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  1. go onto Phillips twitter page when he was defending buffalo and listen to the Dolphins fans on that and let me know if you feel the same way after. I hope they lose every game forever. F them
  2. Davis signed with the Chargers
  3. Wsam4031

    Golden Tate to NYG 4 yrs $37.5 Million

    Why? I'm sure he had plenty of suitors that had a chance to win and he picks them. Obviously all about the money on that move!
  4. Wsam4031

    Thoughts on the draft post free agency.......

    would like to trade back a few spot if possible and get Oliver if possible then go Fant and Hakeem Butler in the 2nd. This is based on the idea we get an extra 2nd for trading back in the first
  5. Wsam4031

    Too Early Mock Draft?

    this would be great!
  6. Wsam4031

    What if Metcalf is BPA at draft time?

    I agree they know more than i do so whoever they draft ill support but he does have mandarich and Bosworth written all over him
  7. Wsam4031

    What if Metcalf is BPA at draft time?

    i agree i don't even think hes the best WR of the class. I may be in the minority but hes got bust written all over him
  8. Wsam4031

    Mark Ingram the Ravens

    yea this is who i wanted Buffalo to target this year. Once Gore signed i knew it wasn't gonna happen but i wish we would've gone after him
  9. Actually Gettleman called the Bills on him . We never reached out to the Browns on him. And he already is asking Clev for a new contract. Man this guy!
  10. I wanted ingram all along. I'm hoping its not the ravens but the bills
  11. Wsam4031

    Michael Bennett traded to Patriots

    Hes not good anymore who really cares.
  12. Wsam4031

    Jags release Malik Jackson

    yes sign me up
  13. nope u got the correct one. He forgot all his kids names! Hes only coming back due to all the child support he has to pay out every month. no thanks!
  14. because wed rather believe they are better than be miserable and talk about how bad the bills are all the time