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  1. Don't you think this is something that he can work on this offseason. He had a specific plan last offseason and it worked for him so maybe this offseason it's passing outside the hashes. I don't think he's been figured out honestly. I just think it was a plan that was good against that particular Ravens team. We'll see.
  2. I don't think our plan was fool proof. I just think it was good vs this particular Ravens team. I think going forward the Ravens will need to add a perimeter threat because that's exactly what this plan gives up. It gives you the 1 v 1 on the outside. Most of Jackson's passes are to the middle of the field and down the seams and most of the receiving talent does its damage in the middle of the field and in the seams. If they add a perimeter threat that can win the 1v1's then teams are not going to be able to run this as a blue print.
  3. He improved, however, he still misses some things and to me that's just a part of the maturation process and learning the position and what you are seeing. Here is an example. This guy called him a bad passer, I wouldn't say that, but I think the guy some insight on the potential of some of these plays. https://twitter.com/SethGalina/status/1214360782869282816 Granted, some of this is cherry-picking and some of it is decent analysis. JA is still my guy though.
  4. I just think the moment got too big for Coach Mc and Josh. McD had some really questionable management at key moments. I didn't like the 4th and 20 + going for it. What in the world? Luckily Bill O'Brien was just as bad. Josh I think for as great of a 1st half he played, he tried to do too much in those critical moments that cost us a lot of yardage and moved us out of what could have potentially been a game winning FG prior to the overtime period. It's just one of those things where we didn't do well in specific situations. That's what's sticking out like a sore thumb for people right now, but let's not forget all of the great stuff that the team did leading up to those moments. I also did not like some of Daboll's calls in these same moments but I understand from a formation standpoint what they were trying to do. For instance, the play with Dimarco out wide. I'm sure we were trying to get a tell on the coverage. I just didn't like the personnel for that formation/look. And I didn't like it all the WRs on verts there, but i get what he was trying to do. In any case, it was a good ride. Lots to learn from and get better at, but this was a quick turnaround for us. 3 years of McD and 2 playoff births. FO just needs to see what is needed for that extra push.
  5. You hate to see it, but down the stretch, the moment got too big for Coach Mc and Josh. It's a learning experience and we'll bounce back but we got really bad in the critical moments. But luckily O'Brien couldn't handle the moment either and we had a chance, we just couldn't execute. I like how far we went this season, now we just have to build and continue to mature.
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