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  1. How determined are they? I'll give them a 4th to move to 9.
  2. It terms of talent, it depends on what you are grading. Jones is way more athletic than Eli. Jones is a lot like Josh Allen it his ability to move at his size.
  3. Both were coached by the same guy. If the Giants get a Manning like career for Jones, I'm sure they would be thrilled.
  4. Daniel Jones is a lock to the Giants with Cutcliffe being his college coach. Not sure at what pick, but Eli is already preparing for it and would love to work with Jones.
  5. Not sure how many people listen to Daniel Jeremiah's podcast, but he dropped the nugget about the Bills "I have heard from a ton of different people, Jonah Williams is someone to watch there." Just thought I would let people know. Here is his last mock of 2018: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000928661/article/jeremiah-mock-draft-40-browns-pick-baker-mayfield-no-1 Had the Bills trading up for Josh Allen
  6. Someone that didn't need to coach TE's for three years to stay in NFL.
  7. My biggest issue with this hire, is the TE coach for so long. If all that experience was with the O line, I would be fine. I really think these hires tell us how other NFL personnel feel about McBeane's job security outside of Buffalo. FA could get ugly.
  8. Wow, seems like that is bottom of the barrel. This stinks.
  9. What was his excuse when he was doing that in Seattle to get him cut? In Seattle he was putting kicks so short from manageable distances.
  10. We were hiring an assistant ST coach which means that it would be a promotion for a coach. This means we could have looked at any Assistant ST coach out there. I find it hard to believe, that the best assistant ST coach in the whole league just happened to be in Carolina.
  11. Also worked with each other in NE. This is almost like a gift from god.
  12. The Carolina nonsense is getting nauseating. Expand your horizons.
  13. Was Daboll's O line coach in 2011 when he was the OC in Miami
  14. Can you prove that, because teams have been filling out their staffs for weeks now. Just because coaches are in one room, doesn't mean they are going to wait to take a job until then.
  15. I feel like on this site, certain things are allowed to be advertised on here. I never understand why threads like this are allowed. This is a direct advertisement for the show.
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