they should due to fears of litigation. Everything is documented in today's world. Precaution is taken way more seriously than just rash judgements. What Phil said seems to make more sense than the fired employee's allegation.
  2. If Allen struggles in TC, this could get ugly. I don't think McDermott can last through another crappy season. Beane will want his guy to play. The whole Orton year all over again (Who knows if is the starter from game 1 if we make the playoffs). My media friend has also told me that Barkley looks really sharp, which could complicate it more.
  3. What? Gaine wasn't here for the draft, how could he be eye candy?
  4. What are you talking about? Gaine literally didn't work a draft here. Moves he was here for: Sammy and Darby trades. Signing Boldin Ragland Trade Dareus Trade Benjamin Trade None of these signing/trades were good. Finding players that can play midseason is a major part of his job. Finding a guy like Isiah Mckenzie last year. While Gaine was here we brought in guys like Robert Blanton, Deandre Coleman, Philly Brown, Deonte Thompson, Lafayette Pitts. There could be a case made that this team has been way better at building a team without Gaine, than with Gaine. Let's also not forget that Gaine being brought in was because the Pegula's were impressed with him when interviewing for the GM job. It's not like Beane took the job with him being someone on his staff. The Pegula's liked him.
  5. Talk of this guy bringing in Todd McShay. Hahahaha. There isn't a worse "evaluator" of the draft than McShay. All he does is memorize names and measurables. I'm not even sure he watches tape. During draft time, all he does is just spews names and measurables when he gets asked a question. No real analysis.
  6. Whaley has a good job. He could have been in s front office if he wanted. He went a different route
  7. He may have exposed himself as one of the "best" player personnel guys with his work as GM. Underwhelming to say the least. We shall see what his next job is. Of course he will get a job in this league again, that's all this league is. Once your in, your in for life.
  8. You realize he was just fired by a team where he really only had a shot at getting the GM job? Doesn't speak too highly on his "skill set".
  9. Its like he learned nothing here seeing that's usually all we do. Target a guy and attack.
  10. Who knows what he really did for us, but if he was that bad in Houston to be fired in 18 months, why would u want him near this organization? From the draft videos it looks like Morgan took on Gaines role and from the reports, he is really smart
  11. We should bring back that thread from when he was hired there. I thought it was a very dumb decision for him to take the job due to the dysfunction of the Texans ownership and power structure. He made a bad decision in leaving, want nothing to do with him back here. Sometimes you need to look at the entire picture and not just the promotion part
  12. Where is this 2 final 4's since joining ACC come from? Louisville is a tough compare recently with all the Pitino stuff that happened, but now that Mack is settled in, they have a much better class than Syracuse this year (11th versus 30th). You keep bringing up all these past years, when the entire root of the debate is present day. Pitt, ND, and Cuse are all on the same level in the national perception. How you view Pitt and ND today is how others view Syracuse today. Again, stop with the personal insults.
  13. There is no reason to get personal my man. I really have no idea why you are getting so angry. Everything is a comparison. Comparing SU's recruiting to UB would be considered great. Comparing SU's recruiting to the alpha dogs of the ACC would not make them great, which was the root of the debate. Bandwagoner, good one. 100k in loans says otherwise. Again, why are you acting like the sanctions are a cop out? You realize that Fab Melo is a major reason for the sanctions. You ever thing their success in recruiting was because of the sanctions? Now that they need to be compliant, they no longer can get the likes of Fab Melo? I know this may be tough to hear, but the national perception of Syracuse Basketball is not what it used to be like 10 years ago. A ton of other programs have dealt with the same situation since the Big East essentially broke up. What's your opinion on Pittsburgh and Notre Dame basketball? I feel like a lot of these teams have been hurt by having to compete with the Southern BB schools. It's a different animal that the Northern teams don't have the same advantages, yet have to play in the same conference.
  14. I follow two teams: UB (hometown), Duke (Alumni) I follow enough College BB to realize the Syracuse brand is not like what it was, while they were in the Big East. Since they have joined the ACC, their championships have become beating a team like Duke or Carolina, like many of the other middle to low end ACC teams. I was responding to the other dude who literally said Syracuse has always been a GREAT recruiting school. In what world has Syracuse been a great recruiting school over the last 5 to 6 years? What are your expectations this year for Syracuse? I think they will struggle to make the tournament. IMO, another year without the tournament in the ACC becomes a pattern of the norm. Before coming to the ACC, Syracuse was a consistent threat in the tournament. Not making it this year would be a third year, while they have only been a 7 seed or lower once since joining, and that was the first year they were in the ACC. I'm not even sure why I am even debating this with you. The results are clear as day. There was a pretty abrupt downturn for Syracuse since they have joined the ACC.
  15. They joined ACC is 13-14 season. Didn't make tournament twice. Sweet 16 in 18. Final 4 in 16 (Should they have even been in tournament?). Round of 32 in 14. Last year lost in first round. I don't know if you have noticed, but the success of other ACC teams since they have joined has resulted in national championships. Also, Mike Hopkins is a really good coach and recruiter. He is a major loss whether you Boeheim lovers want to admit it. I'm not trolling at all. From an outside perspective, the Syracuse Basketball is in a free fall. I think the last few years will become the norm. Missing tournament/first round exits. I mean if that is your expectation, then I guess they are doing great. A "great" recruiting school doesn't go after 4* recruits. Your opinion of "great" is awfully low.
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