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  1. Buffalo light rail 6 miles Baltimore 21 miles Big difference. 40,000 for concerts at canalside??? I doubt that highly. Guns and Roses was in the 30,000s at NEF.
  2. Right, Murphy. Very tough listen
  3. I can now tell you that Code Socks will be doing a live podcast with Stevie Johnson, Donald Jones, and Joe Licata along with Cold Front in the front of Hammers Lot. I would guess (🤔) besides Lee Evans you might see other former Bills in attendance.
  4. What??? Nobody tells me anything. 😜🤔 Cough Cough! Lee Evans will also be in the lot for the opener. We are also working on a "Once in a Lifetime" event to be held 9-21-19. We are still working out some details, Official announcement roughly in 2-3 weeks. As always the TBDAHOT parking list will be posted 1 month (8-22-19) from the date of the event. New this year, to reduce clotter, keep it on topic, stray off, you could lose your reservation.
  5. I hear Terry is investing in Canada. Details in the future and no it's not land for a stadium.
  6. I'll let you in on a secret, idiots table slam in stadium lots.
  7. I have a ton of turf from Ralph Wilson Stadium. Stop by the TBDAHOT if you want some.
  8. Yes I think the remodel cost would be around 5.2 million
  9. Ordered two Beefs from charlie. Sucked. It will be along time if I ever eat his food again
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