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  1. The Packers might right the ship sometime this season, but I can't see them fixing the number of issues their having In 1 game and 1 preparation week. That last game was just horrible for them. O-line was swiss cheese, receivers couldn't catch, and their D looked flat footed and out of position for most of the day.
  2. There's something that really bothers me if Philly makes it to the SB. I don't want to put it in words, so I'll leave it at that.
  3. 2. Milano - Yes, love that dude. Instincts are incredible and an absolute ball hawk. 3. Mahomes - Miss Piggy absolutely loves him! 5. Allen - Yes, the throw to Knox was a ting of beauty! But the other 2 TDs to Davis and Diggs were nearly as impressive. They went to nearly the same spot on the field, but each one went to spots where only the receiver could get it. The one to Davis was high and slightly outside if I remember correctly, while the one to Diggs was thrown slightly to the inside allowing Diggs to seal off the defender preventing him from making a play on the ball. Just perfect passes.
  4. Is there a betting pool on this? Like who's the 1st to go down and when. I've got Tua at the 5th minute of the 3rd qtr.
  5. Speaking of Pittsburgh, I live in Tampa and listen to sports talk radio during my morning drive. After the Bills beat-down, they were saying if the 'Bills can do that, the Bucs and Brady can easily repeat that type of game'. I thought the Bucs would win, but the over-confidence had me shaking my head.
  6. Yes. Hurts is playing well, but he's no where near where Allen is as far as carrying the team. And Allen is 2-0 against the Chiefs when hurdling a Chiefs defender. I think he knew he needed to do that.
  7. I've never been to Boston, but I feel like I've been to both of those bars a couple of dozen times now.
  8. Good article. Two things in the article stuck out to me. First, I love what Diggs said about wanting to spend time with his teammates even after a whole day of meetings and practice. That's true family right there. Second is not the article, but the picture of Allen walking off the field looking up with is helmet perched atop his head. And it's not Allen that caught my attention. I've seen that shot before. It's the Chiefs player to the right. Not sure who that is, but it appears he's looking back at Allen with a bit of a haunted look on his face, like "I don't want to ever face that dude again." or, "That guy's gonna be gunning for us. He'll be back." It's almost as if he's amazed Allen lost.
  9. Sounds like a breakfast cereal.
  10. Yes, but after about 5 laps around the neighborhood, it started sounding like a mini-bike. I could go thru a deck of cards in about a day.
  11. I remember when this guy was our QB....
  12. I too like Milano on Kelce. But whoever's on him has to be extremely aggressive, to the point of risking interference penalties. If he's not getting catches, frustration may creep in. Also, there are no YACs with penalties. I'm not advocating giving up free plays, but I don't like the alternative.
  13. I'm going with Josh Allen. I'm sorry, but even if you exclude Josh Allen, there's still more Josh Allen left.
  14. I disagree. I've said this in another thread, I think he's playing like Cornelius Bennett. When Bennett was playing outside, he was a playmaker.
  15. Milano is one of my favorites. He reads offenses like I haven't seen before. Reminds me a bit of the Biscuit. He always knew when to fly to the ball.
  16. This^^^^^ Absolutely. He's a weak coodinator! And for me it's not knee jerk.
  17. This bend, and bend some more defense is crap. Time to start effing blitzing!
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