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  1. Yav

    Beaser & Jones

    Honestly, Fosters role was insignificant so his drop went unnoticed. Zay seemed to be out there more and had more targets. I was actually more asking if I had missed an injury to Cole, probably not the best wording or phrasing in my original post but that was more my intent. That all said, I’m not a Zay fan and really don’t understand how he sticks around, but I suppose it could be worse we could all be Miami fans.
  2. Yav

    Beaser & Jones

    Seriously? Simply asked a question, perhaps you need to relax.
  3. Yav

    Beaser & Jones

    Was just odd, I didn’t remember seeing cole out there at all in the 3rd and the offense stalled big time. Zay seems to drop more than he catches, I get the blocking aspect but imagine they could roll someone else out there that can at least catch.
  4. Where was Beaser in the second half? Did I miss something with him? Zay played more and looked like the crappy player he is. How is that dude still on the roster especially if it’s keeping Cole on the sidelines.
  5. Honestly I don't think he turned Buffalo down. I think during talks Bean got the impression there was going to be some issues and didn't want any part of AB. In turn AB took to social media to talk ***** about Buffalo because his feelings were hurt. Either way the NFL should do something about the entire situation but won't.
  6. I never understood that hire. Gase was horrible with Miami and the Jets were center stage for that mess just like the rest of the AFC East, so why would you want to bring that in as your coach? Darnold is a promising young QB and you risk destroying him with ***** coaching. The Jets are a serious mess.
  7. His plan all along was to play in NE. NE offered a first round pick for him and Pittsburgh said NOPE, they are the smartest team in the NFL because they refuse to trade with NE. AB was pissed so he worked a deal with one of the dumbest teams and then acted like a fool just to get out of his contract so he could sign with NE. Anyone thinking that wasn’t the plan all along is just kidding themselves. that all being said NE doesn’t care about the charges, he will play and he will be one of the top WR in the NFL and his option for next year will be picked up. The NFL has enough to suspend him for actions detrimental to the league but didn’t. They also have enough to conduct an investigation into tampering by NE but they won’t. bottom line is AB brings attention to the league and that’s all they care about.
  8. 24 of 37 (64.8%) 254 yards 1 TD 2 INTs Not sure how that's horrible erratic or inaccurate. This is true, but seriously they are NYG fans, what the hell has that team shown the past 2 seasons that they can go out on talk ***** about anyone else?
  9. I said it earlier in the post talking about his release. He will be a patriot and a model citizen...and look he’s a Patriot.
  10. And AB is a Patriot now...boom. I called it.
  11. Again time will tell. Sure he got a big contract that came with a way out and his agent isn't stupid. What teams are going to pass on him? Teams that don't have a strong locker room and winning culture. Kid yourself not, NE could bring him on and he would be a model citizen and would cause no issues. Brady would have his ass in check from the start and he'd be winning games and in the playoffs and probably a Super Bowl.
  12. They need to offer a Team streaming option. Honestly I only watch the Bills game and I'm not into fantasy, so the redzone and fantasy channel are something I just don't use. I think if they offered a team only package for say 4 payments of $30 - $50/mo they would get a lot more users. I live in the Phoenix area so Sunday Ticket is great for me, and I've found a great way to add it. I moved here last summer and purchased a RokuTv from Best Buy from there I signed up for DirectTVNow (now called AT&T Now) for $55/mo I get a good amount of stations and HBO (my package is no longer offered) https://www.atttvnow.com Whats great is there is no satellite on my place and no cable wire as its all streaming. From there I could get SundayTicket and there's an app for RokuTv for that. Shared in hopes it helps someone out.
  13. Time will tell. The NFL does some strange things. Last year KC kicked Hunt out and he's not on the Browns all while Hill beats his kid and he got a new contract. Clearly KC doesn't mind a good kid beating but keep your hands off your wife. Point is NFL teams only care about the bottom line and winning. I really don't think AB is off his rocker, I think this was a damn good plan going into all of this. The Steelers were not going to release him so he forced a trade and that contract was stupid, I get the voidable on guarantee but seriously they were easy to meet and yet he gave the Raiders a way to void them and in turn let him walk with out paying a penny. Then you add in the antics with the helmet, there is no way that dude is that far off his rocker. He will be on another team and I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up in NE and has a great year and wins a SB. He wants to be on a team that will get him the ball as much as possible and NE fits that bill.
  14. You guys are looking at this all wrong. This was the plan. He signed a deal that the team could void all the guarantees? Who agrees to that? he got there, saw how bad the team is and talked it over with his agent and they did everything they could so he could hit the open market. He can now pick where he wants to play. Have to give him credit, it was brilliant. Wrong but brilliant.
  15. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in NE and is the model citizen. I think once he got to Oakland and saw how crappy that team was he just put this act on to get out of there.
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