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  1. Would you be satisfied if the draft looked like this?

    That's a pretty good haul. Not going to lie. That's a damn good haul, which means it's probably not really possible. Hernandez may move up the boards into the 1st. Chubb will probably go round 2. But who knows these things haha.
  2. Bills Sign Newhouse and Bodine

    Maybe, we'll see. They still need linebackers. Like two or three of them.
  3. Bills Sign Newhouse and Bodine

    http://www.buffalobills.com/news/article-1/Bills-sign-free-agent-C-Russell-Bodine/bf6e8421-3919-4664-b0f0-14661f8189f7 Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter FollowingFollowing @AdamSchefter More Bills signed OL Marshall Newhouse and Russell Bodine.
  4. Cover 1 Breaks Down Trent Murphy

    Do we know who's play Strong side? I thought Lorax was getting a reduced role? Maybe I misunderstood.
  5. Bucky Brooks Mock

    I can live with this because of Evans. I guess I'd accept Allen at 12 if Rosen, Darnold, Mayfield are gone. That means that McCarron will need to work out so Allen can sit. But if we could get these two then bolster OL in rd 2 I'll take it. I really like Evans. Ugghhh but he has us taking Allen even with Mayfield on the board. YUK.
  6. Call your shot

    I think what I would do is trade 12, both 2nd rounders this year and next year's first. Then what I would do after taking the QB, I would trade 22 for a 1st next year and a 3rd and 5th this year. This way we still have a first rounder next year.
  7. And he's going to have to hope that this QB they pick works out. If not he's a goner. These are the types of moves that either keep GMs around or get them out of the door.
  8. LOl everything has been smoke so maybe .... On a serious note though I think the drafting of Peterman last year was a sign they prefer a pocket guy. Who knows? We'll see in a matter of 6 weeks.
  9. Closest NFL comparison to Mason Rudolph... Tom Brady

    He for sure had a great cast, but the one thing I'm going to look at today though is his pass placement. That's really all I care about. Good cast or bad cast I want to see pass placement and great decision making.
  10. Should Beane be Fired Because of Today's Colts/Jets Trade?

    LOL any talk or even thought of firing Beane over something he couldn't control, namely what other people want and do is just straight amateurish and downright DUMB.
  11. Because THEY DID. A 1st and 3 2nds only to move 3 spots? That's overpaying, I don't care what it is for. And the Colts knew it and took the deal because they are still going to get the guy they want. They only way you can't say they didn't overpay is if you are from the future and you know what's going to happen with this QB. But as it stands right now, the Jets got "raped."
  12. This is just not true. They actually tried to get 1 and 2. It's not like they targeted 3. They targeted 1 and 2 but had to settle for 3.
  13. And their first don't forget that. They gave up 4 picks.
  14. What do you mean? The Jets got "raped". They gave up 1 first and 3 2nds to move up a measly 3 spots. That's not good at all.