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  1. Haha yea was 65 when we woke up but now down to like 45 downtown
  2. who could hate Ciara!
  3. no way for a first. completely off the board for a first. A third is where id be ok with. The guys has an extensive injury history and hasn't been all that productive. Id hate to give this guy 20 million also. Not against a trade for him but a first and 20 million really scare me. If this guy was a 20 million dollar player they would just cut JJ and sign Clowney. makes you wonder why they wont. I know they have to pay Watson and JJ but lets face it JJ was a great player. Hes always injured now
  4. this is why Jackson signed with Buffalo. They knew Anderson was retiring
  5. Cant wait to watch JErry Hughes blow past him!
  6. maybe another Jerry Hughes type of situation also
  7. I say take a shot at Shane Ray. He's had some wrist surgeries but if he is recovered could be a steal on a low risk low dollar contract
  8. wow was that serious. Why would he post that. I look faster coming out of a break than that
  9. I really liked Butler too. I think he becomes the best of the group drafted this year. I was bummed when they didn't take him.
  10. They were actually trying to trade back into the first for Ford
  11. This guy is an utter tool. Not sure who is worse him or Stephen A Smith
  12. I think Washington with Bryce Love and Arizona with Hakeem Butler. Of course the bills with Oliver too!
  13. We used to tailgate there in the good ol days may have ot go back and try. Sucks to break our tradition. that's what really sucks Maybe i just see it differently because that's where we always park.
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