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  1. Both properties owned by one person, Mark Croce. Same guy who cried poor to the city and got a million $ for work on the outside of the Statlet while at the same time was building a 1/2 million$ in south towns. We already have a new convention building, it's called the Tesla building!
  2. Hammered a Lot

    Aaron Williams Tailgating Experience

    During pre production meetings I made sure the video crew knew about the TBDAHOT. When the camera guy arrived the first thing I did was lead him thru the tailgate. First impressions work! That's Dancing? Yes he will be. Monday night game also. Scheduled also for Chicago game.
  3. Hammered a Lot

    The 19th TBDAHOT

    Got to meet Shawne, I know people. As I was ushering/security him to the Lee Evans party in the Lot, he stopped for each and every person on our escape route that wanted a moment of his time. Nice Guy but one I would not want to get mad!
  4. Hammered a Lot

    The 19th TBDAHOT

    I did but not with YOU!!
  5. Hammered a Lot

    The 19th TBDAHOT

    I hope everyone had a good time. it was nice to see Bob Lamb at the tailgate who helped in the creation of TBDAHOT. After a long run Jack, Thank You for your efforts running the past tailgates, turn over the reins to Jay. Good job Jay. I saw many familiar faces and some new faces. Sorry about Heitz and his annoying crew but I think when Aaron Williams came over and sang a couple of songs with them, all might be forgiven. On a side note long time Hammers Lot tailgater Lee Evans, and newbies Stevie Johnson. Shawne Merrimann were in the Lot. Very nice respectful guys. At the end of the day, our team needs a lot of work. tailgating we got it down!!!
  6. Hammered a Lot

    TBDAHOT at Hammer's Lot 9-16--18 Parking list

    Per Meads count ( I've been working my tail off) 21 party 13 general. Looks like ALL who wanted Party will get it as long as they arrive by 7:30am. Sharp
  7. Hammered a Lot

    Location of Hammer's lot

    Where did you park precisely.
  8. Hammered a Lot

    TBDAHOT at Hammer's Lot 9-16--18 Parking list

    Car or Truck parking only no trailers or RV's
  9. Hammered a Lot

    We are getting a new dog

    Do it. After our friend Buddy past last year, we fostered a Springer Spaniel. Darn thing could jump as high as my shoulders. Too much energy for us. A family came from Michigan who adopted him. All is good as we are still in contact with them. Our next foster, Allie was our next foster. Black Lab/ Boxer. We adopted her. Separation issue but knows her commands and does them. Lover but a protector. We call her him (Buddy, had to break that habit). She experienced her first Bills game with me yelling. Got agitated. 3 qtr. we went for a walk. Pooped at OBD
  10. Hammered a Lot

    TBDAHOT at Hammer's Lot 9-16--18 Parking list

    I think a six of Genny Cream Ale will do you fine.
  11. Hammered a Lot

    Bills vs. Ravens: 1st Half Game Day Thread

    Anyone know the penalty yards for each team?
  12. Hammered a Lot

    TBDAHOT at Hammer's Lot 9-16--18 Parking list

    I can now say Aaron Williams is the former Bill who will be shooting a tailgate show based in Hammers Lot. Other tailgating lots will also be included.
  13. Hammered a Lot

    TBDAHOT at Hammer's Lot 9-16--18 Parking list

    Yes Sorry, No.
  14. Hammered a Lot

    Guide to Buffalo and Bills Games for Visitors

    Bills game info what is YouHammers Lot? Should be Hammers Lot. No address on link 4170 Abbott Road Orchard Park Ny14127. Disagree on tight comment. Never heard a complaint on damaged car doors. The problem is every year people are bring more stuff. Everything except the kitchen sink. Also this year I did a major improvement on part of the lot. Removed topsoil, installed road fabric and covered fabric with crushed concrete and sand binder. I will never be confused with the Mud Lot. The lots on 20a are ok when the ground is hard but when the rain comes...
  15. Hammered a Lot

    TBDAHOT at Hammer's Lot 9-16--18 Parking list

    I would guess so if that's what I posted. Will you be leaving at the same time as everyone else because it's kind of a funnel effect.