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  1. these women are trying to hit em where it hurts. Justice system is basically he said she said. In a civil suit they don't need to prove as much as a criminal suit
  2. anyone know if you are aloud to have a fire in the rv lot? Was planning on bringing a fire pit?
  3. I would love Diggs but itll never happen for a 2nd and a 5th. Hes locked up for 5 years hes young and has no leverage. Itd cost us 2 1st to get him at least
  4. unfortunately there are none that fit all that criteria! Honestly they all suck and will rip you off any chance they get. Had DTV for the past 10 years and finally had enough of them. Once they switched to At&t customer service has gone right down the tubes. I'm gonna try a streaming option and save myself $170 per month
  5. Hey everyone looking for a good place to park an RV for the Miami game. Want to go up sat and stay overnight. Bills rv lot is sold out for the rest of the year. Any Suggestions? FIrast time bringing the rv to a game
  6. Hes in his second year! lets let him keep developing and not keep judging him like hes a 10 year vet.
  7. I honestly don't even care that i took him as my WR1 in fantasy I'm so happy to see him unemployed it hurts!
  8. this guy is just gonna keep doing whatever he wants until someone puts a stop to it. Something is wrong with this guy
  9. Agreed but there is a huge racial doublestandard in this world these days. Its all in how he used the term and since it was derogatory he should be held as the same standard as a white man using the n word to a black man. Not even gonna elaborate on this anymore because everyone is so racially sensitive these days.
  10. Holy Hell could you image being the fans of a team that trades for this nutjob after the raiders had enough!!! The raiders!!
  11. If we can get him for peanuts id say go for it but wouldn't give up anything more than that
  12. Doubt we are trading anything for clowney. We cant resign him and hed be a 1 year rental at this point.
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