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  1. NewEraBills

    Is Vander Eshe to Edmunds the same as Juju to Zay

    Neither are having the type of season Darius Leonard is having IMO. In any case with these two, I think athletically, Edmunds is the guy with the upper hand, probably not by much. But just a dirty dog linebacker, right now LVE looks more the part for that. LVE just reminds me of the old school linebackers in attitude with the new school guys athleticism. The Dallas defense may not be asking LVE to process and do the things that Edmunds is being asked to, I'm not sure, so I won't get into that, but right now, the eye test has LVE ahead by a mile. What I can say, from what I can gather on the surface, is that Edmunds tends to make his biggest mistakes when we run Quarters coverage (at least that's what it looks like) the crossing route, which the third WR typically runs is always open and he's supposed to cover it in base quarters. The Chargers killed us with just that and it was because of his inexperience. Other teams are following suit. Edmunds run defense is just OK at this point. He gets lost a lot, does too much processing and not enough moving at times. There are some run plays that he diagnoses really well and he moves fast, but there are others that have him guessing and playing flat footed and ultimately getting washed out of the play.
  2. One thing I forgot, I'd call the Bucs too and let them know that the Giants and the Jags have called me and ask them what they want to do. The thing is, moving to the spot these teams occupy would not be a big move. Jonah Williams, Josh Allen could both still be in play.
  3. If it stayed this way, I would call the Jags and tell them I have an offer from the Giants for a QB LOL. You can move up 1 spot and give me your 3rd. Then I would call the Giants and tell them that the Jags called me to try to make sure they secure the #6 pick because they are afraid of you guys jumping in front. What do you want to do? They are offering their 3rd.
  4. NewEraBills

    My FA targets

    I agree with you. I think he's a better fit on the interior. He just doesn't seem to have the footwork to play tackle.
  5. NewEraBills

    Allen's Last Pass (12/2): Bad Pass or Drop?

    Allen was running around for his life trying to buy time once he squared up and threw the football, it wasn't a perfect pass BUT it was a very catchable one. Clay just showed why he's a mid-tier player and not an elite one. An elite player snatches that with EASE.
  6. NewEraBills

    Is Vander Eshe to Edmunds the same as Juju to Zay

    I wanted us to take him in round 2 even before the draft.
  7. I'd take him with our pick and take Kansas State Dalton Risner at RT in the 2nd even if I have to move up a little to grab him. To me, the 1st 3 rounds of the draft is about getting the best value you can get preferably at positions of need. I'd easily take Allen in the teens as LORAX will be 36 years old. Then in round 3 I'd be looking for interior OL/WR/CB but if someone else is there as a surprise value wise, you have to take him.
  8. NewEraBills

    Anthony Barr next year as our SLB?

    I'd rather draft Josh Allen as he can play the strong side linebacker position AND give the defense pass rush potential in sub packages. That's the smarter move IMO.
  9. Ohhh I'm just posting what I heard is the starting price. Technically I should have said 11 mil + per year.
  10. I think you keep Foster and Jones then you have to build from there. You certainly need to bring in another guy. But please don't pay Funchess 11 mil a year. Please don't do this.
  11. NewEraBills

    Edmunds...he deserves some love too

    Love his athleticism. I still love the pick. My post history prior to the draft though had me touting Darius Leonard who I think will win DROY. I think Edmunds will be a better player long term though once he puts everything together.
  12. NewEraBills

    1st half thread, Jags at Bills 1 pm on CBS

    To be fair, some of the runs are against Nickel when he wasn't in. But he's been invisible when in.
  13. NewEraBills

    2019 Mock Drafts and top prospects

    Williams should be a 2nd/3rd rounder, not a first. So I still think he's someone to look at.
  14. NewEraBills

    2019 Mock Drafts and top prospects

    CB to keep an eye on especially if he tests/times well is JoeJuan Williams, Vanderbilt. Was at the game last night and found out he's going pro. I love his game and frame for the position. Doesn't give up a lot of big plays, staggers WR's at the line with length and is tough to pass the football over at 6'3.
  15. NewEraBills

    What does Josh Allen need to do in Bills last 6 games?

    Trust protection - I know it's difficult Don't second guess throws Let it rip like Barkley did. Don't try to run around and play backyard football all the time The offensive designs are good. The QB has to make it go.