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  1. NewEraBills

    Shaq Lawson on roster bubble

    They paid Murphy too much money. My thing with Murph and Shaq is that I don't really see Murph as more talented and I don't think he will generate more than 9 sacks if he gives us that. If they like Odigi then Shaq is going to be trade bait for a WR or OL most likely. I'm not a fan of it but it's just what it is.
  2. Agreed. I don't understand how people are taking this where the Ravens haven't indicated they are taking it.
  3. Murphy honestly hasn't shown much in his career of getting to the QB either. He had one season with 9 sacks but outside of that he hasn't really shown much. His first couple of seasons are very much like guess who, Shaq Lawson. In his third season he put things together, notched 9 sacks and had a pretty high pressure rate but before that, mehhh. I say keep both of them. Talented rotation is a plus in this league.
  4. Not going to be surprised of a lockout. Coercion is the worse way to "negotiate."
  5. NewEraBills

    Eagles Release LB Mychal Kendricks - Signing with CLE

    Duhhhh, if you read my response in like two post later you'll see I acknowledged that and was giving more of a reaction than anything. Thanks.
  6. NewEraBills

    Eagles Release LB Mychal Kendricks - Signing with CLE

    I agree actually, it just makes the offense look neglected. I know we'll sign offensive players before it is all said and done. Just an immediate reaction.
  7. NewEraBills

    Eagles Release LB Mychal Kendricks - Signing with CLE

    I like his play and versatility but we can't sign him before signing more quality OL and WR help. The offense is in desperate need of playmakers and trench players.
  8. LOL, this didn't get worded by what I meant. In my mind I picture AJ and Nate having an advantage due to experience over Allen and therefore he probably won't get the nod, BUT since all of them are learning a new offense then it's not a given that the experience that the former two have will be a huge factor.
  9. Regarding the QB's I think the only area that Peterman and McCarron have an advantage in is NFL experience. Peterman not by much (1 yr). They are all digesting a new playbook although with McCarron he should know some of these things. I think it's just going to boil down to execution and who can execute best.
  10. NewEraBills

    Mayfield vs Allen (madden simulation)

    I found this one. A bit more accurate 😉 LOL, what do you think of this one? Less hulking and more accurate facemask.
  11. This guy has some special teams ability but not much more than that IMO.
  12. NewEraBills

    FA Pass Rusher Ryan Russell visiting Bills

    This is what I'm thinking. I think it is more of they may have something in place to deal Shaq for a WR or OL help but they want to make sure they have what they need in the event they deal him. Given this guy's production and given Shaq's upside, I'd rather keep Shaq. But the offense needs help in a major way at WR and in the trenches so if Shaq can be dealt and we get help at WR or in the trenches then see ya Shaq, best on your career. And it's also more like they need more impact on offense. IF Shaq is dealt I wouldn't be surprised if it is for a player in return.
  13. Yeah but Ben to me is being a troll on this. They took James Washington in the 2nd round, who will more than likely see reps as a WR. Certainly Washington will help them in winning now if he has anywhere close to the season Ju Jus had last year. They took a versatile Safety/Hybrid linebacker in Edmunds in the 1st to help the defense. So taking a QB in the 3rd is a luxury pick IMO, of course he doesn't see it that way but you can't expect a front office to look at the Browns take a QB at #1 overall, then the Ravens take one at #32 and then all of his offseason antics about thinking about retirement the last two years, you can't expect them to just wait around until they actually need a QB to go get one. I'm sure they remember the Charlie Batch years. No team that has had the taste of not having a franchise QB, then having one, wants to revisit NOT having one.
  14. WOW, what a moment. I mean, for Allen this has to be a spine-chilling moment. The other side of it though is man, Kelly is a warrior. After everything he's been through, he's fighting the good fight and still giving the Bills everything. HE did not have to do this.