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  1. I thought maybe they would sign some more O-line depth with that roster spot, so this is a bit of a surprise
  2. I don't have a lot of experience with this sort of thing, so I am going to have to take your word for it.
  3. Clearly OPI. The guy wasn't running a route. He went out of his way to move into the path of the DB and then moved back to dodge him / avoid contact at the last second. Belichik knows that most DBs will try to avoid that contact. Our DB would have been better off plowing into him. It wouldn't have been called our way at first, but we probably would have won the challenge at least.
  4. For the same reason as "Just give it to 'em" and "Hey- Stay off Tom" They have been picking up flags for years. Pats fans, league officials, etc will always point to total number of flags / yardage being similar for both teams, but everybody knows that they throw a few meaningless flags the Pats way at the beginning of the games and save all the calls that go their way for the critical plays. It has always been that way.
  5. Great write up, as always. Maybe I am wrong on this, but one thing that continues to bother me is that that the plays seem to come in fairly late much too frequently. By the time they were at the line of scrimmage, there was frequently less than 10 seconds on the play clock. This just doesn't leave enough time to make any adjustments or audibles. When they did get to the LOS early enough, Josh was using longer snap counts to try to draw them off, but almost always snapped it with 1 or 2 on the play clock. It seems to me that this was making things easier on the Pats defense and not more difficult. They were able to time a lot of the snaps because the play clock was about to expire.
  6. It's the wifey that's wondering, so we're talking H2O in this case. She's serious about hydration, whereas I am serious about dehydration
  7. If any of you are still in the Rochester area and are looking for a another culinary mountaintop to climb for today, might I suggest the curly bomber at Schmegs diner on Buffalo Road. You won't be disappointed. Great breakfast sandwiches too. Note: this isn't me in the picture. It is a random google image of the bomber.
  8. Yeah- that's what I figured. Thanks Just one, or can I bring in hundreds of one gallon bags filled with ice, let them melt into water, and sell said water at half the price of the stadium water?
  9. Sorry to make a post about this, but I know a lot of entry rules have changed for the stadium and I don't feel like the team website explicitly answers whether you are allowed to bring in plastic water bottles or not. No bottles... no cans... is that just metal / glass or do they ban the plastic bottles too? Wife is coming with me on Sunday and with it being so warm she wants to know if she can carry in water with her. I thought to myself for a while and realized that I have never once tried to carry in or purchase water in all my years going to games. Anyone have an answer on this? Thanks
  10. Clearly it is a witch's brew of anabolic steroids, HGH, water from the fountain of youth, and Sex Panther. 60 percent of the time, it works every time
  11. I just figured that was the name of the official team blog.
  12. Mantras, healing stones, altars, psychic powers I used to think he was probably just whipped by a supermodel- understandable Now I think he might be terrified of her
  13. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/tom-brady-says-gisele-bundchen-is-psychic.html/
  14. Odds are, Brady plays the rest of this year and then Mahomes suddenly develops a major attitude problem next offseason that will get him released by the Chiefs
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