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  1. Yep that phone connection was terrible. Rex bringing in his brother was a disaster.
  2. I believe the Bills had this planned before last season. I don't remember reading about any arrests/actions from the Bus Lot in a newspaper or seeing anything on tv. From what I understand if security saw you do something wrong they would not act at the time of the incident. A plain clothes security guard would follow you to the ticket gate, your ticket scanned and then you were asked to leave the property.
  3. I know some one who is a insurance consultant, does not sell but advises on what insurance to buy. Covered my butt awhile ago besides the way Hammers Lot is registered as a business.
  4. Why would the Pegulas be liable? Did they tell the fan to jump off the bus? Is the fan not responsible for his own actions? And people wonder why I am the way I am game days.
  5. The Bills rep is Andy Major. I remember him saying interview after interview for years all the tailgating incidents were on property the Bills do not control, private lots. I even called him out while he was doing a TV interview. Now he admits there are problems in the stadium lots. I don't trust a word he sez.
  6. Sure, just what I want. More LOAD on my facilities which I provide for My Customer. I guess I'll have to issue wristbands to my parkers and charge All walkins a fee to be on the property.
  7. Third field in ten years? I don't think so. I believe there was drainage work done to the field last time a new turf was installed.
  8. I know the feeling...I'm worried that we could lose our last preseason game and lose momentum going into regular season
  9. I got a Feeling we are going to hear some Good news from Pancho today.
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