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  1. 2018 Mock drafts and top prospects

    Man if we could find a QB from somewhere I would love those first two rounds.
  2. Is having a franchise quality QB essential for

    Their offense was trash the entire first half mostly. Defense actually kept them in the game. Sure their defense gave up the play at the end but with them it's always been defense holds as long as it can, offense stinks it up early. Defense fades from fatigue late because offense couldn't sustain anything early. Plus since Pees took over their defense it hasn't had the killer instinct it had in the past. So you had a coordinator who played mostly bend/don't break + an offense who constantly went 3 and out the entire first half. That's a recipe for fatigue. Also I'd say check their passing stats on the year. One of the WORSE in the league. They ran the football well though.
  3. Daboll's preferred offense and QB.

    That thread got so big I didn't feel like searching through it and may have missed it in the earlier posts in the thread. Also I was looking for play diagrams and actually a playbook. You generally can find a playbook somewhere.
  4. What's the price to move up and get our guy?

    Bowles and Jackson are not the ones making the decision. The GM is and the Browns GM is after a QB and I'm sure the Jets GM is too.
  5. 2018 Mock drafts and top prospects

    He might not since someone will fall in love with the arm. The Ravens took Flacco at 18 the year they drafted him. I see something similar for Allen. Someone will take him in the teens.
  6. 2018 Mock drafts and top prospects

    I'd rather just trade back and get another pick if Allen is on the board. If he's there at 21 I suspect he'd be there at 27. Of course the Steelers and Patriots are looking for guys to groom but I don't see Allen as a Patriots style guy. Steelers maybe.
  7. Is having a franchise quality QB essential for

    See Baltimore Ravens from 2000 forward. Their lack offense from all those years wasted their top defensive units. Then their latest SB was because the offense got better. But since then they are back in the same boat. Their offense cannot sustain drives, the defense gets gassed and they cannot finish games.
  8. As I said earlier, this is key and when you look at Davis and Yarborough they have that pass rush burst that you want out of a DE. We'll hang on to both of them for sure. Would like a blue chip player at the position now. Really love Bradly Chubb but he's going top 10-15 easily. I generally agree with this unless you can get a guy that's far superior. Since we have a QB need we most likely are not targeting a guy like Bradly Chubb who is actually the full package.
  9. Daboll's preferred offense and QB.

    Awesome was looking for something yesterday and couldn't find anything. Thank you sir.
  10. What's the price to move up and get our guy?

    I would need to see what our FA looks like and if we can recoup some other picks through trading players. So the answer is a MAYBE LOL. I care about the team overall. As much as we need a QB, I think it would be a disservice to put anyone who cannot use their legs behind Ducasse and Mills, even a bridge QB. So I would like upgrades on the right side of the line. I did not like the run defense this year after the Dareus trade. No real NT so we got gashed. We game planned well by having our backers sell out for the run but against a somewhat accurate QB you're going to get torched with that game plan. So I need to see how other stuff plays out before going all in. If other stuff plays out somewhat sufficiently, throw everything at #2. But I just can't fathom it in my mind to overpay if things are in shambles in a lot of other spots.
  11. What's the price to move up and get our guy?

    I've already given my answer. Outside of the top two I'm not willing to do it.
  12. I'll disagree on them playing well. I've seen them play a lot better. Anytime you are getting stopped and having to go for it on 4th down, throwing up prayers, to me that's not playing well. But we'll disagree on that. But where we do agree, the Bills offense is putrid. I don't think it's because we only put up 3 points against the Jags. I take each game as its own individual thing but then all games as a collective. The Bills offense was just putrid all season, not just against the Jags. The Steelers offense most of the season was awesome. The Jags defense displays vulnerability at times but just because they had breakdowns against the Steelers does not mean they would have had them vs the Bills, neither does it mean they will continue to have them all it means is they had some breakdowns yesterday. They will get cheated this coming Sunday so they'll be at home with the rest of us.
  13. Mularkey now out in Tennessee as HC

    Shurmur could definitely be in play. His son plays QB for Vanderbilt. Great luring tool for the Titans and Shurmur can be around his son and watch him play.
  14. To me, the Steelers offense did not play a great game. The majority of their points and yards came on 4th downs out of desperation to keep the game close. These are situations that most coaches are not going to gamble on in the regular season. They had to do it in the playoffs however. Also, outside of one of the 4th down conversions to Brown, the Jags had some confusion going on in their coverage on those 4th downs. The one to Bryant was egregious. Barry Church just stood there like a brick staring at I have no idea what. But he left his other players out to dry allowing Bryant to get over the top for the TD. It was terrible awareness by Church. The other TD to Brown was on a regular down and distance play to where Brown just made a play. Honestly, I thought it was offensive pass interference but it's whatever. To me the first half and most of the game the Steelers offense was sluggish and played the desperate game because they had to but that doesn't mean their offense "had their way" nor "played well."
  15. What's the price to move up and get our guy?

    I didn't say Pitt I said Baltimore and Cincy. But they do have talent on their team. Their DL and OL are actually filled with talent Garrett, Ogbah, Shelton are all 1st round picks and when all of them are on the field the front is actually good. Ogbah got hurt this year. Zeitler, Bitonio, Thomas (older) is a pretty talented OL They have weapons at TE. They could use another WR. But here's how I see the Browns. If you look at their games this year, they were IN many of those games with BAD QB play. You lost 4 games by 3 points; you lost 1 game by 6 points, another by 9. You don't hang around in those games if you don't have talent. In those same games, your QB is what cost you. I'm not saying they can't use another blue chip player at CB because they can but with some competent QB play they actually could have won at least 6 games. So I don't see them as lacking talent at all and with the Ravens consistently stuck in the middle and the Bengals being underachievers, they actually could surpass those two.