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  1. I can see playoffs for sure. As long as Josh continues to progress and the defense continues to fire on all cylinders we are making the post season. I think the thing Josh has to figure out now, is the BB/Patriots defensive plan for him. If he can figure that out, we could be looking at AFC East Champions. But he's gotta figure that out.
  2. My only disappointment was the post down to the 1. I think he saw the live fire and decided to make a "business decision" instead of catching the football.
  3. This stuff is just ridiculous. It's not just the player, it's the agents that are doing this. I mean think about this from an agents standpoint. IF you are an agent, you probably know the guy isn't worth that, but you will push to get it to sell yourself and services to other players when they come into the league. Hey, "look at what I got for this guy. I can do the same for you when your time comes."
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