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  1. Stop. There's nothing wrong with Barkley. Most of the starters were out and it was a meaningless game. Why do some people need to look problems that don't exist.
  2. Oh that’s right, an opinion on here can somehow be wrong.
  3. God I can’t stand this debate. I’m sick of all the Mahomes maybe the best ever. he’s throwing to the best and fastest WR in the game and he under throws him consistently, Hill makes incredible adjustments and makes great plays on a poorly thrown ball. Let it go. Dudes an OK QB nothing more and in 5-6 years after KC continues to win a ***** division and then gets bounced from the playoffs and Reed is let go MaJokes will be nothing.
  4. I thought the Bills Houston game was a Sunday game? I could have sworn that I saw the playoffs with time slots on them and that was a Sunday game? Maybe I’m wrong?
  5. 1. Breese 2. Rodgers and that’s it. my favorite play this year was Rodgers long no look pass for a TD ... yep screw MaJokes can’t freaking stand that kid.
  6. Maybe they want him for this NE so there is no tape on him? Maybe they want him for playoffs? Maybe he’s not working hard in practice and not earning a spot?
  7. The Bills should have beaten NE the first time around and they feel they should have beaten Baltimore, there were some missed calls in that game that would have changed the game completely. if the Bills win Saturday, then yes they can make a run. The only thing holding them back is mental. If they beat Ne it will give them the confidence they need to crush the Jets and then win that wild card game. They can beat every team in the playoffs including the jokers in KC.
  8. This is silly. Gore was fine early in the season and now he’s a backup. Just let it go. He’s not hurting the team and is a great guy for Singletary. so easy to second guess after the matter. the Bills are in the playoffs, can we just be happy about that?
  9. These power rankings are all based on opinion and we all know everyone has one. When the Patriots win a game like the Bills won on Sunday night, the media likes to say it was a brilliantly coached game and the other teams D was playing great and that's why the NE offense didn't produce. The Bills win the game and it's the offense sucks. The media can spin the story however they want, anyone watching that game could tell it was two dominate defenses and the Bills were the better coached team. The heck with power rankings and the heck with the national media.
  10. The reason they win is because they know they should have won the first match up and they know they should have beaten the Ravens...it’s confidence and it’s why they will win.
  11. You win in the trenches. Re-sign Lawson & Philips, then get more OL help. If Josh has time to throw a rookie WR would be fine along with Smoke and Cole.
  12. No. Yeldon should never see the field. He fumbles way too much and Gore is better.
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