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  1. Third field in ten years? I don't think so. I believe there was drainage work done to the field last time a new turf was installed.
  2. I know the feeling...I'm worried that we could lose our last preseason game and lose momentum going into regular season
  3. I got a Feeling we are going to hear some Good news from Pancho today.
  4. My stakes are good. Planned ahead awhile ago. When they retro NEF or build DT it does not matter to me. But as a TAXPAYING Western New Yorker I have opinions and for those who know me I'm not afraid to express them face to face or on TBD. I respect others opionion (even if their nonsense is wrong!) and I expect the same back.
  5. Nonsense? What's moderately price mean ? 1 billion -1.5 billion?
  6. Crime is a real fact if your going to be going to a facility and have to go back to your car in a isolated area due to lack of centralized parking. My friend and I went to a Bills vs Indy game. Walking in Indy, turned the corner, bam saw a stickup. Gun included. Sorry you are safer in Orchard Park than in Buffalo. No shooting in OP this year, Buffalo???
  7. Quietly? It's been announced that the Pegulas the last two years have spent $36 million on the faculties.
  8. Not grasping at straws. Worked Downtown on a project for a year had it happen almost every day. Wife workers Downtown also happens to her. Fact.
  9. End of Michagan St is one location I heard. I also heard Cuomo was going to announce a billion dollar aid package for buffalo after he got elected. Waiting .... 201 Ellicott project will be using up 400 plus parking spots. What about security. Now every Lot can be seen. No bridges or tall buildings to block the view or robberys, breaking. When will the first time a panhandler, crackhead, confront you for bucks in Orchard Park??
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