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  1. NewEraBills

    Washington Signs WRs Breshad Perriman & Michael Floyd

    I think the thing is that people feel/think that they are better than what we have. That MIGHT actually be true.
  2. NewEraBills

    PFF's view so far

    I'd certainly argue that White is hands down the best player on the field we have. He really hasn't given up anything in two games. But I guess since there are no flashy interceptions it doesn't count.
  3. NewEraBills

    The OL Is Bad....How Do You Fix It?

    Other than hoping some in-house guys can understand wtf Juan is talking about and can stand up physically, there's really not much you can do at this point. Bringing someone in at this point would kinda be a waste since it's going to take them the rest of the damn season to figure out what the hell Juan is teaching. To me you have to hope that Teller and Boettger develop quickly so they can take over the G spots. Center is just going to be a physically weak spot.
  4. NewEraBills

    Calling It: I Guarantee A Win At Minnesota Sunday

    I think we have a better shot of hanging around with Green Bay than the Vikings. I think their front will be better against our OL than Baltimore was.
  5. Not to me. At least with Edmunds it can be chalked up to he's young and learning. Poyer can be chalked up to he thinks he has to overcompensate. Groy just straight getting pimp slapped backwards and around like cardboard is just ugly.
  6. All characteristic of a Juan Castillo coached OL. At least from Baltimore up to now.
  7. Groy and watch in the same sentence
  8. NewEraBills

    What to address first in 2019

    It starts in the trenches on both sides. You can turn a team around quickly with good trench talent.
  9. NewEraBills

    Video of Vontae Davis quitting at the half

    Funny to me. One thing I don't understand in hindsight is why he was approached anyways. IF the reasoning is that this year and next year are about rebuilding and taking lumps, why would they approach a vet on his last legs who is probably trying to get to the promised land?
  10. Obviously he does not care about people's respect. He could give two ***** about it. That's why he did the lowdown move he did.
  11. NewEraBills

    Did Vontae Davis retire at halftime? Yes, yes he did!

    He only played 2 of those quarters. He did not play vs Baltimore at all.
  12. NewEraBills

    Did Vontae Davis retire at halftime? Yes, yes he did!

    At least he's honest. Now if only Juan Castillo could be honest with himself.
  13. NewEraBills

    Week 2 Game Day thread Bills vs. Chargers Second Half

    ?? Looks like a Go-cart or Big Wheel to me LOL
  14. NewEraBills

    Week 2 Game Day thread Bills vs. Chargers Second Half

    He's probably worse.