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  1. This is a thread about who needs a parking spot, not a thread about who does not.
  2. Sunrise being 7:30 am After putting in $10,000 of improvements the last two years. $35.00
  3. There are real bathrooms in the building with the white roof behind the berm at Hammers Lot
  4. Heard this the other day and to me it makes sense. There has been talk about the need for a new larger convention center in Buffalo. How about converting the current Buffalo, or what ever it's called now, arena into a convention center. There is conversation going on how the Buffalo arena is substandard to other arenas/venues. So building a new up to date arena in the cobblestone district makes sense. Terry Pegulas main interest is hockey. Look at the investment in the Penn State "Pegula "hockey arena. This would help in the so called stimulus that's needed for downtown and be near his downtown investments. Concerning expanding the lower concourse at NEF I wonder if any of his company's knowledge in fracking drilling could be used to break up the rock at the lower concourse level. Terry has also recently bought a mine. It seems his companies are specialized in Geology. Fire Away.
  5. A crew went over to fix the damage and the ECC grounds crew could not find the damage as the whole football field is not in good shape. Much of nothing news
  6. Had em 25 years ago. 6pm on a Friday sharp pain in my back. As I was remodeling upstairs, At the time I was having major back problems so I thought I threw my back out. I had to crawl down stairs. Could barely reach the phone on the wall to call for help. Slept two days standing up draped over the back of a chair. Sunday 3pm went to hospital. Did the meds until on Wednesday the pain got worse. I told the doctor I think the nurse is doing some of my pain meds! Nope, the rocks were moving so I got a cocktail, Demerol & Darvin. So buzzed I ate dinner with my fingers! They passed at 7pm. Out of hospital by 8:30pm. Good Times, NOT
  7. To many prime spot requests so it's First come first served. Once that's filled over flow primes turn it to general. General spots are not far from the TBDAHOT area. Cut off time is hard.
  8. Meads post post is the lock down post 5 pm. Check back tomorrow for more details There are more prime requests than spots. I'll fill you in then whit what my plan is.
  9. Feel free to give the cashier $11.00 for the use of Hammer's Lot as you seem to enjoy the atmosphere. Thank You for your support. ECC lots lack restrooms so make sure you use the woods near community drive. Don't worry when the police arrest you for indecent exposure.
  10. Price for prime and general is the same $30.00. If that's to low you can pay more.
  11. No Thank You for honoring my simple request to keep this thread clean of clutter. Please delete all posts that don't ask for a prime or general parking spot. Thank You EDIT BY BUFFALOBILL: I’ve deleted unnecessary posts - please do Hammer a favor and refrain from adding more. Thank you.
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