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  1. id like to see him start addressing the offense now
  2. wouldn't mind him but he already said he doesn't wan tto play anywhere cold. There is almost no chance we get him short of way overpaying
  3. hes literally the perfect backup. HE can win you games and is a borderline genius so hes good to have in the qb room and his teammates love the guy
  4. my god there are so many! Ronnie butterfingers harmon macel dareus donte hitner jarius Byrd I cant put Peterman or Edwards because they just weren't good. Not their fault they just didn't have the talent but now after watching him and listening to the comments Sammy Watkins is my least favorite ever
  5. YEa we need a Rb in round 1. CJ Spiller says hi. THis guy is a moron
  6. i would actually love to see Fitzy back here in a backup role.
  7. ill always agree with Kay i love her!
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