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  1. Heard there was a brawl in the Buffalo Bills Bus Lot. I had requests for bus parking in my lot. Nope ain't going to happen. When I was walking to the different tailgates in Hammers Lot with Marcellus Wiley, he mentioned how classy the Two Bills Drive group was. Go figure! This game we actually helped spots till 9:30 am. I was not grumpy Hammer.
  2. Correct 9am is cut off time for holding spots this game.
  3. Or build a new convention center on the parking lot Croce owns. Winner either way
  4. Hammers Lot Authorized Parking Thread.
  5. Hammered a Lot

    Eric Wood -Hammers Lot

    Cause you park/support the wrong person...,
  6. Hammered a Lot

    Eric Wood -Hammers Lot

    Been trying to get Eric in the lot for awhile since his retirement. Monday he stopped by Hammers Lot and spent about a hour talking, signing autographs, and taking pictures with the tailgaters. He did not turn anyone down. I was escorting him him around. Down to earth guy just like Kent Hull and Glen Packer. Of course he enjoyed Meads Stromboli. I do not think we saw the last of him in the lot.
  7. Hammered a Lot

    TBD Monday night NE game. (Tailgate Sign up)

    10:30am MNF opening time
  8. Hammered a Lot

    TBD Monday night NE game. (Tailgate Sign up)

    I will only Sanction TBD parking threads at Hammers Lot when they are started by Mead who in the past after consultationing with me has posted prudent information for TBD parkers at Hammers Lot.
  9. I'll vouch for this event. It's real. Scuffed Up is also a sponsor of the Aaron Williams Tailgate Show ( when are you coming back to Hammers Lot?) which featured a couple of TBD posters.
  10. Hammered a Lot

    Survey for new stadium location paper

    Mine too
  11. Just a heads up. We can fit 14 or so cars on the left side of the lot due to a tent party, All the rest I'll put in the front row right side. First come first serve.
  12. Trust me, you really don't want Steve to come over. His brother Bill on the other hand is OK and was in the lot this year. Competition, Competitor? I have none. I help out my neighbors by sending my over flow their way.
  13. Hammered a Lot

    Bills vs. Packers 1st Half Game Day Thread

    Wow stiff arm could have turned into broken arm