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Should we try to trade Shaq?

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On 12/7/2017 at 8:42 AM, westerndecline said:

It's his first year. He's still developing. Christ  ppl here think every player and rookie should b Lawrence Taylor ...




Once we get a real qb, all this other stuff just goes away. Yes a real qb effect s the pass rush. You know why genius???


Because you are constantly playing with a lead, sometimes a huge lead.


Put Rodgers on our team and Lawson and Hughes are in double digits each in sacks

Well, Lawson as a double digit sack fella seems hyperbole, but the basic point is excellent.  Real Qb instantly improves the D.

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47 minutes ago, Yav said:

The problem is he was a first round pick and missed 1/2 his rookie season due to being drafted with an injury and now this year he's missing time due to an injury. You would expect to get more time on the field and production from a first round pick. I think under the system Rex was supposed to put in place he would be a good fit but in the current system he's just not a good fit similar to Ragland. 


I can see the Bills making a player for player trade in the offseason. 


I don't dislike him at all, I just don't see him fitting into the system. 



The system Shaq fits best in doesn't exist.   


Needs to figure out how to get quicker off the ball so he can use his size/strength.


He also has decent hand work, but again, that slow get-off allows tackles to get in a comfortable, balanced position in pass protection and then it's an uphill battle to get pressure.

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4 hours ago, cba fan said:

We are talking about a sprained ankle. The horror of a guy who is so injury prone some guy rolls up on his ankle. Ship him out.


What system does he not fit in? Bills need run stuffers and he pushes two guys off the edge all the time. Great depth player at least.

You're talking about a first round pick being a great depth player. 

I think the problem is most people want more production out of a first round pick. 


Its not his fault where he was picked and I get that and I'm not down on him for his ankle or his shoulder. I just think that McD likes more powerful guys up front. 

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Shaq is a keeper as he sets a good edge as a run defender and his pass rush skills will improve with more experience. But the talent around him has to improve for him to be a keeper.


Shaq should start and Milano should grab one of the OLB spots.


Other than that, the draft and FA should give the Bills 5 new starters in the front 7.

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