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  1. I don't live in Buffalo. But my property taxes did go up.
  2. I had to go to Buffalo General Hospital last week. 80 percent of the roads sucked. Pot holes, poor patch jobs just a very rough ride. Not enough Buffalo police cars so their talking about saving money and leasing them! Buffalo is so broke they can't afford losing valuable land & the property tax money it provides.
  3. Checked today only 2 resale tickets available in sec 238. Using the map feature on ticket master and looks like this show will sell out.
  4. Wonder if he will be here for the monster truck event @NEF. ( keep it close to the vest, not announced yet)
  5. I should've posted more. I agree the support stay local and not national.
  6. I'm shocked that a shock jock shocked a community with some shocking comments. He must of went to the Howard Simon/Roger Christin school of Shock Jockery! I think the younger thin skinners just got to let it go. Stop being so sensitive. Grow some.
  7. Kim Pegula went on her twitter page and asked were The Tailgaters were. She was invited to Hammers Lot but instead went to a lot called Kimmies which was on the other side of the wood fence she had constructed at One Bills Drive. The fence was put up to upgrade the image (hide the pile of crap at bills mafia house) going down One Bills Drive. Terry earlier this year knocked on the door of one of the houses whose property boarded stadium property and asked how they liked the fence. Terry had no clue the fence was constructed. Kim had it built with Terry's (not taxpayer) money.
  8. The Bills let the stupid stuff get out of control in their lit. Remember the dizzy bat guy who ran into the front of the bus? They should have cracked down on the bus lot right away where a lot of this crap took place. Unfortunately they did not and the stupid culture was allowed to blossom. They allowed bus loads of college students into their lot. They had no game tickets. There were problems. From what I heard from some of the lots that allowed buses on there property there was minimal problems. They set rules and Enforced them not letting the bus riders take control in like the Bills.
  9. I was talking with Brittany Williams last game after she was a squirt girl. Very nice and down to earth, not full of herself.
  10. 2 Parking Spots Jeff, Mandy & Friends End of the row parking as they will be arriving around 9amy
  11. 4170 Abbott Rd Orchard Park NY 14127 Use Big Tree Rd turn on to Abbott towards stadium. Go about 2/10ths of a mile. Lot will be on your left.
  12. Well I'm glad thst NBC did not show some of the stupid stuff that a few do to embarrass the bulk of the Bills Fans. Unfortunately I did see two vidoes from the Bills vs pitts game and it looks like both of the jumpers got hurt. Good times
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