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  1. Ravens signing Gandalf in hopes of slowing down Josh Allen this Saturday
  2. At first I thought this was going to be a Thanos style wish list. I guess that's another thread
  3. There is some irony in this- it seems as though they may have built a team that is not built for Buffalo weather. "When it's too cold for them, it's too cold for us too." Is it time to build a dome?
  4. Who pissed in your Cheerios dude? It's one man's synopsis- not a Jauron.... so don't take it so hard
  5. I'm told we have been playing on slippery turf all year thus far. Bean and McDermott have been planning for months for this exact moment. They have thought of everything, including practicing for months in slippery conditions. Advantage Bills.
  6. I'm relieved that the No Fun League has relaxed a little bit with the celebration penalties. I say you should let them have as much fun as they want with it, as long as it isn't meant to taunt or puts anyone or anything in danger of injury or damage. This is, ultimately, for our entertainment. As long as it isn't more than 2 pumps, that is.
  7. Did anyone catch the subtle homage to Hingle McCringleberry yesterday? For those that aren't familiar- you must familiarize yourself immediately.
  8. I didn't think they were allowed into the showers for their post-games anymore
  9. Their offense has turned to gimmick plays to try to score. Wouldn't surprise me if Edelman has more TD passes than Cam does by the end of the season.
  10. I'm just gonna throw this out there- I think some people could stand to be a little more kind to people that post. If you feel that a thread is pointless, just move along. If others agree with you, it sinks to the bottom of the board and dies a quick death. Why so serious? Are there open tryouts for a mod position or something? I guess I didn't see it posted.
  11. Someone is working on getting their post count up quickly. I can only imagine the depth of untold wisdom you will soon bring to us all
  12. So Josh Allen is our Good Will Hunting? I'll F'in take it. I like my geniuses blue collar.
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