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  1. Pre sale for American Express card holders 2-12-2020 at 10am till 2-13-2020 10 pm.
  2. I like Strange!! 7am Thursday is supposedly the time for confirmation of all venue/dates.
  3. Looks like Detroit right after Orchard Park Louisville KY then Cleveland, Pittsburgh
  4. Looks like Cleveland June 19 and Pittsburgh June 23. Official Announcement Thursday Morning
  5. That one I started in November of last year. Rolling Stones last Friday. Time Flies.
  6. ? for NEF Major Concert Announcement thread (NEF = New Era Field)
  7. WOW June 6 2020. Old news. Started a thread days ago.
  8. Don't know about the Gronk thing but I would guess that was a one time event.
  9. Sorry There might be one more event, not a concert held at NEF this off season. If it happens I'd think it will be when the kids are out of school. Not holding my breath.
  10. I heard about this a month ago and started asking around. Bills employees were useless. Tight Lipped. I never post something with out having 3 independent sources. It's happening. Jim Fink is right June 6 2020. I've been working on something special in Hammers Lot the day of the show. ??????
  11. You got it. Free parking for your car if your going. What how did I miss this awhile ago
  12. Not the Boss but My wife & I saw Litte Steven & The Disciples of Soul this year and Steve said there a Boss tour Coming up I wished but No
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