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  1. Beane, You Magnificent Bastard. I Read Your Book!
  2. We'll be playing New England in an Orchard Park playoff game.
  3. boater


    Dolphin Ceviche is delicious. An appropriate finale for today's game. If you've never done Ceviche, it's something to try.
  4. To me, it's been a long time since the offense bailed out the defense.
  5. I saw two straight arms first half which made me smile.
  6. I've followed the Bills for 40 years. This is the first lightning delay I remember. Freaking 2020. (I do have hazy memory of stadium power problems.. I believe it was Meadowlands on MNF)
  7. As a youth, or yute, I had a half-dozen tickets. Then I mellowed. As an adult I have one ticket (I-95 HOV lane 11PM Sunday night), and one warning from the Pentagon Police for an illegal U-turn.
  8. The lead in said "deserved or not" Tyler Bass is the latest TSW whipping boy. He doesn't deserve it.
  9. Monday after a win is the time glow. I love Tuesdays after a win when people grapple to be pissed about something.
  10. The fumbles were the price paid for no preseason. JA wore a red shhirt jersey all of training camp and never met a DB in full contact. Sunday was a wakeup call for him, I'm sure it hit home.
  11. Reading these impatient comments.... I'm so glad professionals run the Bills, not some trigger happy fans.
  12. Due to magical catch-n-release bail rules.. only violent offenders get off quickly. Your garden variety offender (Bills trespass) get's held until a bail bond is posted. Do you understand the program now?
  13. Belichick believes you can never have enough good CB. Also, McD is a big believer in the CB position. Huh.. imagine that. Josh at age 32 is freaking ancient (I didn't know he was such a fossil until I Googled). I've pulled a hammy with amateur running. It's gonna take some magic to recall him from IR.
  14. HBD SDS. I remember my first time reading TBD.. it was August 1996 from a cheesy hotel room, Route 301 MD, on my 486 COMPAQ. I hope you get the VIP treatment at One Bills Drive someday, you deserve that.
  15. Orchard Park has threatened (against the law) legal action against private lots. If OP privates lots were your Plan A, I hope you have a Plan B.
  16. I expect the Bills to win, but not cover the spread. Hope I am wrong about the spread part.
  17. A former Road Warrior expresses his condolences. I got to say.. Robb Riddick was the best short yardage runner ever. He moved the pegs or scored every time. Wow! You have alcohol down to a science. You augment with a bong hit. I did some time in Guam, while in the service. Same timezone give or take. During the Superbowl years. Good times. I've lost my VHS tapes of those games.
  18. Heh. It is almost a trade. Robert Foster for Jake Kumerow. It will be fun to watch and compare their production this season.
  19. I got a cryptic naughty message from the moderators for talking COVID on the main football board. So sensitive. Trying to be right by posting here. But really... page 1171 is the best we got? Here it is. UCLA, Stanford study finds for average 50-64 year old, chances of dying from COVID-19 are 1 in 19.1M And I was spanked for panning masks on the sideline.
  20. Fair criticism. I also noticed that a bit last year. I'm sure he can work those kinks out. He seems to be a process "continual improvement" type.
  21. Concur. Now there's 3 teams out there saying "Oh *****" But I don't know. Who is a better Quarterback of the Defense. Tre or Stephon? Tre has impressed me as an all phases of the D type of guy. Stefon.. maybe.
  22. They are curious cases because they were Bills before they were Panthers. But to the original post, I don't see them stirring interest. If they didn't charm the Bills in the past, they aren't going to charm them in September. We have our kicker and seem stacked at WR.
  23. And since King Andy likes to sadistically kick people around, especially Upstate people, you can count on the face covering mandate to continue.
  24. None. There are no Panthers left that have obvious finger prints from McBeane.
  25. Daboll = Upstairs! I noticed last season that JA was more composed on the sideline when Daboll wasn't there in his face. I really wonder if JA and Daboll truly get along, or if their positive relationship is facade.
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