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  1. NewEraBills

    Pro Day Tracker Thread

    Ole Miss Pro Day is Wednesday. Interested in both Brown and Metcalf.
  2. Doesn't matter, they still need a presence at the position.
  3. I think Oliver is going off the board faster than people think. Baltimore would be an excellent fit for him. They need WRs in the worse way though.
  4. NewEraBills

    DT in the 2nd?

    Dolphins. They are probably in tank mode. What better way to not get better than taking a player who can't play. I think we will trade into the teens and take Hockenson there if they have a trade partner. I think Ed Oliver is going to be off the board before 9 and I think Josh Allen and Montez Sweat will not go as early as people think. If we do this, I would like to take AJ Brown early rd 2, take the extra pick and package it to snag Tillery IF he's still on the board.
  5. NewEraBills

    Tackle at #9, Dawkins to LG

    It's true. The issue is the depth in this draft is rather mehhh after the top guys.
  6. NewEraBills

    Tackle at #9, Dawkins to LG

    And even then it had difficulty stopping the run in several games.
  7. NewEraBills

    Pro Day Tracker Thread

    From what I read Wilson had a good day. https://247sports.com/college/alabama/Article/Alabama-Football-LB-Mack-Wilson-happy-with-40-yard-dash-on-Pro-Day-despite-wanting-to-run-faster-130285535/
  8. NewEraBills

    NFL.com Bucky Brooks 2019 Mock Draft Version 3.0

    Don't mind it but would prefer Oliver in that scenario.
  9. NewEraBills

    Full Intelligent Breakdown of DK Metcalf

    I've already broken this down. I'd hardly calls this Greedy dominating him or eating his lunch. It was a great battle for sure, but Metcalf actually made some plays too. I don't like his drop in the redzone but what I do like is the battle with the best CB in the nation. Metcalf drew a pass INT call on a deep play. Greedy drew an offensive pass int call on another deep play. Metcalf caught a curl. Greedy had great coverage on the first snap and Safety got a break on the pass early because the QB stared it down. To me Metcalf was actually open on some other plays, one was a play where he ran a slant. But the QB never looked backside. In any case I'd hardly consider this evidence that indicts Metcalf, and actually far from it so I wish people would study it carefully and see that the same play making ability is there, just not as often.
  10. NewEraBills

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    No problems with Oliver at 9 from me. I like others at 9 too. That's where I'm conflicted.
  11. NewEraBills

    Full Intelligent Breakdown of DK Metcalf

    I watched it yesterday and he's saying things I've also said, not that I'm taking credit. He most likely didn't see my comments anywhere. I'm just saying I view DK like he does. Hopefully, there will be a discussion. We know how these things tend to turn out.
  12. NewEraBills

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    This is where we differ. I don't see Metcalf as a one trick pony. I'm not even sure what you mean by it? I know about Metcalf's cone drill, I honestly don't even care about it. Megatron is mentioned in your analysis and at least Metcalf ran the 3 cone. Megatron NEVER did and he dominated the position. He never ran the 20 yd shuttle either. My bet is Calvin Johnson didn't run the 3 cone or the 20 yd shuttle because based on his build, he probably would have been horrible at it. Secondly, Calvin Johnson did not run the entire route tree. His most dominating routes were Go's, slants, posts. Nobody was asking him to run snags, zigs, Poco, Copo, comebacks. Why would they? That's stupid (LOL in Robert Kelly voice YUK). "That's stupid guys. Use your common sense" LOL Anyway back to the post. He doesn't excel at that. Ask your player to do what he excels at and scheme around that. If I'm drafting Metcalf, that's exactly what I'm asking him to do. Go's, slants, posts, curls - He ran all of these at Ole Miss and was highly effective running these routes. He also had success on screens. I'm not asking him to run the entire route tree, I'm trying to accentuate his strengths. Let him master those routes. But his intangibles are 1) he wins at the line of scrimmage; 2) he uses his frame on slants to box out defenders; 3) he can get over the top of the safety on post routes; 4) He can win 50/50 balls. To me he has plenty of upside and plenty to build an offense around. To me the decision to draft him or not is based on do I want a guy at the WR position that I can build my passing game around or do I just want a bunch of complimentary pieces?
  13. NewEraBills

    Hockenson at #9 Change My Mind

    I think the thing to ask is do we want to build our passing game around a TE or is our TE going to be a complimentary piece? If he's going to be complimentary then I think the team can wait until rds 2 and 3. If we want to build our passing attack around the TE position then take Fant or Hock in the early teens. Me personally, I don't see Hock at 9 because I see the TE as a complimentary piece in Daboll's passing attack rather than the centerpiece. 2nd, with the way Beane has been bringing in players in the offseason, I think the pick at 9 is going to be defense. Offense has received a great deal of attention through FA. At 9 I see Interior DL; LB; Edge, not necessarily in that order.
  14. NewEraBills

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    At 9, I'd go with the upside. That's why I'm a big Metcalf advocate at 9. Go with the upside.
  15. NewEraBills

    Too Early Mock Draft?

    I have two three round Mocks in my head. 1. D.K Metcalf 2. Jerry Tillery 3. Trade up Dalton Risner 2nd Mock 1. Ed Oliver 2. A.J Brown 3. Trade up Michael Deiter