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  1. If we can get him for peanuts id say go for it but wouldn't give up anything more than that
  2. Doubt we are trading anything for clowney. We cant resign him and hed be a 1 year rental at this point.
  3. ill go Luck Saquon Hopkins Mike Thomas tyron Smith Travis Frederick Quentin Nelson Aaron Donald Jalen Ramsey - hate him but hes good Kuchely
  4. Me too but its getting kind of ridiculous now.
  5. See thinking like this is the problem. The fact u defend this guy with his entitled attitude instead of the guy putting his life on the line is a joke. The mentality of cops have changed because the mentality and actions of criminals have changed. More cops are dying in the field now more than ever. That coincides with more civilians being killed now more than ever. It is wise to follow orders when dealing with a cop. When you don't things escalate and people get shot, cops and civilians. Follow orders and you wont get shot its simple! I understand their are one offs for everything but you have people these days feel the need to argue with police about everything. This dude spun out at a gas station while drunk and the cop told him to sit in the car. Stay in the friggen car and none of this happens. Instead he goes in the gas station acts like a tough guy wrestles with the cop and takes his taser. The cop is out matched and cant possible wrestle with this guy, so yea I guess its a good thing I'm not a cop because I would've wanted to get home to see my kids and shot him. We all know how it worked out now but at that time the cop had no clue what this guy was gonna do. Once he took that taser he essentially armed himself and its not completely crazy to think that hed want to hurt you. My rant is over now. there are just gonna always be people that condemn all actions by police even if they are justified
  6. the guy was sitting not listening to the office after he already assaulted the officer. I think that cop showed a lot of restraint not to shoot the guy. If you are that cop and this mammoth person that already tried to fight with you isn't listening are you really trusting that if you tell him don't move he will listen. Cmon man that's crap. This whole situation never had to be what it was if he just listened and complied. These officers that do things like that are the ones that end up dying on duty. This whole discussion is mind blowing to me that even after watching that video that anyone could badmouth that cop. that man deserves a medal for showing that much restraint especially after Mcdowell got his taser from him and he reached for the female officers gun. He doesn't know this guy and has no clue what his intentions are. He already man handled him and took his Taser. I understand there are bad police and bad police shootings but if he would've shot in this instance its a clean shoot in my opinion
  7. oh hahaha yea I'm that guy
  8. He didn't just leave him sitting there because if you watch the video you can see how fast a person can get up and charge you. Before all else cops need to get him into cuffs then speak with him.
  9. Always! But its an Honest opinion also
  10. If I'm that cop and that dude continues to lunge at me like that and takes my stun gun I'm unloading a clip in him. They don't have the ability of foresight and has no clue what this guys intentions actually are.
  11. I was looking at the whole draft earlier and the whole draft was a bust. A few players came out of it but overall not good
  12. was just looking at that 2016 draft and man there were not a lot of good players to come out of that draft. here were a handlful but looks like a pretty bad draft year
  13. Agreed hes got a long way to go in my book. Still hate him for his dirty it on White and his antics at a Buffalo wedding where he wore a buffalo Bills hat while being introduce at a wedding party then threw it on the ground and stepped on it. Pompous moron
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