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  1. I don't necessarily disagree, I was just going off of what Micah Hyde posted on twitter as proof. What I would say though is yards per attempt and QB passer rating are directly impacted by the number of attempts. In any case, to have the Browns even in the conversation is just idiocy on their part. I guess they are everyone's redemption story now after being bad for so long.
  2. While I think this needs to be clarified (ran all over us) I do think if you defend the run better, you will see more pass attempts and thus the yardage will go up a bit. So I'm not sure I have an issue here except with having the Browns over the Bills and Jags. The Browns, based on last year shouldn't even be on this list. I'll show why I think this below. But let's look at this. The Bills had to defend the run 440 times The Bears 339 times The Ravens 354 times The Chargers 395 times The Browns 454 times The Bills had to defend the pass 492 times 30.8 attempts per game The Bears 615 times 38.4 attempts per game The Ravens 577 times 36.1 attempts per game The Chargers 533 times 34.2 attempts per game The Browns 626 times 39.1 attempts per game Here is how I look at this. The Bills because they had to defend the run more than the top 3 teams on that list were going to have less pass defense snaps per game. The top 3 not only defended the run well forcing teams to pass, but they had more pass attempts to defend and when it comes to passing yards per game, which is what Micah cites to suggest that we've been slighted, they are still in the top 10 in yards per game too. So to me, because those teams had more attempts to defend and they are around 30 yds or less per game in the ball park, I can't say that we clearly have the better secondary, if this is just based on numbers. We had enough less attempts to defend to make those numbers be in our favor. The Browns though. To me, this is where the slap in the face comes in. Let's look at them. Not only did they have to defend the run more than we did, they had a significant number more pass attempts to defend and their total yards per game is not even in the same ball park. We at least should have been on the damn list over the Browns. Either us or Jacksonville before the Browns. So to wrap this up I don't necessarily have an issue with them talking about Chicago, Baltimore, and San Diego per se. But to have the Browns mentioned over us is just foolishness.
  3. My two are Greedy Williams rd 2 and Jaylon Ferguson rd 3.
  4. I like Dion and think he's part of the future. Where I have no idea. I think he's better in short areas than in wider ones. But we'll have to see how this plays out.
  5. Easy. If you study Beane and McD they are most likely going to have trench players rated higher than skill positions with the exception of QB. To me that's the reason why they took Ford over Metcalf. They had Ford rated higher. They probably had Risner than Metcalf too, but had Ford rated higher than Risner.
  6. This is technically true but not completely. Beane said RT will be his 1st position, BUT that doesn't mean he will be running with the 1's. So to me, it's about if Ford can handle that spot. If he can then I wouldn't be surprised if there is a competition at LT. In any case, I think the only solidified spot at this point is C.
  7. As far as the Tackles go based on Beane's comments: 1. Ford's first position is going to be RT. This does not mean he will run with the 1's although if he shows he can he will. 2. Ty can play both. 3. Dion's at LT. 4. We will go with the best two tackles. Now with that information to me it all depends on how Ford holds up at RT. If he can take that spot, the battle at LT is going to be a good one and I have Ty winning it with his length, footwork and technique. Dawkins has a tendency to drop his head at times and his hand technique could use a lot of work. So to me I'm going to say IF Ford shows he can handle RT I'd go with: Ty, Spain, Morse, Dawkins,Ford But if Ford cannot handle the RT spot then I'll have to think a little more about this. I read it this way but didn't. In the end he said we will go with the best two guys at Tackle. He mentioned we have Dion at left. And shortly afterwards said we will go with the best two guys at the Tackle spots so to me that's open competition.
  8. Just watching the little tape out there, he certainly has a nice skill set.
  9. While I don't completely agree that it is a train wreck, I do think this could become an issue going into the season. I'll wait to see how they structure the WR depth chart, but as far as talent, it's not a very talented wide out group.
  10. I was hoping for Ximines ohh well. Let's see who we get.
  11. I like the pick. Run on lineman now. And if you don't get your lineman this year you could be out of luck.
  12. He might not last until that spot. Cards, Colts, 49ers, Seahawks, and Jags could all be in play for him or AJ Brown. I'm thinking the Colts go with Greedy or Murphy though. Cards could do the same.
  13. Would really like for the Bills to walk away with three picks today. My perfect scenario would be: Metcalf Ferguson Sumia, Nate Davis or Josh Oliver
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