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  1. Usually I see 2 semis bringing in equipment for Bills game. Today 3 semis. Hope they don't put a camera in front of my seat!
  2. Your correct. Ever since electronic ticket scanning has been used, the Bills know what gate you use, what time you enter. The season ticket zip code area (100 mile limit) is an attempt to have more Bills fans attending/cheering than having visiting fans at Bills games. Don't think that worked for the eagles game. I would not be surprised if in the future your bills card had a chip in it so they could track your movement in the stadium for security purposes, when you go to bathroom, waiting in concession lines, etc.
  3. I don't think they are buying land around the current stadium. If they were I'd have heard about it by now. Lot 4 is were a baseball stadium was going to be built so one would guess that could be the spot. Lot 3/bus Lot combined with land from ECC south could also work.
  4. Read in today's paper NY state budget is in the hole for $6.1 billion and projected budgets in the future not looking all that healthy. That does not bode well for infrastructure improvements downtown. Brian Higgins attempted to secure $25 million federal dollars for the next phase of opening Main Street failed last week. Looking like if something is going downtown it will be all on Pegulas.
  5. Try mark at Danny's 716 983 0537 Tell him Hammer referred.
  6. Talked with mark yesterday. He can help you out. Hard surface parking. Mark at Danny's 716 983 0537. Tell him Hammer referred.
  7. Just as I thought. They are holding back tickets. Sold out front floors now showing good seats 14 row from stage $164 plus fees.
  8. Floor front sections were sold out now I see a row or 2 available so they must be holding back tickets. It will be interesting to see if any front floors are available on Friday. My ex brother in law was a manager ( Stevie Ray Vaughn, Cinderella & others) so I have a little knowledge of the ticket buying flow. He said WNY sells the first week than it drops off till the week of the show.
  9. 7:30 am Thursday 20 club seats left, 4 seats left in the front floor sections. Wondering if they are holding back seats for Thursdays pre sale groups and Friday when everyone can buy tickets. They have been promoting the show heavily in tv & radio. Has anyone seen any promotions in Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton etc?
  10. Time will tell but I'm thinking 35-40,000
  11. Garth is in the second year of a three year stadium tour. He just announced a show in Detroit
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